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Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though


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On 08/06/2022 at 17:07, kiroquai said:


Been a terrible year for the TT, sadly. Three fatalities. Even worse, the second fatality happened in that side car race and the victim was wrongly identified - the organisers originally said the passenger had passed away but it was in-fact the rider.


Just read that they were wearing each others dog tags. Obivously no idea if it was intentional or not. Competitors at the TT have to wear dog tags or have a patch sewn into their leathers with medical information on, the Sidecar team in question chose the former but organisers are intending to make it so competitors next year need both.

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Goodwood is currently on the Sky Sports F1 YouTube channel.


Not sure when but Wayne Rainey is going to be riding his 92 Yamaha

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Safari rally Kenya (WRC) was quite a spectacle last weekend. With the  Fords and Huyundai’s struggling to keep the dust and sand out of their engine bays it wasn’t very competitive though… 


Meanwhile in Germany saturday’s 4hr VLN race on the ring filled up the top slot absentees with a few surprising entries including a Peugeot RCZ, LC500 and a drifting BMW. The new GR86 cup car also made it’s debut (jpn crew). Maybe Toyota will support cup racing like it did with it’s predecessor but upcoming EU regulations and no mention on the TME site make me doubtful… 

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