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  2. re: the tech aspect - it's the Legion graphics engine using the Vanilla model data. There's a classic preset in the video options to make it look more like it was. i.e. shit water and blob shadows etc. (https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/243159) Classic runs faster than vanilla, has much more doodad/grass density and lighting is a bit different. They've used the vanilla textures for almost everything. Most large textured areas look like ass just as they were back in the day. Things probably look even worse now since everyone has moved on from 1024x768.
  3. I'd like an excuse to give the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on NES a go. Along with any of the others up to the early 90s. They came out on a lot of systems so could be interesting.
  4. I barely have time for games now, much less MMOs, but this is 100% what it was about for me, and it always made me sad when the community essentially got tired and switched focus to min/maxing and raiding. Good luck, hope everyone has a blast.
  5. I found those corrupt sentinals really easy. I just go to the salvage from underground - build a huge tunnel to the object. On site i build a lil side tunnel in chase i need to recharge and zap away. The sentinal gets a few hits whilst i'm faffing around unlocking the layers but once "item get" just hide around the corner or run back through the same tunnel you built. Same method for gravitino balls although i don't bother with them now as they're worthless against bones or salvage. And salvage is nothing compared to trade routes - although i've not set any up yet.
  6. I just unlocked the Nexus and I’m overwhelmed again. Not to worry. First step is to get some salvaged tech to unlock the medium refiner, and then print money for a while. That will give me the ability to buy a bunch of bullshit I need.
  7. I have to wonder that if they did a WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, would that have more people playing than a base WoW classic? It had the highest playerbase of all time for an mmo, and the villain was easily the best in the series, with him popping up in almost every quest and dungeon.
  8. They all sold out within minutes and there's been none since. You were incredibly lucky. It's why they are close to a couple of hundred quid on ebay.
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  10. So, what's the idea of this then? Are they ever going to add new content or will it just stay the same so it can still be "classic" wow. If they do add new content surely it will just turn into the game as it is currently eventually.
  11. I guess it may be just a numbers game but for me this is Neeson's best movie for decades. I was shocked by how enjoyable it was.
  12. I bought the trilogy on iTunes. Flip phones still looks amazing and everyone in this film looks cool as shit
  13. Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) A computer designed to handle America's defence threatens its masters if it doesn't get its way. Suitably bleak SF from an era where things were going dark. The biggest problem with this film is the ludicrous premise that the US and Russia would allow a computer to totally control their defence systems AND make it impossible for anyone to turn them off, or have any failsafes available - pretty basic for something that important. And yes, it is fiction and all that but it makes it almost impossible to feel the terror everyone goes through here. It's a shame because it has all that lovely retro-future technology, a sleek, ultra-modern, crisp yet cold aesthetic, maybe not as well realised as The Andromeda Strain from around the same time. The ending is pure 70s bleakness, you certainly wouldn't see anything like that today. It's just that frankly daft idea that everyone from the President down throught this would be a great idea. I don't even think 50 years of computing advances make a difference, it would be just as silly then. Would definitely suggest if you want a humanity-in-peril cold 70s SF film go for The Andromeda Strain over this.
  14. Pc i’m Assuming? its on PS4 store for £8 right now and on Xbox for £12. Think I might grab it and do co-op with the kids.
  15. That’s awesome. Would love them to film it ala Critical Role. I can imagine Wes would be hysterical.
  16. He hit 70,000 followers a few nights ago and is up to 2100 viewers daily. His streams are really, really good, and he plans to do it full time after the new series. No more live stuff, anyway.
  17. I've started to wish that Joker was never added to smash. He's completely killed character variety online and he's probably my most played against match up. I'm bored of fighting him. I got to play a pac-man on Monday for an hour and it felt amazing.
  18. Well that's good, at least. I just find it weird that he seems to struggle to get anything made (Falconhoof, for example) when so much other stuff by lesser comics gets made.
  19. Made 21 minutes, and mostly fast forwarded through that, before turning it off.
  20. They really did. We barely got a touch of the ball. Couldn’t even get near them. Nailed on to be up there if they can maintain it.
  21. It’s a joint commission by BBC Two and BBC Scotland apparently, for three episodes this time. Hopefully more to come after that too. A few of the sketches in Limmy’s Homemade Show absolutely creased me. Can’t wait for this.
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