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Pig - Nic Cage not hammy, no porkies


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Back of a napkin summary, Nicolas Cage plays a truffle hunter living in isolation with his pig. Then bad dudes steal his oinker pal and he has to go and rescue it.


Prior to release this had lots of comparisons that it was basically going to be John Wick with a porker instead of a puppy. That couldn't be further from the reality and if you go in expecting action you're going to be bitterly disappointed, it’s much more a tone piece/character study dealing with themes of coping with loss.


I'm still not entirely sure what I thought of it, but I can't stop thinking about the film 24 hours later which means it's doing something right. I can feel most movies released lately leaving my brain almost as soon as the credits rolled, even if I somewhat enjoyed them.


Regardless of anything else, it reminds you why Nicolas Cage has always been phenomenal actor after so many over the top (if entertaining) performances to pay off his alimony and castles and whatnot. In a particular there's a scene in a high-end restaurant that's really reminds you what he's capable of.

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I watched it on Saturday night and loved it. A ludicrous idea done in the most sincere and heartfelt manner.


And the best Cage performance I've seen in a long time. 



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I liked it! My mini review from films recently watched thread:


I thought this was going to be a straight forward revenge thriller, Ba-con Wick if you will, but this is actually something far more interesting. The third act swerve is genuinely interesting in the way that it subverts expectations and it’s just awesome to see Cage do something worthy of his talents for once. 



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Cage’s subdued acting and the cinematography are ace, but as a whole this didn’t work for me. Yeah, the film subverts expectation and all, but that’s not really a quality in itself. On its own it doesn’t bring anything all that interesting to the table. The plot is stretched to a breaking point and thematically nothing is advanced or developed in any meaningful way. I was pretty invested in the enigma that is Cage’s character up until roughly the halfway point, but by then his persona and history are more or less established and the narrative just aimlessly continues for another 45 minutes or so. I guess in the end you could discern themes of respect and acceptance in a very broad sense, but nothing adds up to something substantial or cohesive. 


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On 25/07/2021 at 17:40, Quest said:

I stole it using that internet thing we have nowadays.


I prefer 'accessed' and I'll explain the difference to the police if they knock on. 


Not watched Pig yet, might watch it with this as a double bill:



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