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Am I the only one who's played the Beta of this?


think it might be brilliant. I've had about 10 games and each one has been incredibly enjoyable filled with moments where you're constantly battling and trying to outwit each other. Honestly, it's worth giving a go while the Beta is still up.






Here's a clip from a game I played last night:




Honestly, the biggest shame is that I can't see this being anything but a massive flop after launch. Not because of the quality of the game, I just don't know if enough people will be interested in given it a real go.

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2 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

It looks really fun from the trailer. Is it on Xbox? I'll definitely give it a go.

it is yeah. Its on Everything I think. Not sure how many of those you can play the beta on though.

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Despite looking quite well polished there's something about the art-style that's just off and a bit mobile-esque. Can't really put my finger on it, might be the big-heads but genuinely there's just something unappealing despite it being something I'd love.

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Yeah it looks oddly generic for something that is supposed to be so stylised, right? The Pirate Radio dressing doesn't really hit the mark either.


Thankfully the movement and gameplay is pretty much spot on.

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