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The Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Man, this place looks different.

A few taken with my long lens lately:


A Great Eye, Lidless, Wreathed in Feathers by Alexlotl, on Flickr

A wild Kea (NZ alpine parrot) - actually in a car park, but that little detail has been bokehed out of existence.

The rest are at the local zoo, for which I received membership at Christmas.


Meerkat Watchman by Alexlotl, on Flickr

I just like the composition on this one, but I think his feet are more in focus than his head.


Hen Ostrich by Alexlotl, on Flickr

Largest eyeball of all land-animals, folks. I think the Giant Squid has it licked, though.


Dog (Otter) Day Afternoon by Alexlotl, on Flickr

This one's just here because I love otters.

Any tips on maintaining a shutter speed and an aperture? The 75-300mm is noticeably better at 300mm when it's stopped down even 1/3rd of a stop, but use Shutter Priority and AutoISO, and it'll almost always shoot wide open. Best approach I've found is to use Aperture Priority, then manually set the ISO to a level where I can be guaranteed a reasonable shutter speed. It does mean that you're often shooting in a higher ISO than you really need, though.

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Been a while since I've posted anything - had a hard drive crash some months ago, which has messed up my image editing procedure (didn't loose much, but it's just me being lazy and not having gotten around to relocating my Lightroom catalog). As always a lot of great stuff in here though!

Anyways, went for a walk in the snow today, and actually got around to get a bit of it processed also... yay!


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Went for a walk, came back, did some black and white conversions. Which I don't usually do, but with the weather being what it is, there was so little colour in the shots anyway.




Was my first outing with my new 9-18 lens (which I bought secondhand), I'm very pleased with it so far. Ever since I sold my 400d and Tamron 17-50, I've missed being able to go wide. It's not nearly as sharp as that lens, but then again it is a fraction of the size, and goes a fair bit wider.

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Love the snowy ones, especially the sheep and that last one with the log. Nice to see another Oly 9-18mm toter here.

No photogenic snow down here in NZ, but we did finally have a summer's day:


Rudbeckia by Alexlotl, on Flickr

Also, I've just discovered how to properly use the levels slider in Aperture, and I think my life is forever changed. :wub:

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