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  2. Great show to attend. Played some Starwars but it didn't have Invert Y and my session was on the big screen Now away to the casino to get blootered xx
  3. If you thought that was filler. Just you wait!
  4. You can dismantle them, but they disappear from your inventory. So you can't dismantle and put somewhere else. I just tried it. I'm up to episode 8 now. Have to say, there was a fair bit of filler in episode 7.
  5. No, my beautiful One-Eyed Mask and Recluse! https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48443?fbclid=IwAR2vUeFE-Lfo92HEfaBA99uDtFVnW3lbosiT2Bqgu-Uz2qsRXuMts5bsqek
  6. Cool, I put in a request to join. I’m most probably Corranga or Corranga Chris.
  7. The more I think about it, the more the whole thing felt like watching a Let's Play of some rando Mando MMO. Kill a few mobs, fly off to turn in a bunch of fetch quests, visit a couple more quest givers, stop off at the special armour merchant to get a small upgrade (+1 Pauldron of Bounty Hunting). Then it's off to a new location, he gets a new mount, reaches a zone packed with mobs and teams up with an passing player with an OP class. They take on a gauntlet of mobs and a raid boss, find the phat loot, and he turns on PvP and cheapshots his new mate while they're rolling for the chest. The only part they left out was the teabagging.
  8. Just a reminder to anyone playing to join Rllmuk Racing set up by @moosegrinder
  9. I recall being impressed by the Slipstream tech demo when it was released (not now obviously). It runs smoothly on my upgraded A1200, but looks glitchy on every Youtube video I can find (there's also some terrible game play skills on show). Pity it wasn't developed into a full game. It's a shame the Amiga technology was never licensed to a Japanese manufacturer for sale in their market. We might have some amazing titles for the machine if Sharp had manufactured Amiga compatible hardware instead of their own X68000 systems.
  10. My expected delivery date for Shield, preordered on November 1st, is: December 1st - January 11th. Sod off, Amazon Japan. Bet this would never happen in Canada.
  11. Harsin

    Google Stadia

  12. No that's the one, but they do a see throug blue variant, and the saturn variants work on the MD mini (via the USB dongle) so there's a few to choose from
  13. Hitcher

    Google Stadia

    My thoughts exactly.
  14. Sumire

    Megadrive Mini

    Looks good, shame about the micro USB B
  15. Up to end of episode 6 now. Lord it's boring. The story isn't developing anywhere. Why am I still watching?
  16. The newer Mario games are very forgiving in co-op, the rubbish player can just help by collecting coins and stuff and can't really get detached from the main player (or die). I wouldn't really recommend overcooked as I tried it with my parents and they got overwhelmed very quickly even though they have both played games. The ensuing chaos is a laugh though!
  17. "It's how I was brought up" It DOESN'T excuse racism and OR this
  18. So far so bioshock*... enemy encounters are rock hard, after hitting them with the GLOO gun anyway. It’s not got a lot in common with the previous game of the same name. i remember when this game was going to be about a human bounty hunter in an alien world... * with shades of half-life
  19. Camel

    Megadrive Mini

    This: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07Y5KR44L?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Is there another kind?
  20. Yeah I am unsure how other player vehicles work too and I've been seeing them for a while. It actually feels like there are way too many at the moment, they need to tone down the numbers as if you don't have a vehicle chances are there's a spare one lying around near by. In the garage you can see other players shared vehicles under a separate category but as of yet I've not unlocked a way to share my own. But still I can use any other players vehicle out in the world and weirdly even store them in my own garage. I'm guessing that they just get shared automatically in the same way as other structures when you park them somewhere. I've also found a few next to deep rivers implying maybe the owner abandoned them or sunk them accidentally. Maybe it only happens if you set your vehicle to shared presumably unlocked later in the game? As for dismantling structures, it must be for you only, because otherwise people could just troll by dismantling everything they see. Same goes for customisation, you can actually customise other players structures if they are level 2 and change whatever they were originally set to. But again that must be local as it would be annoying for another player to change your hologram, fave tune or whatever. I'm right at the end of episode 3 I feel like and finally after almost a week my first structures way back at the start of the game are starting to decay. Interestingly though some of the more popular ones like a watchtower and a generator have been getting repaired by other players according to my pop up messages, which is pretty cool. I've got really greedy now my cargo capacity is so high and taking on multiple deliveries at once. My game has recently been one of logistics and planning as I try to cart around huge loads, dropping off at different destinations along the way and upgrading structures with loads of resources. It's all kind of along the story route but I have definitely spent long enough in this region and am ready to head onwards, the current mission feels like it will be the climax of the episode and presumably onto pastures new after that. Funnily enough the structure with the most likes so far that I built is a simple ladder over a river. It was a well placed ladder if I do say so myself and I think it must be on a path a lot of players naturally take to get to the next story location, as it ballooned in popularity very quickly. It probably gets crossed all the time by people going back and forth. It's quite fascinating to see what structures end up with loads of Likes and how the system naturally pushes the most effectively placed ones into our worlds. I wonder if eventually the game will have a really optimised set of shared structures at the perfect locations. Presumably they have a system in place so you only get some of the majority up voted one's to let newer players get a look in, plus the decay system of course. I've been watching a few lets plays of the early game on YouTube and its great to see people's different approaches in the early areas. One girl took a completely different route to the first distribution centre and so had quite a different experience to me. I went straight through BT territory along the coast whereas she went up and over the mountain using ladders and ropes and dodged the BTs altogether. Just want to highlight a few really neat touches (not spoilery) - Rainfall accumulating in the lower parts of the terrain dynamically - Cargo literally floating off downstream if you fall in a river, you can even fish it out as it goes past or if you're lucky it'll flow into the bank's or get stuck on rocks - calling out around other players signs and objects shouts you a reply back - handprints on your backpack and black goo all over you if you get caught by BTs - Sam nods off asleep if you leave him sitting for too long - Mules get affected by terrain too, I saw one fall over in a river and another missed a swing at me as he lost his footing in a rock - individual raindrops on vehicles when raining and increasing rusting on containers - if you've been through mud reecentlt you leave footprints on dry surfaces like distribution centres It's very much got the same attention to detail and little Easter eggs as metal gear. One final tip, when filling a vehicke with cargo to max, make sure you line up jumps properly. I didn't and my truck crashed into a ravine and exploded. Wrecking half the cargo and forcing me to carry it back up on a rope in multiple trips, then make a number of rescue trips on a bike to recover it all. Oops
  21. Empire asked Greedo's original actor Paul Blake what he thinks of the new version of the scene: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/star-wars-greedo-maclunkey-disney-plus-exclusive-interview/ The best bit is the revelation that Greedo and Bib Fortuna send texts to each other:
  22. We talking about the stick? My left stick in my lite twangs when I press ‘down’
  23. He's ginger. A ginger Star Wars protagonist. I'm living my 6 year old self's dreams. Anyway I've played up to the end of the first proper planet and am... concerned. I adore Star Wars and TItanfall 2 is one of the best shooters ever, but it all feels very loose and slightly off. It's stunning in places but characters occasionally look dodgy, a lot of stuff's cribbed from Souls without being given any context, frame rate's all over the place, it all feels a bit double A thus far. Hopefully I'm wrong, the characters seem really great and I like the little droid friend so fingers crossed when it all opens up it's more fun and the controls are something I'll get used to. I guess we'll see for sure in a few hours when reviews hit...
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