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I always think there is too much clamour at most clubs for a manager sacking, but one of the questions I always consider  'is the manager making this group of players actively worse, does his very presence lessen the group, the results and the same players would be better off without him ?'


That does appear to be the case with us - Ozil and Torreira wouldn't look him in the eye when coming on last night, he's waving his hands on the touchline and nobody is looking/listening, and none of them appear willing to put a shift in for him.


Its time to bin him, we'd be better with Ljunberg in temp charge in the short term

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Ornstein on The Athletic just now - lets hope he lives up the Oracle rep this time



It is becoming increasingly likely that Unai Emery will be sacked as Arsenal head coach today after 18 months in charge.

The 48-year-old Spaniard succeeded Arsene Wenger on May 23, 2018 and led the club to the Europa League final last season.

They spent heavily in the summer transfer window and made a reasonable start to this campaign, losing only one of 11 matches.

But an alarming dip in form and confidence has seen the Gunners fail to record a victory across seven games in all competitions and amid growing discontent among players, staff and supporters, speculation over Emery’s future has intensified.

With the former Valencia, Sevilla and Paris Saint-Germain boss under contract until 2021, he was given the full support of Arsenal’s hierarchy in both public and private. The intention of the club was to review the situation next summer.

But last Thursday’s abject defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt at a sparsely-populated Emirates Stadium is set to prove the final straw.

It is understood that in the dressing room afterwards, Emery told his players to forget about the Frankfurt result because Sunday’s trip to Norwich carried far greater importance. He had no reason to think he would not be in charge at Carrow Road.

However, it is expected that he will be relieved of his duties imminently, with assistant first-team coach Freddie Ljungberg the obvious candidate to take control of the team on a temporary basis.


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13 minutes ago, wev said:

Apparently Ljunberg doesn't have the required coaching badges to take charge of Europa League matches, so the club would have to find a new coach before the 12th if Emery is sacked today?


according to wikipedia and unqualified interim can take charge for 12 weeks - don't know if they'd appoint Ljunberg til end of season or just as a very short term stop gap, sounds an issue if its the former (I'm assuming we won't lose 0-5 in the final EL match and get KO'd).

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How about Simeone, Ancelotti or Allegri?


All long shots I know, especially Simeone, but he would be a serious appointment.

A serious statement.


A lot would need to change with such an appointment but maybe the time has come when he would consider leaving Athletico so might be worth a punt. I would love the job to be given to Simeone but not sure if this board could handle a manager like him.

While Allegri has won loads at Juventus and seems to be a lot of peoples 1st choice maybe Ancelotti is a 'safer' appointment.


Not sure about Nuno or Poch. I think Poch will end up at Bayern anyway.


Nagelsmann would be interesting but a gamble as he's only 32 and obviously doesn't have much managerial experience.



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Nuno would not be a sensible appointment, for the reasons humdrum posted. He's not the right fit at all.


Pochettino would be funny, and he wouldn't need to uproot his family and backroom staff, but realistically United or Bayern are more likely.

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Let's see how Ljungberg does, but given his lack of experience I doubt he's a long-term option. TBH the same could be said of Arteta. It's so hard to say how things will work out with assistant/youth team managers getting promoted, especially with essentially no first team management experience ahead of time.


Seems like Sanllehi is running the show, whether that means we can get Allegri or Pochettino is anyone's guess. He does seem to at least have a little more football knowledge than Woodword.



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I'm glad hes gone, for me it took way too long for people to see he needed to go. The latest i would've sacked him was the summer. We have now lost this season due to Raul and Vinai not being decisive. Personally i have no faith that they will make the right choice. onto who should replace Emery, i'd still happily take Benitez and believe he is still attainable. As for Rodgers i feel we have missed the boat. Realistically why would he come to us now, in the middle of what is a great season for Leicester. Don't want Allegri as to me he is just a name, the football would be boring. I feel we need to take a punt into the unkown, get a young up and coming manager with a clear philosophy of playing attacking football whilst bedding in youngsters which we have an abundance of. In that regard Marco Rose or Nagelsman wouldn't be bad choices. Personally considering he is well regarded i hope freddie smashes it until the summer and gets the job full time.

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1 hour ago, humdrum said:

I just imagine Ozil, going to Freddy, " your next if you fucking bench me" 


I'd just like to say, that when you're the last to post and your avatar is the one showing up in the thread listings next to "Arsenal", it's absolutely bloody perfect.

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On 28/11/2019 at 16:13, Gotters said:


Yeah, I'm pretty 'meh' about that one - but it's better than the weird obsession with Pep's cone putter outer in chief and 100 appearance club non-legend Mikel Arteta.


What a strange post. People suggesting him as an option doesn't mean they're "obsessing".


If you can't see why some people like the sound of a former club captain who was a very good, intelligent, important player for us, who knows the club and the league, speaks fluent English, and has had an excellent, modern football education, I don't really know what to say. He might be shite in reality, but it's surely pretty clear why he's a potentially attractive proposition on paper.

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