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EVE online: It's still going on and it's still a war!

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7 hours ago, Jonnysaxc said:

Can i ask what is at stake if you die in this?

Eve is a harsh mistress. It takes time to make money in the game and make enough to buy anything half way decent. Say I buy a normal battleship for around 150 million isk, well that represents quite a few hours put into the game to get that kind of money. I live in some of the best space in the game for PvE and can generally net about 40-50 million isk per hour if I can be bothered too. So about three hours work would get me a battleship. For others in other regions of the game it takes a lot longer. Many, many years ago it took me what seemed like weeks and weeks to gather up enough to buy a battleship.

 But that's not the half of it. You see your ship needs modules to do things like tank more damage or weapons to defend yourself. A fairly crap set of Tech one modules could add about another 50 million onto the price. Tech 2's might double that. Really fancy stuff can become insanely expensive (pimp fits we call them).

 Now you can insure your ship so that if it does get blown up then you will get some of the cost back, but insurenece costs money of course. So a 150 million isk ship could cost say 30 million to insure and then you will only get a percentage of the actual ship cost. Also that insurence runs out after three months. So if your a very careful player then maybe insurence isn't worth the cost. On the other hand it only takes being careless once and that's a chunk of money gone.

 However you never truely die in EVE as the pilots are immortal. They actually pilot the ships from inside metal pods we call...pods. Imaginative huh?

If your ship gets blown up then your pod emerges from the wreck and you can run back to a station. Or they can target the pod and kill it meaning you end up back in your home station. While this sounds pretty much the same as just running away there can be a cost involved if your piltos happens to have implants installed. Implants allow a pilot to perfrom certain skills and tasks better than they would normally. One implant may allow the pilot a five percetn chance of landing a good shot on someone. It may allow them to fly their ship faster etc. But implants cost money and if you get podded then that can be money lost. Sometimes a lot of money. Some peoples pods can be more expensive than the ship they are flying.

 Early on in EVE it used to be a far harsher game than it is now. Before if you got podded then you would arrive back at your home station but would be in a clone body that, if you did pay the money to keep it up to date, would actually lose you skill points. It was brutal. You might lose say half a years worth of skill points if you really messed up

 Now it's not so bad. All you lose is your implants, if you had any in.

The lose of a ship though still hurts. All that money on those modules is gone. You don't get that back. So you go to either rat, mine or get involved in market trading. Then again your ming ships or PVE ship could get jumped on and die.

It's really all about risk and reward.

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7 minutes ago, pulsemyne said:

Bloody quitters!

Try losing them for nearly 15 years.


Insurance is limited to ships minus the fittings and clone costs. Which can be very expensive.

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Oh things have happened!


 We seemed to have taken a bit of a day off today and the enemy took advantage. They have finally killed the D4KU Jump bridge. Which is something I would have expected to happen sooner than it did. They also managed to entosis a number of our systems so we have a bunch of timers to defend over the next few days.

 However, while the loss of the Jump bridge is bad, it's not the be all and end all. There is little to stop us putting up another one in the system tomorrow (unless the enemy stop it of course).

 TBH they outformed us today by quite someway. Something we expected to happen pretty much all the time.

 So not a good day for us but nothing that cannot be reversed.

Swings and roundabouts and all that.


As someone on reddit put it

"The D4 Jumpgate is dead. Long live the D4 Jumpgate!"

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Well it's not all quiet anymore.


 The enemy has been increasing the pressure on our space in fountain. Firstly they have managed to drop a citadel in the system of D4KU. This is important because it would allow they to dock capitals in the system.

 Even worse was a battle that took place last night that I missed. The enemy entered D4KU with mulitple fleets. We dropped carriers on them but a combination of bad luck and horrific lag meant that our fleet was caught and then had Dreadnaughts dropped on them. A number of attempts were made to extract the carriers and, while some managed to escape, we lost about 40 of them. We also partially lost a fleet of heavy cruisers. We were heavily outnumberd but our FC's still tried to slug it out. In the end the enemy lost around 40 billion isk worth of ships while we lost around 210 billion isk. Still our alliance is more than rich enough to cover such a cost.

 The enemy has also shifted some of their focus away from D4KU and gone after systems next door to it. That is where the big took place last night.

They are certainly banging on the gate now but as of yet there has not been a really decisive battle that has forced us to chnage too much of our defensive strategy. As with all wars though you get some good days and bad and the past two days haven't been our greatest.

 You can see a video of the fight here. Be aware that it's very slow and drawn out and is from the enemy point of view. At least he does give us props for actually escalating the fight though.



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One of our FC's just said

"They are riding high at the moment after we fucked up yesterday and lost some shit. Expect things to calm down in a few days."

Hmm...we shall see.

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Well that was just fantastic.

 It started because we had a citadel that had been reinforced coming out of reinforcement, meaning the enemy could shoot it and stop it repairing. If they had managed to eat through the citadels armour then a final timer would have been created in which they could have destroyed it. This is something we did not want to happen.

 The enemy formed a number of fleets and so did we along with our Goon allies.

 We jumped into system on top of the citadel and readied ourselves to defend it. We were in zealots. They jump into the system in muinins. These, like our Zealots, are heavy assault cruisers.

 What followed was a slug fest. We targetted their logistic ships to stop their main ships being repaired and they did much the same. Thankfully we could rely on the citadel for some weapons support. The fight must have lasted about 45 minutes and they kept pressing us and we pushing back. As they brought in more and more ships we started to drop capital class logistic ships (Force Auxillary or FAX's) to keep our ships repaired. 

 This slowly tipped the fight in our favour and eventually the enemy were forced to warp out and retreat. Our Fort repaired itself and was safe. Meanwhile in the system next door another of our forts was also repaired and a jump bridge somewhere else.

 During the fight we lost about 50 billion isk in ships while the enemy lost less. However, we were using more expensive ships. We did kill more of them than us though and saved our objectives. So a big hooray for us.


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A very bland and boring video of part of the fight earlier. Does feature rocking music though and the FC target calling.


There are a number of things you cannot see such as chat channels and the overview etc. But this is what it is like in a biggish fleet fight. If everything looks a bit slow to happen then that's because the game is running at 10 percent speed in order to let things actually happen. At the top of the screen you will see the people we are being told to target and their statistics. Their status bars start turning red and they are fired upon and then they disapper as they die.

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So it's been a few days since the last update and things have happened, albeit not at a great pace.


 The enemy has been contantly entosising various systems across Fountain and we then go and counter that later on or when it's happening. As I said before it's like cosmic whack-a-mole. The result of this is that the enemy has taken the odd solar system here and there but nothing on a large scale. Yet.

 We know we are likely to lose our space because pretty much all of eve is knocking at our door, but we are going to make sure they have a lot of pain doing it. The problem is that we have to take fights that we have a chance in, so like last night we couldn't take a fight when we were outnumbered 3-1 but we took a fight slightly earlier when we were only slightly outnumbered (and we won it). It's pointless just pouring ships into a hopeless battle and losing them all. It gives your enemy lots to gloat about and pour propoganda on reddit.

 Still the enemy is at the gates and has opened them slightly, like some kind of slow moving serial killer ready to poke his head around the door of your bedroom and wanting to knife you.


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Well the gate has been smashed wide open as we expected. D4KU has finally gone to the enemy and a number of other systems have been taken as well.


 Like I said though, we expected this. We are a three thousand man alliance against several tens of thousands. They simply have the numbers advantage. While we may have goons as our allies it is simply not practicle to have them go back and forth to the help defend our own space and then their space. They have enough shit to deal with in their own region.

 The spin of course is that the goons just don't want to help us and view us are meat shields etc. However,  the simple truth is that fighting a war on two fronts against a coaltion of 106 alliances is not possible and nor do our alliance expect them to come up to our space any time we need them.

 Personally I think the strategy we are going to take is one of gradual retreat closer to goon space. It makes sense too as it will shorten responce times to any help they need or we need. It will also allow us to consentrate our resources and would also lengthen the enemy supply lines.

 When fountain does fall we do expect much chest beating from our enemy, but then again everyone does that when they win.

 What comes after that though is tricky. Try to take Delve from us and goons will be very hard. They will have to go all in and risk everything to try and take it and even if they do will it really be worth it? We and the goons lost space before. We came back and all it will take is for one alliance to turn on another over the spoils of war for the whole thing to come tumbling down. And we would be waiting for it as well.

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 I hate to say I told you so but...well...yeah the above is exactly what we are going to do. It was announced by our Alliance head yesterday in a SOTA (State Of The Alliance) address on mumble.

 The intentions of a fighting withdrawl is to make it painful for the enemy to do things. So we likely will be fighting over key structures such as keepstars and also trying to slow them down in certain areas of fountain. The smaller the footprint to defend the better for us.

 If you look at the map I posted on the first page you may see a system called Y-2ANO. Yesterday we moved out some stuff to that system. All it really was were ships that we do not use at the moment but might be useful in the future, so certain types of battleships for example. (Nothing I am say here by the way is not already known by the enemy.) The bulk of our foces remain in our main staging area of IGE-.

 This decision did lead to much propaganda on reddit with the claims that we are leaving fountain and evacuating everything etc. Trouble is Y-2ANO is...in fountain. So we aren't so much leaving as preparing things so if shit really goes south then we can get to nearby goon space quickly or call on their support much easier.

 Speaking of Goon space aka Delve, well the war down there is pretty much stalemate. TEST alliance who are the ones who wanted to start this war are making little to no progress, indeed the one system they did take has apparently been taken back.

 The upshot of this is that people are accusing TEST of not doing much. Something that they deny by saying "Well when we form a fleet so do the goons and that means they cannot go to fountain to help out" and while that is true in a way it's also pretty useless when that fleet does nothing of note. In the end a sense of fatigue will start in your members. Why bother joining something when you know nothings going to happen?


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Okay people here we have a nice lovely big update on all that has happened over the past few days.


Fountain is on fire!


 Yes the Big Blue Donut have amanged to put a big squeeze on us and sections of fountain are now under their control. They also now have a base from within fountain to use their capital ships pretty much across the region quickly. So basically they are now in the bedroom with a shit load of knives and cutting chunks out of us.

 The upshot of all of this is that the bulk of our big stuff and lots of little stuff has been evacuated out of our main keepstar citadel in IGE with just irritation ships being left behind. These will be used to annoy the enemy as much as we can. Although we are now massively outnumbered, far more than at the start of the conflict.

 The reason for this is that what originally was going to be a two front war, one in fountain and the other in Delve has not really been that. As I said above the enemy has made little progress in that front and initially was frustrated in fountain as well.

 So they made a decision to bring several large alliances to the fountain front such as Fraturnity aka The chinesse. That isn't me being racist or anything, they literally are players from the chinesse Eve server who have migrated over to ours (and bypassed chinas great firewall...possibly...not to sure how they did it). Anyway along with Fraternity we have seen TEST (who should be fighting goons down south but are getting nowhere) bring up members.

 The result is us no longer facing fleets of several hundred but now facing upto two thousand man fleets, and that occuring in our main timezone (we have a heavy number of EU players).

 Obviously we cannot compete against that so we have retreated a lot of stuff to the system Y-2ANO. It will likely be the place we make our final stand in fountain before going to Delve.

  In the end though that is okay.

 In my fourteen and a half years in EVE I have been evicted from space or changed regions oh...I'd say a dozen times. You kind of get used to it. As holding sovereign space is a transiant experience I always try to make it so I can travel light and move fast to a new area. Also, I am terrible at making money in the game so can never afford to buy that many ships. It's something of a skill being so bad that it's actually an advantage.

 Moving though does suck for a lot of people. Some may have stocks of a dozen or more capital ships for example and they all have to be moved one at a time. Smaller ships can be packed into jump freighters though or carried in Carriers. That isn't so bad. But the logistics involved are designed around hundred of people moving ships all at the same time, so this all needs to be organised so as for it to be done safely. The enemy is always waiting for you to slip up.

 Fortunatly for us, capital ships and freighters only need to jump to around two or three cyno's (Special ships can light cyno beacons which capital ships can jump to). We put these ships on our big Keepstar citadels and the fleets jump in. Each time you jump to a cyno though you get a timer telling you how long it will be before you can jump to another and another timer telling you that if you do jump within a certain time then it will take longer for the first timers to run down next time. For example you jump to a cyno and a timer appears saying you have to wait 30 minutes before you can jump again. However, another timer says that you have jump fatigure for the next hour and a half. So you can jump in thirty minutes time but when you do the timer that was previously 30 minutes will now be about 45 minutes..ish, and the fatuigue timer increases as well.

 All of this was designed so that you could just jump fleets all around EVE within a few minutes. Instead it now takes far longer. Which is good...unless your moving stuff.. Then it sucks.

Over the next few days and weeks the enemy will consolidate its hold on fountain. The battle for it is lost, but the real war...well that is only just beginning.

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Mistakes have been made.


This is fun, at least for me that is.


 Today was the day when our alliance decided to leave fountain for good and head to Delve. In order to do this we had to jump through just one gate. That gate would take us to Delve and safety.

 In order to do this a Call to Arms was declared. This is basically "Everyone log in everything and get ready". So we did just that. We logged in over one thousand pilots in all our best ships. We then undocked into the worst lag (tidi in eve which slows the game down to ten percent) I have ever seen. But hey it is what it is.

 The fleet commander tells people to align all their ships to the gate (called ZXB) and it seems like everyone does just that. We are then told to warp to the gate and very, very slowly we do. Most of us arrive into the safety of the ZXB system in Delve. The move op has gone fine so far.

 Except someone, controlling two titans, either got mixed up or didn't listen properly. They decided to warp to another stargate...And the enemy, which had eyes in the system was waiting.

 So we hear on coms that two titans are tackled and the enemy rage forms dropping dozens of small ships to keep them tied down and a big blob of Dreadnaughts to kill the titans.

 We quickly reship (well I say quickly, it was not quick) and trying to kill the small ships and then the dreads. Sadly for us though we are too late to save the titans and they died to the dread bomb.

 However, the dreads are also trapped as we now control the grid and they cannot leave. This means they are now dying to our fleet. Which is nice for me as I get to kill them in my cruiser.

 So we lost two titans but in the end we got a nice big fight and lots of fun. It will probably mean that we come out of this fight about the same on the value of ships lost.

 We can also get back to moving our shit out as well.

All it took was a fuck up for some fun.


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 New update!


 Now that we have left Fountain and crashed on Goons couch in Delve we are actually now able to actually do some stuff to the enemy. In this case that enemy is TEST who started this whole thing and spent all their time either in station or flinging themselves into the Goon wall and getting nowhere.

 Being in someone elses space has big benefits. Firstly your no longer getting irritated to hell and back with discord pings telling you your stuff is under attack. Secondly, we can actually start going one the attack. Thirdly the alliance no longer has to burn huge sums of money on fueling stations and sov bills and so on. The draw back is that the alliance no longer has sweet,sweet isk coming in from the space they own and the moons in it. It's not such a major problem though as our time in fountain made the alliance a lot of money. Replacing ships that are lost in battles will not be a major issue. (Most big alliances give money back to people if they lose a ship in a fleet, so long as that ship was the correct type to be used in a fleet).

 Becuase of this flexibility we have been able to start annoying TEST and other allainces in space that is near to where we are staging from (the goon capital system). It also gives us an ability to defend a small protion of space that we still hold in the region Querinous, or rather use it as a way of poking the enemy to form up for a fight.

 We did this last night in what became a bit of a "Benny hill" fleet. Basically we flew round nearby systems to a TEST system known as G-MGK. Then we sent in a bunch og entosis ships to try and go after some of their structures and being annoying them with pings saying their stuff was under attack. TEST did not like this so they sent a bunch of fleets across a number of regions in order to try and stop it. Once we knew they were near we would leave system, fly through nearby systems and then pick one and start on that one.

 While this was going on we were being told that TEST's FC was getting a bit irritated at this. Which is exactly what we were hoping, or at least partly what we were hoping. We were also trying to put the odd structure or two into reinforce. Nothing major but something to put timers on the board.

 So they chased us around and we ran between systems, hence the "Benny Hill" nature of the fleet. The Benny hill theme was also played over Coms just for a laugh.

 In the end our FC decided to give a fight a bit of a go. But by that time TEST dropped capital ships on us and it was better to just peace out. Which is what we did. Still it annoyed them and dragged their ships and pilots across space for a fight that barely happened.

 It was good fun and I have a feeling it will not be the last time we do it.

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Three down, several dozen more to go.


What's big, costs lots of money and allows lots of big things into it's front holes. No it's not your mum. It's a keepstar!

 Yes that's right kids you too can have your big peice of pie inthe sky with a fuck off big Citadel called a keepstar. CCP (the people who actually make eve and occasionally fail to fuck it up when they release a new update) introduced Citadels to EVE online a few years ago. They come in two main groups, one is a genral Citadel and the other is an Industrial  Citadel...which can also mine moons by firing something at them and riping to rocks from the surface.

Industrial Citadels are boring so I won't take about them. Generak Citadels are more what everyone uses most of the time.

 They come in three types. There's the cheapo astrahaus which is small and can only dock sub capital ships. Then there is the fortizar, more expensive and you can dock up with non super capital ships and finally there is the Keepstar in which you can dock any ship, even titans. A typical astrahuas sets you back a few billion with all it's moduels and other shite. A fort costs about ten billion although that price can rise with rigs and modules etc. Keepstars through cost about 170 Billion isk and that's without their rigs and modules which could increase that price an awful lot more.

 A Keepstar takes a lot to kill and is something for people to crow about when they do. It's price is around the price of two titans so anytime one dies it's a big thing. One time over 6000 people wedge their arses into a system to kill one because...well everyone likes a keepstar kill on their scoreboard.

 As you may, or may not have read, my little group of intrepid space pilots decided that it really wasn't worth sticking around in Fountain while our enemy floods our space with huge numbers and then complains in local that we will not fight them when they outnumber us about 4 to 1.

 So we left and decided to crash on the couch of Goonswarm. In doing this though we did choose to leave behind a lot of Industrial Citadels for the enemy to have to chew through and a few Keepstars.

 With us not willing to defend them, because why the fuck should we bother and waste a load of ships, the enemy has systimatically gone around killing the structures and in a nice slice of good timing for them they managed to kill three Keepstars in the space of a few days.

 This has led to much reddit posting but there is a sting in the tail.

 While fountain had a few keepstars, Delve has an awful lot more. I think about 70 of them in total. They have three of them in one solar system alone along with about a bagillion other structures (bagillion is a unit of measurement in EVE which is used to cover up ones lack of knowledge about an exact number).

 If the enemy thought grinding 3 keepstars was a boring load of shit (and it is). Then doing seventy of them would be enough to send any sane person to Iceland so they can ask CCP what the fuck they were thinking when they introduced them.




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On 05/08/2020 at 22:14, pulsemyne said:

Mwahaha this was fucking hilarious.


We killed over 300 enemy ships and lost just 5. How it happened was pretty damn brilliant from our side. It was another annoyance fleet with an added twist and a deadly idea executed to perfection.

Smaller scale but we had something like that once in cva.  It's always a thrill when something like that comes off.

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