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Another ZX Spectrum device indiegogo fundraiser

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oh lol...


the email on the 10th, that lead to a communicae from a "3rd party partner concerned about licencing agreements" on the 14th, wasn't from Andrews.


It was from Levy...








they sabotaged their own console delivery. :facepalm:

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5 hours ago, roberthazelby said:

I've been saying for weeks that the GDPR fiasco will be their next stalling tactic.


I'm looking forward to see how this develops.


It's painfully obvious that there are no finished consoles available. We'd be seeing RCL post pictures for ever more if there were.


I also have the sad feeling that RCL will get away with fleecing backers out of the half million.

You're right. It's been said before that whilst it would be great for a TV-style dramatic ending where the bad guys get their just desserts, it's more likely they'll just fade away, communication will become increasingly vague and sparse, the excuses less able to be countered adequately, and more self-imposed deadlines will get longer and longer until, they hope, people have either lost track or lost interest. RCL will get away with it, literally, and I honestly cannot see anything short of a full-on criminal investigation having any impact.


And I really hate saying it. As has been said, half a million pounds.

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23 hours ago, SeanR said:



theyre just lashing out now. it's a shame theyve blocked me on twitter.


I'm almost tempted to join twitter just so they can block me. it's like a mark of integrity...


tbf they've been lashing out since almost the start. about 2 yrs ago I remember them replying to a random backer asking questions in the IGG comments with: "It is you personally who is slowing the project down." -actual quote!

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3 hours ago, Dudley said:

I'd be surprised if there were 47 units to ship.


If there was a single unit they would have posted a photograph.  Even if it was non-working.

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14 hours ago, SeanR said:


well, ain't you a ray of sunshine... Ok, now imagine all the backers do the same.


Right, play that out and what do you think will happen? The ICO philosophy under the GDPR will be the same as under previous Data Protection regulations; tackle to big flagrant abuses of data as the main focus. Besides which, the ICO don't have much power anyway, there's only one section of the Act that is a criminal offence - and failure to respond to a SAR is not it. The £20m/4% of global turnover fine that gets bandied about as a threat is completely irrelevant here; I'm not even sure that they even ever fined the maximum amount (£500k) under the DPA for various horrible breaches.


Anyway, why are you assuming that RCL wouldn't respond to any SAR? It serves no benefit unless they are doing anything dodgy with backers' data. All it would do is, as you say, give them reason to delay things further, it wouldn't actually accomplish anything for somebody wanting the device.


I just think that if people were to see comments like yours that suggested requesting was a SAR would be a way to 'scare' RCL into some action to deliver a product, it is woefully misguided. And let's face it, if RCL have no money anyway they are hardly going to care about a potential fine (if this has all been a big fraud - rather than just gross incompetence - you'd imagine the funds have been squirreled away and they have an 'out').

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'anything dodgy with backers data'?


have you even been following this story? they gave all the backers data to at least two 'non-employees':


Lee (nominally the webmaster, shill, admin of WoS, and later lead q&a. remember when lee claimed he wasn't an employee?)




Jan, erstwhile hacker, non-backer, admin of the vega democracy group, and now 'private investigater employed by RCL to find out who the trolls are'


also:  I reckon RCL are already planning on using 'an overwhelming number of SARs request' as an excuse for further delays, which means no ones going to actually do it.


Why give them a reason?


The backers won't give them an out. 

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4 minutes ago, JPickford said:

How is Jan employed?  I've never got that bit.  And is his supposed employment reflected in the bank statements?



It was mentioned in a court case, Levy had to refer to him as an employee. 

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