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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3D


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And yet another remake!

Ah, c'mon; this was an utterly fantastic game that most people can't currently play, and almost everyone missed out on first time around. I keep promising myself I'll dig out the GC to play it, but I'm much more likely to play it on the 3DS if it's out.

Boo Castle was beautiful.

If this is a fake, or an early April Fool joke ... :angry:

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Even if it is fake, IMO its a good idea. Thousand Year Door was a much better game than Sticker Star, the diorama/stage play style of the games is a good fit for the 3D effect & just like Majora's Mask the game was rather niche on its first release so it should have another shot at finding an audience on 3DS.

All that said though...I worry that Nintendo is remaking all this stuff because they know they can't make new games to the same standard.

I traded in Sticker Star after finishing it. The first Nintendo & Mario game i've ever done that with...but not the last. :(

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I loved it at the time but I don't think I could be bothered to play through it now. I thought I'd enjoy Majora's Mask 3D, but playing through it again all these years later was a bit of a chore and kind of tarnished its memory for me.

I'd prefer a new Paper Mario RPG.

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It's still on my list. What's wrong with it?

(Bear in mind, I really liked the Wii one.)

Its fairly good - Takes aspects from both Thousand Year Door and the shitty Wii version and melds them together. It probably drags on a little too much towards then end but overall its worth playing I'd say.Better than the Wii version but not as good as the thousand year door

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