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The Mandalorian - Season 2 Streaming Now

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On 29/11/2020 at 22:06, And said:

 Enjoyed solo. It’s got the same space western vibe as this. 

loved that episode. Do we think that’s it for Ashoka? Or will she be back? Her and Bo and Mando taking down Gideon and thrall together? 

Rumours are she’s getting her own show, which will be furthering that particular part of what was revealed.

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10 hours ago, glb said:

I’ve not watched a second of either and really enjoyed the latest episode as much as any this season. That said I’d heard of the Jedi before, probably by virtue of reading through some EU lore in the past. And also recognised the big bad name drop for similar reasons.


More than anything The Mandalorian has reignited my enthusiasm for Star Wars. It’s a hokey Saturday morning serial show, the kind that partly inspired Lucas in the first place, and it’s made with a lot of love. There’s reverence for the universe but without the insecurity of needing to over-explain everything or throw completely incongruous references at the screen to get cheap ‘member berry pops from its audience.


It’s cheesy at times, but it’s also really heartfelt, lovingly crafted and best of all, bloody entertaining :wub:


100% agree with this. I've become a total Star Wars obsessive again thanks to this, after Rise of Skywalker got me all deflated. I've been thinking about The Mandalorian compared to something like The Force Awakens. TFA is incredibly slickly produced, with charismatic actors and a real cinematic flair, yet it's strangely unsatisfying as a Star Wars film once you stop to think about it. I think it's because the lore and backstory are completely glossed in favour of something that just works in the moment.


The Mandalorian isn't lore-heavy by any means, but you get the feeling that you're in safe hands. At the start I scoffed that Mando never took his helmet off - there are Mandalorians running around in The Clone Wars and Rebels with their faces showing all the time; do the writers even know what they'r doing? Then the explanation was hinted it when Bo-Katan showed up and I realised, of course they know that they're doing. This is Dave Filoni - he loves and respects everything about Star Wars, even the maligned elements. I'm also starting to see the storytelling reason for not showing his face. 


So although I think The Mandalorian is quite uneven in its execution (I thought the prison break episode was terrible, for example, and it veers wildly from looking amazing to looking very TV-like), at its heart it is pure Star Wars and gets me excited about the whole Star Wars universe in a way that the sequel movies didn't. As much as I like TLJ as a standalone film, it doesn't make me want to watch more Star Wars. In fact, it's almost like a full-stop on the franchise. For me, Star Wars is at its best when you have these criss-crossing characters and stories across different media, and it all fits together into this expansive and consistent universe that you can lose yourself in.


I also had to adjust to the tone and structure that the show was going for. I was disappointed that after the season 1 finale, we were back to side-quests and distractions. I still think that Tatooine episode was a strange way to open the season after the revelations in the finale, and the second episode is almost 100% inconsequential, but it's been brilliant since then. Rather than being an adult-oriented series along the lines of other modern TV shows, it's an episodic adventure show I can watch with my eight year old, like Rebels. When you accept it for what it is, it's perfect.


I recommend watching The Gallery series on Disney+ - it's pretty schmaltzy and backslappy, but you can really feel the love of Star Wars emanating from Favreau and Filoni. The final episode ("Connections") goes into all the little props and references they shoehorned in - stuff as obscure as Blurgs from the Ewoks Battle for Endor TV movie and the pronged rifle from the Holiday Special. I think it might have been mentioned before, but there's a bit in the first episode where Filoni talks about how important the lightsaber fight between Darth Maul and Qui-Gonn is which really demonstrates the depth of his affection for the series and what Lucas was attempting to do, and how he's able to create something that really gets to core of why people love Star Wars. 

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19 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

Rosario, her stunt doubles, the make-up artists and wardrobe team fucking nailed her. Delighted with her treatment.


They did, that's true. I wanted her to do just a bit of wise-cracking though. She used to be a cheeky fucker. I hope it hasn't been completely beaten out of her.

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