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The Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Took these two within yards of each other during our walk between pubs on Saturdays Manchester Meet.

I wish the second one would have come out better, The sun disapeared seconds after I took the photo, so it was a moment lost to try again.



This one features out very own Laine, GloomyAndy and U-1 I believe all in silhouette.

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Commando! Fucking easy. Anyone can tell that is an Arnie quote.

Fucking easy, to people who can read and write maybe, but in deepest darkest Northampton, I can guarantee that that type of person is very, very out numbered by the hideous inbreds who wander the town centre by day.

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Ooooeeww!!!  I freaking hate you Morrison!

Come off it, you love those trousers! And now they've reached a wider audience.

Of course, I have far worse. Pictures, not trousers.

If we'd just got Brown to take a photo of me taking my photo, we could have blown a hundred minds, not including our own.

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