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It's apparently rumoured that the PSPlus games for next week will include Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (alongside some Star Wars game and Operation: Tango). That would be a far sooner launch than I anticipated for it. Plus "free"!


The below article mentions Sega are schedule to reveal the Virtua Fighter x esports project via a live stream on 27th May.



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I was thinking a bit about this with the news that VF5:eSports is going to/has already hit the arcades in Japan. They want people to be pumping their 100 yen coins in at the game centers. If the home experience has decent enough netcode to make it comparable, they lose profit. Why would they want to do so?


Japan still has a thriving arcade scene, so it’s a bit of a conflict of interest.

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The arcade scene also why Japan has historically been the most dominant region in most fighting games, though that is hardly what it used to be. Some people attribute Japan's dominance in SF5 to the population density and internet infrastructure of Japan as a factor over the (eventual) arcade release - it's much easier for JP players to get high level matches with each other than anywhere else in the world.


I am very interested to see how the competitive scene will play out for Guilty Gear Strive as it's the first modern Japanese fighting game that is playable at a high level online around the world. Not to mention it's actually possible to play Japanese players without travelling to the region! It'll be interesting to see which particular scenes do well, or if it will all come down to individual dedication. Dragon Ball FighterZ never got an arcade release, and North America is probably the most dominant region in that game. Strive is getting (or has got?) an arcade release though, so I guess we'll see how that affects things!

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Was Samurai Shodown ever popular in europe? I know 2 was a big hit in the US but never seen much acclaim for the series over here, the Last Blade even less so. 


I've never played KOF 14 online as I couldn't get any matches after the first month, which was extremely worrying for SNKs premier fighting series, but VF seems very healthy by comparison


Also the arcade units in japan for VF actually have net play so there is always someone to play even if they aren't sat next or opposite to you which is pretty cool




Sick cab design, i'd love to own one. Chances are it doesn't weigh 3 tons either :D 

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