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Kids programs that adults should watch


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It got one mention already but it really needs to be seen by more people, the new (2015) Danger Mouse stuff is fantastic. Kevin Eldon as Penfold and a host of other starry names doing a great job, genuinely funny script and narrator too. My kid laughs a lot during it but so do my wife and I, albeit admittedly not always at the same time. Something for everyone!

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A few honourable mentions already but The Amazing World Of Gumball is absolutely the best animated comedy show, ever.


I've watched all of it countless times and it still manages to make me laugh. It knew when to bow out too, the final series was brilliant.


It left me wanting lots more and that's always a sign of a very good TV show. Everybody needs to watch it, from start to finish. In order too.

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I'd love a box set of all of Gumball. DVD releases are up to ... S2.


Must have been really expensive:


“What type of animation are you going to use?”


”Every type of animation. In one scene”

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