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This year i'm going to try and draw a daily cartoon featuring my creation  "Ninja Cow. Which only looks like it pays a huge debt to the far side. 


No 1 .. FISH


"It is not Ninja Cow, who will be sleeping with the fish tonight"


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I am, although work took over today so may try and catch up on that tomorrow. That said am feeling a bit bluesy so could equally say sod it and stop. We'll see what tomorrow brings. 



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I totally forgot this year so am gonna try and do two a day, but with needing to finish A Dance of Dragons part 1 by October 28th and FFXIV being an obsession, well, that's going to be a challenge!


I've got a new sketchbook and am going to experiment with more materials this year. I've already done one in oil pastels and another in alcohol markers.


Happy with #1 "Fish"




Not so much day 2 "Wisp"




I've not really done any art since last Inktober

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Inktober Day 15 - Outpost.


"Even at the far outposts of the Empire, there is dark work to be done"


(With apologise to Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojiman)



"who is the stranger? "
"shhh that is lone cow and calf!!!"
"Why is she pushing a watermelon with a face painted on it, in a pram??!!! "
"it is the way of the Ninja Cow"


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Inktober Day 16 - Rocket


"as a young calf she once saw two shooting stars and made a wish. But the farm hand told her they were only satellites and it was wrong to wish on space hardware.
He died mysteriously and Ninja Cow became the harbinger of death.
So wishing on space hardware is in fact perfectly fine it turns out."




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