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20 years ago today - PAL N64 Launch

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Hello Everyone,

First we want to thank everyone for your support and for the great feedback. It seems for the most part everyone is enjoying their controllers!

We did want to address some of the comments for those that mentioned the issue of the "L" shoulder button & analog stick bumping each other when you push the stick into the upper left position while holding down the "L" button. Unfortunately, we did not catch this before production and this may be noticeable in some games where you are holding down the "L" shoulder button and pushing the upper left position on the analog stick.

Again this is our fault for not catching this and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for missing this, however we do want to let you know that we are working on fixing it and making it right for those that wish to have it fixed. We are seeing if it is a replacement piece we can send to those for a quick fix or any other modifications need to be done. Please be assured we are here for you guys and just want everyone 100% satisfied and happy!

Future iterations (Colors) will NOT have this issue, but we still wanted to take care of those with the initial gray versions. Once we get a confirmed fix solution we will let everyone know.

Thank you for your support!


so, I have to register my interest in the replacement parts or something?


I'm just checking the tracking on my 2 pads...



Current Status:  Enroute To Regional Processing Facility

Shipment History :   


Event DateEvent TimeEvent DetailEvent City

3/7/20184:20 AMEnroute To Regional Processing FacilityGlobegistics, US

3/7/201812:20 AMCustomer Data ReceivedGlobegistics, US




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Still have my ice-blue N64.


I was all fired up to buy one on the UK launch... but my brother bought one before me (at launch) and I managed to get to play Mario. I delayed buying one then the £100 price drop came. Decided to wait for Zelda OOT and finally picked one up in I think Feb 2000 with a new Zelda OOT for £70 - which was something like a bargain!


Still have a few games I picked up over the years for it.... But really it was bought for Mario and Zelda. Think I missed the boat with GoldenEye somewhat as it didn't really impress when I finally got to play on it. Although a mate did have it with 4 pads and it was fun in multiplayer which I guess is the whole GoldenEye thing. F-Zero X was very impressive though.




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It's amazing how well Wave Rave 64 holds up today in the graphics department (well, the water at least).  It also still plays like a dream.  I don't think there will ever be a racing game that ages better, although fans of Super Mario Kart will perhaps disagree.

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