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EVE online: It's still going on and it's still a war!

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3 hours ago, davidcotton said:

Smaller scale but we had something like that once in cva.  It's always a thrill when something like that comes off.

Pipebombing people is something of a staple in eve with rooks and kings being noticably good at it. The devs even featured a rooks and kings pipebomb on their "this is EVE" video. This trick was little bit differant in how it was done but it still worked a treat. The guy who came up with it (one of our FC's we called pando and a thoroughly nice chap when FC'ing as well) has over the years come up with lot's of differant types of fleet concepts whihc others have then gone and copied.

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2 hours ago, Gwangi said:

how did it happen..

It's tricky to explain really as I am nt entirly sure myself and I was there. What I do know is that we took a trip to space controlled by BRAVE and started attacking some structure. We were in a fleet of cruisers (with me flying an interdictor, a ship that drops warp disruption bubbles so that it traps people for leaving during a fight). Brave came in with a fleet of Jackdaws (Tactical destoryers that can hit at long range) and started to fight us. We warped away to the entrance to a wormhole we had used to come into their space. While this seemed like a bad idea given that it you always warp to a wormhole 100km away and have to slow boat it to the wormhole entrance, it was in fact part of the plan. As we burnt our way across space to the wormhole entrance the enemy fleet landed and I, and other dictor pilots, were ordered to drop warp bubbles. This stopped the enemy fleet from leaving the area as they landed in the bubbles. Then all we heard was the Fc (pando) telling a ghost fleet(a group of alt characters that people have) to get ready and within a few seconds a group of praxis battleships appeared and started to smart bomb the enemy fleet. They died very quickly.

 Those praxis battleships were given free to every player in EVE to celebrate the games 15th year. Was a great way to use them.

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Massive laggy fight about to start or already has started over the Keepstar in Y-2 in fountain. Let's see how much enemy shit we can kill (we aren't that bothered about defending the keepstar it's more about inflicting pain)


 The real part of the fight, the actual timer, doesn't start for another 40 minutes.

EDIT: Holy shit locals at over 3000 !

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Damn this is a good fight. We tried getting into the system with a battlecruiser Ferox fleet but had to leave due to gate being too camped. However bombers are having a field day with the enemy BS fleets. They just deleted half of them in one run!. 

 Meanwhile at the actual keepstar it is still being hit but with the raven fleet eliminated the enemy need to bring in more to keep up the pressure. The enemy might have made a tactical mistake using fighters on the gate to stop us coming in as those could have been used on the keepstar but now lots are stuck with the Tidi and lots in bubbles as well.

 Good fight. Hope I can get into the system soon.

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Well bugger me we won the timer! The Keepstar is safe for another few days. First keepstar timer we really contested with full allied support and we won. A real dose of reality for the enemy thinking that Delve was going to be easy pickings etc. We did it without our capitals or super capitals as well. 

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Sounds like a tactical oversight on the enemies part. The most interesting theme of all your reports so far is the liberal and effective usage of smaller T1 ships. When I used to play we were basically striving for the most expensive stuff but then I was running level 4 missions and belt ratting mostly.


I take it T2 ships and mods are still prohibitively expensive to be used on a large scale?

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Keepstar Wars!


In my previous post I said that the remaining keepstars in fountain were going to die within thge next few days. Well I was wrong.

 While the Y-2 keepstar was a fuck up by the enemy they did correct that problem and yesterday they killed the keepstar in O-P. This time they di the right thing, they sen their fighters to kill the keepstar and used other fleets to kill defender fleets.

 So it was a good win for the enemy. Another Keepstar down. Only two left in fountain. And they hit the keepstar in KVN a few days before taking it's shields offline


 Today was the day to try and take down the KVN keepstar's armour and the enemy were outnumbering us two to one.

 Now I wasn't there personally. My alliance were out doing other things to really annoy the enemy and we acheieved those objectives. But on the way back home something odd happened. All of us were disconnected from the EVE server. No biggie so we logged back in and carrierd on. But then we heard that the node in KVN died and now noone fighting on the keepstar could log back in...


 The node dieing meant a number of things were going to happen. Firstly it was going to take a long arse time for people to be able to log back into the system. That was going to be good for those defending the keepstar and it would disorganise the attackers. Secondly the Keepstar timers for repairing run on real time. They do not get slowed down by Tidi at all. So the node dieing was a huge boost for the defenders unless the node came back online in enough time for the attackers to restart the attack.


And with five minutes to go the node started back up and people started logging back into the system. Slowly but surely the numbers in system started to climb back towards the 2300 that had been there when the node died.


Time ticked away and the minutes began to pass. The keepstar was not under sufficant attack to pause it's repair cycle. But the enemy was starting to get it's numbers back and try and organise.


 Still more time passed and the Keep was down to a minute on it's repair timer. The enemy started to position a battleship raven fleet to fire and pause the timer. Would they be able to hit the damage necessary?




Through sheer luck and CCP's servers crapping out the KVN Keepstar was saved. It repaired itself. But it would still be vulnerable to attack on it's shields. Trouble is would enemy want to drag out another few hours of slowly grinding the shield down again? 


 In the end sanity prevailed on their end and they decided to call it a day. They started to pull out of the system and goons and co smelt blood in the water. With the disorganised enemy trying to get away their ships struck and killed numerous stragglers or just those unlucky to be out of position. Chunks of the enemy fleet were killed off. What was going to be an easy keepstar armour timer ended in disaster and it was not the fault of poor planning on the enemy part or craftiness on goons part. It was a server fuck up.


 Then again though fuck ups happen in eve all the time. This time it just happened to be a major one.



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Well it seems like we might have a good idea as to what caused the server to poop its pants and it's something we have seen before and lots of us knew to avoid in big fights.


 Right before the server died a fleet from the Northern Coalition decided to smartbomb a goon Jackdaw fleet. Now smartbombs are very short range but lethal as hell. Very useful for clearing clearing groups of people. We used a smartbomb fleet in the above video.

 However, they can cause the server trouble as if say thirty people detonate them all at once then the server has to process a lot of information coming in at once. This is why we don't use them in big fights in large numbers. The nodes struggle enough as is. Smartbombs tip it over the edge. 

 NC did though, and that is likely what caused the server node to die. So in their desire to kill a bunch of goons they ended up crashing the server and ruining many, many hours of tedious work and now have to do it all over again.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Errrrmmm...what the fuck is going on?


 The answer to this question is,,,nothing much.

 The final few keepstars in fountain have died but we didn't really try and defend them as there was little point. They weren't going to fuck things up this time and there was little profit out of just panckaing ships into a mess where they wouldn't be much use. 

 However this has been pretty much the last major action of the war. The enemy know they cannot come at us through fountain so that whole effort has given them pretty much no advantage over us. All they did was kill a bunch of keepstars while we left in a fairly orderly fashion. The financial pain to us has been pretty minimal. 

 Indeed so useless is fountain to the enemy that they have taken to repositioning their super capital fleet to another region entirely as it might offer them a better way into Delve. Doing this though has left fountain rather open so they seem to want to install renter alliances (people who rent the space from others to mine and rat in) in the region to try and defend it. This never works though.

 The upshot here has been that the goons have started sending fleets into fountain and taking out ihubs and other structures. They have even retaken the system of Y-2.

 This whole thing is really a sideshow though to annoy the enemy. We are now doing to them what they did to us. Spamming them with infrastructure alerts and forcing them to try and defend timers. So far they have been very reluctant to do so.

 Meanwhile on the other front of the war the square sum of bugger all has happened apart from the odd fight here and there. Both sides are stalemated and very reluctant to go full on into each others space as they know the supercapital umbrella will come down on them. The only way to counter that is to drop super caps themselves and nobody feels ready for that until they can be assured of a win.

 So the invasion has ground to a stop for now.

Someones going to fuck up soon though. They always do.

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And after typing all that it appears as though our little poke around fountain is far more substancial than I though. In just two days we have reinforced dozens upon dozens of systems. Indeed nearly the entire of fountain is reinforced or going to be reinforced.

 So Pandemic Horde and the people they wanted to put in there are being spammed with dozens of messages within a few hours. Far worse than we experienced at the height of the fountain invasion I would say.

 Also we still had citadel structures in some systems within Fountain.

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Now we are going to play some games!


 Since the last update a few things have happened. Firstly we have indeed returned to fountain and retaken pretty much the entire region with only the odd system here and there being left out. So our home region for my alliance is now back in our hands although they enemy could easily retake it if they wanted. Still it was fun stuff to do and I even got to play as a wing commander for a couple of hours and didn't get anyone killed.

 However there is a very good reason why the enemy left fountain. As I explianed it's pretty impossible to take the Region of Delve from fountain. If you want to go after Delve then it's much easier doing it from the region of Querinous. This is what the enemy is now doing and relocated their entire titan and super capital fleet to that area in order to take down whatever we have in the region and make it their own. They now have a keepstar of their own in the region so they have a good location to base from.

 A few days ago goonswarms leader The mittani sent out an e-mail to all former memebers of goonswarm who might have left the game and told them that the fight of goons lives is coming and could they return. Even I got sent one because years ago an alliance I was in asked that we being registered to their forums.

 So we are now in the part of the game where everyone is lining up their peices closer and closer to each other. Both super fleets are now within range of each other.

 The war is about to hot right up.

Meanwhile CCP themselves are having some fun with a week of ganking bots.

Bots are an utter plague in certain regions of eve and are used by shitheads to generate large amounts of money for themselves or alliances and make them very rich very quickly. Some players go around specially try to find these bots and either kill them (very tricky) or report them to CCP.

 Today CCP has decided to take a load of old bots stuff that had been banned and tranferred them to the system of Yulani. Now they are killing the bots live on a stream along with player help. :)



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  • 3 weeks later...

Balls to the wall!


After what was a brief lull in the war things have exploded over the past day.

 Several days ago the hostiles anchoured a keepstar very close to Delve. It allows them to finally drop capitals into to Delve.

 Late last night they did just that and came into a fringe Delve system and started to hit some stuff. We and the goons responded and drove them off after an extremely bloody battle. That though was just a preview of things to come.

 At around one o'clock this after noon all hell broke lose. FRAT tried to drop a keepstar in the Delve system of FWST. We and goond scrammbled to respond and over the past four hours we have managed to slowly grind down the onlining keepstar and taking horrible loses in the process. It's a total slugfest with hundreds of capital ships, specifically dreadnaughts, dieing.

 We finally killed the keepstar around one hour ago but the fight is still going on as enemy super capitals are trapped and we are attempting to kill them. Currently an enemy titan is slowly dieing. Whether it will do or not is up in the air.

 CCP is doing a live broadcast on twitch.


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 While we failed to kill the Titan it was decided to leave the system as the job had been done. However we did suspect they would drop another keepstar in the same system and that is indeed what they have done and it has anchoured. The Keep will come online tomorrow evening and we will need to throw everything we have at it to kill it. The enemy knows this as well so we could be in for a brawl that dwarfs todays mega fight. I except the fight to last a lot longer than the 5 hour one today. Still it is in EU prime time and we are strong then and it will lead into US time zone which is strong for goons.

 It could be epic and yours truely will likely be losing ships in it. I lost two bombers today but that's nothing.

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So far we are doing a good job on the keepstar with it down to about 75 percent. We have also killed s super and watch as our enemies killed one of their own supers because he was being naughty.

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Well, we finally managed to kill it...after 14 hours of battle. There were a few times when the online timer started again but we managed to pause it and at around 6.30 this morning it exploded and much joy was had on our side. The enemy even managed to lose a titan or two.
So how did we kill it even though we were outnumbered 3-1? Tactics won the day.
At the start of the fight my alliance decided to keep damaging the keepstar using simple battleships called Ravens. Ravens are able to hit things from a very long range and this makes them excellent for applying constant pressure onto structures. Before the fight even began our side had prepared a massive amount of warp in points around the Keepstar. You would select a random point, warp in, and fire.
The enemy had brought much bigger capital class ships as well as several other smaller ship fleets. They didn't quite expected us to be where we were in a giant ball around the Keepstar and so they had to reposition ships etc and this gave us time to constantly keep repositioning our ships while keeping up the fire.
This worked very well at the start but the enemy adapted to it and spread their forces out as well. This meant that a lot of us Raven pilots were dying and then having to reship and get back into system.
Goons meanwhile started to bridge in fleets as well so any shortfall in my allaince was made up for by their fleets. It was a bloody and slow battle but in the end through a combination of tactics and sheer bloody mindedness we got the win.

 One of our FC's is a genious for coming up with the ball tactic of bookmarks.

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The amount of work it takes to create all of those bookmarks from scratch is commendable. That would have had the enemy grasping for the key period at the beginning of the battle.


I can't imagine playing the game like that, I've only ever been involved in a battle with a maximum of 50ish participants.

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They dropped another keepstar. It died. That's number three now. If the enemy think they can drain us of money and supplies then they are very much mistaken. Goons industrial base is immense as is their wallet.

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The best laid plans...


 Last night, while yours truely was tucked up in bed and fast asleep, something happened in EVE online. Nothing unusual there of course. Something is always happening. However, this something was not just some random off the cuff fight or a citdel being dropped. No. This something was planned for months in advance and had been carefully planned and worked out to perfection. It was, quite frankly, a brilliant plan.

 Other the past few months FC's in the imperium and in particular Asher (one of the main goon FC's and pretty damn good) had been observing enemy fleet movements and how they did certain things. During these observations they noticed a pattern to the way the enemy worked and in particular how the moved around their Super Capital fleets.

 This gave them an idea.

You see the enemy had a tendancy to do something. Whenever they cyno'd in their supercapital fleets into a system they would bring them all in right on top of each other. They would open mulitple cyno's in very close proximity and the fleets would jump and be in a nice big ball.

 Now we do not this at all. When we cyno in fleets we make sure they are spread out and there is a good reason for this.


 Your normal common garden varity titan comes equipped with a doomsday Area of effect weapon. This sucks up energy from nearby ships and then causes a huge amount of damage upon hitting it's target and the surrounding area. So having a bunch of ships all together in a single spot is just an invite for a titan to doomsday and awful lot of them at once. It's why we don't bunch them valuable ships together. The fear of the Titan doomsday.

 This is called a Boson weapon or BFG.

So we noticed a flaw in how the enemy operated. Now a tactic to kill them needed to be tested.

Over hundreds of man hours a variety of tests were carried out on EVE onlines test server. What was being tested was an attempt to see how many titans it would take to wipe out an entire enemy super capital fleet in one stroke. 10 caused moderate damage, 15 would kill a few weaker ships but 20 would kill the lot except the most tanky of ships.

 So it was decided that 20 was the sweat spot. The titans would almost certainly be killed up superior enemy force numbers after they had pulled their trick but if it worked then the trade was more than worth it.

 In order to pull the trick off though a number of things needed to be put into action. Firstly you needed to choose a system where to pull this off. Then you had to have small ships called intercepters at preprepared ranges on a certain spot and be able to sneak titans into the system. Thirdly this whole thing needed to be carried out in total secrecy.

 Thnakfully the first part was provided by the enemy. They had attacked a Citadel in a system called YZ9 and there was a timer on the board. So our lot knew when and were the enemy were going to be.

 For a day or so before the timer came out Asher and his team gradually sneaked in 20 titans when the system was empty. They were dropped in one at a time so as to not arouse suspicion.

 Intercepters then buzzed around to find the best spots with which to attack the enemy fleet.


The Valhalla ride.


 So the plan seemed to be doable. The tests had borne that out. The place and time was set. All that was needed was to make sure the enemy showed up in their super fleet and prey to god that everything would go as planned.

 The fight starts over the Citadel and our side slowly but surely start to escalated the fight from sub caps to main caps and the enemy take the bait. They drop their super capital fleet in just the same way as they had done previously. A big ball bunched together and even better without any bubbles to stop ships warping close to them. It was time to drop the hammer.

 As this was going on the fight was bogged down with incredibly bad Tidi. It was laggy as hell and server calls were sometimes not getting through.

 The Titans log in and warp to their assigned intercepters. When I say warp what I actually mean was spent an age very slowly arriving on the grid. For those Titan pilots it must have seemed like eternity.

 But it works. They get on grid. The enemy is there. They are there and it's time to fire.

 The weapons spool up and reports start coming in of them hitting their targets.

 Then the reports stop. Something has gone very, very wrong.

Normally a boson weapon would cycle through a number of damage hits, about twenty in the tests, but this time they only worked about 2 or 3 times. The enemy fleet was hurt a bit but the 20 titans were screwed. The plan had failed and not because it was a failure of planning or execution but rather a failure of the eve server. It had failed to register the right amount of hits.

 And the kicker to this failure of technology? Bosons had worked perfectly well before in big fleet fights. It was just this time that they did not.

 The 20 titan pilots, who new that this fight would be a "Valhalla Ride" for their ships, had to watch as their ships slowly died over the next few hours. 

By the end of the fight nearly 3.2 trillion isk had been lost and a big victory for the enemy had been won.


 However there are sometimes certain things in eve that occur that people actually agree on. This is one of them. Ashers plan was clever and would have worked. The enemy even admit this. Indeed when The plan actually started unfolding during the fight Asher was contacted by FC's on the other side who were in awe of what was happening. 

 Everyone also agrees that this was a failure on the part of CCP and their servers. This was supposed to be a reinforced node and it had coped well with 6000 people fighting in a system before so why not a few thousand less? People on both sides are agree with them.


 Then again I was asleep though and to wake up to such a story of eve madness is always a nice thing.





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As an addeundum to this Keepstar number 4 has been dropped in our space and tomorrow a ten hour slug fest will start to see if we can kill another.

 Your glorious front line reporter will be there...god help me.

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Ah well...we let them anchour it so that it comes out for repair in 24 hours time. This means another 12 to 14 hour slugfest to try and kill it. Good thing it's a friday evening for it though and it's euro prime time for us.

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