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How do you pep up a salad ?

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17 hours ago, ucci said:

Skip the bourgeois tuna options here and get yerself some tinned sardines or mackerel in olive oil for less - about 50p to £1.00 then use that as a base with olives and rocket. 


I've been eating tinned sardines with salad for lunch for a few years now. It's such an easy thing to prepare.

Started on the posh ones with chilli or lemon, but soon realised the 40-50p plain olive oil ones are just as good ( I do go for Tuna occasionally as well )

Lately been chucking in lots of pickled gherkins and red cabbage. 

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I'm a big fan of tinned red salmon with salad, the best quality skinless & boneless you can get. Love the flavour and it goes great with some gherkins too.


Far prefer it to fresh salmon fillets, which always make me feel slightly queasy, but i'll eat the tinned stuff with a fork straight out the pot.

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