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MiSTer: FPGA gaming


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Some more Sega goodness, not from Jotego this time but from Blackwine. This builds upon the work already completed by MiSTer_X. (I understand the MiSTer_X is doing okay these days but still not actively involved in the scene following health issues last year). The updaters won't pull these down (yet!) so if you fancy having a go at Gardia, Brain & Heavy Metal (Sega System 1) then grab the zip file with the RBF & MRA files at the bottom of this Patreon post.



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11 hours ago, Count Buffalos said:

Is there any perceptible lag when using the M30 wirelessly?


Not when I'm playing on the CRT. On my IPS there's something slightly less responsive about it. I think it's a guaranteed one frame-miss, there. Until I plug it in.

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5 minutes ago, Count Buffalos said:

Yeah, so I’d read. Thanks for the reply, I’ll probably stick to a wired connection. 


Honestly, it's worth buying the pad even if you're going to use it exclusively connected with the USB lead. It's on par with my RaphNet adapter and wired RetroBit Saturn controller in terms of response, looking at the charts - so yeah, it's among the fastest.

Great quality, feel, connectivity and price. Plenty of buttons to map coin/OSD menu to, as well.

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One of us! One of us!


I’m waiting on one bit to come from eBay then my build will be complete. It’s gonna look sweet! 

silverstone mini stx case in black with front usb for controllers. Power led and front button to bring up the menu. 

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I'm gonna join soon too, my finger's hovering over that buy me button! I want to get a decent secondhand crt monitor first then I can finally build my MiSTer home arcade 8-)

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6 hours ago, roobarb said:

Anybody know if an Apple Studio m6496 17" CRT will play nice with MiSTer? Thinking of picking one up that I've seen.. 


I doubt it. They need to be connected to a Mac in order to tweak all of their settings, as there are no controls.

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So my brass standoffs came but I’m one m3 nut short of finishing my build and I can’t find my bloody needle files. The screw holes need tweaking a wee bit. I’ll have some better pictures up once my nuts arrive and it’s all completed. 

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Nope. You have to remove 6 screws and slide the inner tray out if you want to access the sd card. 

it stops me just loading it up with stuff though. I might look at a sd card extender at some point leading to the back. 

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So here is my mister build. I think it’s finally finished and ready for pride of place under the lounge telly. 

the case I’ve used is a Silverstone mini-STX case. It’s a little smaller than a mini-itx but still has plenty of space inside. This one also has a couple of front leds and a push button. The exact mode number is: silverstone VT01 (black). 

first up, the case has a handy port on the front for a usb socket. I went through a few options before realising I was a wazzock and picking up a usb A female breakout board from eBay for £2 and a usb cable stripped from an old otg hub was wired in. Adding a couple of 16mm M3 brass standoffs raised the port to the right height to marry with the case hole. 
Next job was to fit the brass standoffs for the De10 nano. The plastic cover from the board was used as a template for the holes. 

Now we fit the de10 which has already had a heat sink and fan from misterfpga.co.uk added. 

Great. Almost there. I said earlier the case has a couple of front LEDs and push button so let’s make them do something useful. Most folk wire up to an IO board. I have no use for that so wired straight to the gpio using jumper cables:

30 GND

29 VCC (3.3V for LED)

13 OSD button

Excellent. Time to close up and give it whirl:


So a few other things. 

The 16mm standoffs for the usb I might swap for female-female as I have a bit of thread sticking out the bottom. No biggie. 

I also have longer standoffs coming so I can refit the plastic plate above the de10 for bonus protections. It’s removed at the moment to ensure airflow for the fan. The stock standoffs are too short. 

The second case LED is not being used for anything as it stands. 

Power switch is an inline external one I found on eBay for £2. It was listed as a led lighting inline switch. As long as it has the right power jacks (5.5/2.1 male to female) you’re golden. 

Last job will be to make some sort of back plate but for now out of sight out of mind. 

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I really like the idea of that @Ninja Doctor, looks awesome. I kind of love my PCB case, mind you. So small! Though I would like case that has a better layout and a power switch etc.


Finally got the slightly weird "public beta" downloaded last night for CPS2. I've only really played the DC ports over the years, and a handful of others in arcades, so this should be a good collection to have.


Progear is good fun. I really like the firing of one's plane, weird as that sounds. Extremely satisfying barrage.


My setup is pretty much "done". I actually have what I intended... the Astro City set up for vertical shooting (I could rotate it but it could be a year or two until I have anyone around to play a vs fighter on, and I don't really play fighters any more), and the 20" CRT for Neo Geo/horizontal shmups/everything else retro. It's a brilliant setup. I cannot stress how much better games look on the low-res CRT than on the 4K LCD sat next to it, but I will do take some photos if for nothing more than to remember this time in my life.


I'll probably stream some more MiSTer stuff soon:



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I have the week off work this week, and I'm spending it unashamedly watching as many SDGQ speedruns as I feel like. I've always wanted to indulge myself like this, and the fading moments of lockdown seem to be a never-to-be-repeated time of low social obligation. To cap it off, I dragged the CRT downstairs with the MiSTer and played Super Mario World all day long while loafing about on the couch. Felt like a teenager again - only a teenager with every game imaginable!


The MiSTer really is a nice device to use... it just stays out of the way and lets you get on with playing. SMW, of course, is as good as I remember it.


Might do the same again tomorrow... if I don't end up getting embroiled in some The 'Burbs style hijinks! 



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More Sega goodness from Blackwine, one of my favourite Master System games now has it's arcade variant running on the Sega System 1 core. This won't be pulled by the updater yet so if you want to try it grab the files from the Patreon post here.


One thing to mention is there is a tiny error in the MRA file for Choplifter, if you try to run the game "as is" it won't start. Open up the .mra file in notepad, find the line that says "<rbf>_segasys1</rbf>, remove the underscore & then save the mra. The game will now work.

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Just completed Super Metroid on the mister with a Saturn controller! Worked surprisingly well. Strange setup but I didn't wanna wait while I decided on what Super Nes controller to go for.   Such a great machine for both crt and lcds. Beat Zero Mission on it too and that was a treat. 


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I'm hoping to get a Mister hooked up to a CRT, mainly for Neo Geo and other arcade stuff at the moment, but I don't know anything about what I actually need. After flicking through the thread a bit I've made a small shopping list on misterfpga.co.uk (below), and I'm aware the most important component is the DE-10 Nano (which isn't on that site - I'll find one elsewhere), but is there anything vital I'm missing? Do all of these parts slot together or do I need to buy connectors, or do some wiring?





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