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Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2


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Unfortunately I am going to have to be the one that pisses all over your ice cream and say that I reckon the water droplet mechanic is how you get to the sky world. Looks like you'll jump into one of those green-bluey pools and drip upwards to the land above. I don't think you'll be able to fly up there, though it would definitely be cool to do that, and akin to what I sort of expected with Skyward Sword (where the flying was great, but the sky had about two other tiny islands bar Skyloft). You'll be able to fall down from the sky at will though. And thems your apples. 

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20 hours ago, mdn2 said:

Unless it's just called Breath of the Wild 2. Like with Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. 


Does this mean that in 10 years time when we're all clamoring for a BOTW series remaster collection they'll just pretend that BOTW2 doesn't exist?

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