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The Gray Man


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The Russo Brothers $200m action movie for Netflix. Stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Chris Evans dodgy moustache, Jessica Henwick, Ana de Armas, Wagner Moura, Dhanush, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfre Woodard, Regé-Jean Page, Julia Butters, Eme Ikwuakor and Scott Haze.


Gosling is The Gray Man, a CIA merc who uncovers something he shouldn't. So Evans, a CIA former colleague, has to hunt him down.


Based on a series of books, they hope for it to begin a movie franchise. Coming to Netflix on 22 July



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Yeah I've been waiting for the trailer too, just all new Gosling I'm interested in. 


I'd seen clips and pictures and with it being by the Russo brothers I hoped it could overcome that disadvantage, Gosling doesn't attach himself to anything that's bland (apart from Gangster Squad, but perhaps he just wanted to do a 30s gangster film) so with that said...not sure why he wanted to do it. Especially as they want to do a number of them. He's done action before, briefly. It's not new territory for him that shows how much of a badass he can be, we know...a 30 second scene in Drive was all it took. 


Matt Damon wasn't getting any offers before The Bourne Identity (or so he always says), not that would be the reason to do it because I think it's the best of the lot and the best example of its thing there is this century.


A comment on reddit said Gosling has entered the Gyllenhaul 'having fun' phase of his career but Gyllenhaul has always done macho roles (the so awful it must be satire but isn't End of Watch and Southpaw) so Ambulance is not that much different. Jessica Chastain has also done a number of the most generic action films where her acting is completely wasted...again a mystery, except she'd not done action previously and presumably was desperate. 


It's just horrifically directed, if the laziness is there in the framing, the terrible use of cgi, that most awful yellow European city glow as seen in the Hitman's Bodyguard, then it's not elevating above its genre. I wonder how much of the $200m went on the cast. 


Not watched the Mission Impossible trailer yet...

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