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  2. I don't know why that made me laugh but it did.
  3. I won't stand for this erasure of Erica. And yes, they can kill Will off along with Hopper and Joyce. They need to start upping the bodycount as the show presumably starts reaching an end and he's by far the most disposable main character. The lack of fucks the writers gave about him this season was hilarious. His only storyline was getting jealous for about 10 minutes in one of the early episodes. I forget he even exists when he's not on screen.
  4. The lower leagues will be impacted more by Brexit if work permits are required for all non UK players. I include the SPL in that as they can't fill their squads with international players (ie players who play for their countries). It'll be interesting to see what the quotas will be. There will no doubt be loopholes for the biggest, richest clubs.
  5. We've covered most I'd suggest immediately (Ico, SoTC, RE:make, Tomb Raider 1 etc) so I'm going to pick a few alternates.. Operation Flashpoint Even at the time it was a bit of a haphazard looking game, with some rather poor models, textures, hilarious voices and dodgy sprites.. but the experience of being in that world tied all that together and gave it a unique feel. A stealthy approach suddenly caught out in the search lights, alarm blazing and tracers filling the night. A carefully directed approach to the outskirts of a ruined village only for a tank squadron to roll over the nearest hill, the elation as backup arrives in the form of an Apache gunship cannon ripping through the air above.. it had a magic about it. Burning Rangers This game is pretty much all atmosphere! No soundtrack – just you, the environment, and lots of fire. Panzer Dragoon Saga A totally unique world dripping with style, aided by fabulous music and inventive game dynamics. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Who can forget the beaches of Normandy or the raid on Trondheim as experienced through this game? Quiet moments built tension wonderfully. I'm sure it'd feel ancient and limited now but when it was released it really put you there in a way no other game had done before. Jet Set Radio I just love being in Tokyo-to, what can I say. I was my best self!
  6. He’s the Counsellor Troi of Stranger Things.
  7. Today
  8. Does anyone else find normal steering significantly worse for Acropolis? Using arcade steering it’s super easy to get it round the hairpin but with normal it’s like there’s a powerful magnet on the outside of the track and the car just won’t turn in.
  9. Thought the new episode was really good, it kind of works revisiting them every five years to see how things have changed.. Louis seemed more confrontational than I think I've seen him before, at least with that one guy, anyway.
  10. I read the last few posts in the voice of Steven Toast and enjoyed them immensely.
  11. Benny

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Ah, the sweet refrain of the Nintendo fan getting wistful imagining what their games would be like with "proper" graphics. Please understand.
  12. Bruce is on a surprisingly high 10%.
  13. There are no fucking books in the Belt.
  14. I have a very strict criteria for any film I rate higher than 4 stars on Letterboxed: they cannot be merely excellent, they also have to make me either shed real tears of joy or man feels, or do a proper belly laugh. I think this film achieved all three.
  15. Pretty close, yeah. I found BotW fine in shrines and those ‘brown mazes’, but whenever the horizon opened up I felt I was missing out. I'd really like Nintendo to merge the best of U and Switch for their next console: a 1080p handheld with HDMI-out, alongside a 4K homehub with an optional gamepad. Prime 4 with PS4.5-gen graphics on a home screen and/or gamepad, or a still-class-leading 1080 for portables that can plug into screens. Maybe Ryzen could fill that role when the time comes?
  16. This is so good, I love how much the residents do now, it's a fully functional little community - way more advanced than the first one.
  17. Demon's Souls. I wish they would remaster it. Honorable mentions: Silent Hill. Alan Wake. Limbo.
  18. Then probably Manhunt. That hand made you want a shower Then Outrun
  19. Battlefield 1 for me all day. So much love and attention poured into creating a muddy, brutal nightmare. A masterpiece of design
  20. Soulstar

    Illustration Club

    This thread reminded me of when I created this off the top of my head shortly after playing child of light. It’s a photo of a screen though rather than the actual direct image.
  21. @Nick R Some of my fav remixes which go against the norm is from the Sonic 2 Hedgehog Heaven album:
  22. My Respawn comment wasn’t an Edge dig FYI, it’s was just a comment on something I’ve seen since the titles announcement. It’s also not a put down, I wish it all the best. I’ve been a reader since issue 4 and a subscriber for many years. This is another top notch issue. I’ve yet to get to the Star Wars article as I’m soaking up on the E3 goodness first. Edge got me into E3 (before it was E3?), then many years later I got to work at one for 2K Games (Spec Ops). Keep up the the amazing work. I’ll always be a subscriber Fun (?) fact, when you printed the first letter I sent in you recommended me a 486 DX2 PC for gaming on (I think! It was a while ago).
  23. Yesterday
  24. I genuinely think the part in Spectre that wiki plot summarises as is one of the worst scenes to ever be filmed that has been viewed by many millions of people. There are poor twists in films and then there is this at the end of a lifeless bore of a film where nothing previously made any sense and then to throw the step brother thing out like it gives weight and meaning to a plot so devoid of coherence it was like on another level of awful, barely digestible as a thing that was really happening. It is so bad no film critic who just conveniently overlooked this crucial penultimate sequence that the whole film had been dragging itself towards can be forgiven for not applying their usual critical eye to how much of a steaming mess it is. I have zero expectations of a film that brings Waltz back and doesn't want to nuke that entire film's attempts at mythology and completely start again.
  25. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it's taken me this long to realise that the game is aiming for the structure of a mainline Dragon Quest RPG, what with travelling back and forth between towns on various continents and resolving the woes of the inhabitants, except in this you're literally building the towns. While Builders 1 did this to an extent, this new freedom to travel back and forth between continents whenever you want (eventually) and the permanence of the towns you build makes it feel more like an RPG adventure. It's incorporating lots of plot stuff from Dragon Quest II as well.
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