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The Rllmuk Photography Thread


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These are my first, random, attempts at digital photography. Most of these are horifically poor, but have a look anyway...


It really looked like that at the time as well...


My loving mother.


A random photo of a mates leapord gekkoes.


Christmas photo of a couple of family friends...

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Hehe, cool. Next to the Big Apple, yeah? It used to be a big plane or something but was changed.. I used to play pool in that place quite a bit. I never lived there but an ex of mine lived in Weybridge.

Ahhhh, the memories..

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Plane is still there. The tripod is 30 metres away or so.

Played pool there a few times too. Small world etc.

I'm managing the newsagent 30 seconds away for the next month or so. 4am starts each morning.. :)

Btw you have gotten me addicted to flickr you swine!

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