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Splatoon 2 - Chicken vs Egg Splatfest this weekend!

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Dunno - forgot to check on the board; I was too keen to get into a game of Clam Blitz.


It's a 48h one. Hold on ... 30 Oct 22:00 to 1 Nov 22:00. Friday to Sunday. Trick or Treat.


Team Treat for me.

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Not played this in ages but logged in today to register for the splatfest next week.  Team Trick all the way

OMG how long did it take for Sheldon to run through all the new weapons I'd missed, even on fast mode it was forever long :(

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My nephew got a Switch for his birthday with this game, is it possible to play local co-op with him against online opponents? And do I need my own Switch and a copy of the game for that?

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I wish they’d put some of these special Splatfesr stages on rotation.


Average 'fest for me - although just won a game where it was three of us to four of them; rare that happens, these days. Any disadvantage and you're mullered into oblivion.


@Sane - think you need your own Switch, but I don't think you can choose the same sides if just playing as friends, as opposed to forming a team. Apart from Salmon run, which is totally co-op. And mad.

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Well, just had one game where it was three of them against one of me.


Yeah, I lost. But I splatted 5  to their 1, which I'll take as a consolation prize. Especially when I'm running a Splattershot Junior.


(Only because they split up and inked over ganging up on me, I guess).

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