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Warframe - Call of the Tempestarii out now (includes Series X/S upgrade)


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On 01/05/2019 at 01:31, Orion said:

Yeah I'm kinda burned out on Division 2. Some more Warframe sounds cool. 


Good, get yourself on Warframe and burnt out on that instead (again) ;)

Thanks again for the parts. @moosegrinder has finally stopped raging about it, and I have a Chroma Prime cooking. Hurrah! \o/

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Jovian concord went live on PC last week. Really like the new disruption game mode, 4 coloured points that require matching keys to activate. The keys drop from the stronger enemies. Once you activate a point you have to defend it while a bonus (such as increased fire rate) or a negative effective (such as nullifying fields) is applied. A demolyst will be sent out and if this reaches the point will detonate and fail the point. The demolyst tanks a fair bit of damage. You can activate multiple points at a time to speed things up a bit.

The new boss fight the 'Ropalolyst' is quite good too. It's a bit buggy and a bit of a drag to get to it when you are trying to farm the new warframe wisp parts but good fun once you have the knack and not too difficult. Wisp is now cooking away in the foundry.

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Tennocon is live on twitch. At the moment nearly 200k people are watching a cosplay contest. Smashing stuff.


At 6pm et (Not sure what that time is in real money. 10 or 11pm) the main stream starts. If you watch that for 30 consecutive minutes you get a free Nekros Prime.


Also free codes that will work in game (Select redeem from the market menu)


credit booster


500 ducats






I love how Warframe kinda just floats under the radar doing its own thing. They have some amazing displays. Physical replicas of a MOA, Weapons and even a full size (fucking huge) REDACTED chair you can sit in.



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I'm back into this in a BIG way. :ph34r:


I played the early/half-baked version waaaaayy-back-when on PC but didn't really stay tuned. Years passed and i got it on PS4, and spent a good hundred hours or so with it, but my lack of 'real' teammates made some of the later missions a drag, so i eventually gave up. I dabbled with the Switch version because...why not, its on Switch, but it was a minor distraction that got deleted off the precious SD card space.


Fast forward to now, when i have a decent spec gaming laptop, its running at max settings and 120fps, it feels like a completely different game! Its astonishing how tight it is, how you can keep up with everything going on even when its chaos. In the past it always felt a bit hap-hazard like you were kinda muddling your way through it, but now it has finesse! Space Ninjas for sure!


And the amount of new free content since i last played is outstanding. The biggies being the two open world areas with respective hub towns (and another on the way, two weeks from now). Being able to mix up the corridor -> room ad infintum mission structure with open world exploration is just what this game needed, and its like a breath of fresh air.


I've already thrown £50 at the Marketplace, firstly because i wanted to buy a frame i'd never played before and use her from the get-go, in doing so making the early planets less of a chore. Then i saw the Nova/Trinity Prime combo (both great frames i want to get anyway) for £39.99. Might sound pricey. But! The bundle also includes 1200 Platinum! Which is insane value considering 1000 Platinum on its own along costs £33. 


You might think its an endless money pit waiting to suck you in, but its the exact opposite of what pretty much every other GaaS is doing in 2020. I look at it as a cash investment versus 'how much enjoyment will it give me'? £50 is standard fare for all big releases these days. Of which i have many...gathering dust on my shelf, unfinished, unloved.


This is my new go-to game. I can play for 2 missions and be happy, i can play for hours and be happy. Its perfect in that regard. 


Sorry for prattling on. Those that've played it before will understand completely. And if you've been away for more than a year or so, i'd highly recommend trying it again. I'm so very glad i did. :D 

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I took a break after the first Nightwave but I started playing regularly again about a month ago. I've got a huge checklist of things I still want to do. Frames to build, liches to hunt, relics to crack. Eager to see the Deimos release at the end of the month, we get a new open area (not as large as Plains or the Vallis but it looks interesting), and mechs!


It really is riculous value for money, I love the F2P model they use. I got a 50% off platinum voucher the other day so dropped a whopping £16.50 on 1000 plat, bringing my total lifetime spend to about 40 quid. Bought a couple of deluxe skins and a bunch of frame, weapon, and riven slots.

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45 minutes ago, FuntimeDave said:

I am not a member of ResetEra but I presume I can sign up/join up.  Do we miss out on any fun/learning by being in a fully established clan or is it just a grind?


Happy to build one up if that is more interesting?




You can definitely have fun building up your own clan. It's a grind but a grind where you're just playing the game anyway. Also the smaller the clan the less items you need for each unlock.

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Soooo... after dropping out of this due to work/other games/etc. when Nightwave dropped, I've now tried this again over the weekend in anticipation of the new patch and... damn, there's been a load of QoL stuff going on.


I didn't like the Nightwave battle pass thing at first glance, but now it feels like a more fair way of getting resources rather than chasing alerts. Kind of surprised by orbiter had a glass roof. Game itself also seems to run a bit better on PS4 and the UI is much better for checking/buying/building weapons. Ready to go full into Deimos.

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