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Bit of a mixed bag on this tonight, trying to do Pipe dream. I had some wasted trips where I didn't have the correct saddle on my truck and couldn't do the missions in a certain order. I also overturned a flatbed semi trailer in some wet mud

Then the game glitched a giant trailer in to the floor, leaving me to restart the whole series of tasks. Not ideal, but I'm learning to solve problems at least.

But I also had fun hauling a long double load of steel beams and giant drill module across the map, including through some nicely flooded roads.

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Picked this up on PS4 a few weeks back and have been pretty addicted to it since. 


It has a really great progression system, and unlocking a new truck or upgrade is always exciting. It's also a perfect game to relax with while listening to an ebook, podcast, or some music. 



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I'm still loving this. At level 21 now and deep in to Russia and Alaska thanks to the Tayga (see below). I'm pulling ridiculously large and unwieldy loads across properly unfriendly terrain.

Think I'll have to grab the season pass as soon as it's in a sale again.

Anyone else still playing? Need some assistance maybe? I still haven't touched the multiplayer.



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I finished all the contracts a few weeks back. I kinda got hooked on it so I’m having a break. I plan on helping my mate when he gets back to it. Would be lovely if they put a unlocked frame rate option in for ps5.

Its the best runner game, I would love to see a similar game with choppers

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I’ve been enjoying dipping into it. I got a proper balloon-tyred scout truck that I think may have been a season pass bonus and I worry it’s overpowering the start of the game since it can go more or less anywhere, just not with much fuel or any load. 
Anyway yes good, but I do find I’ve got a massive list of things to do, many of which are beyond my equipment, and i don’t really know where to start. 

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