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Bound by Flame - Shadowmask 7.5/10


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By Spiders Studio & Focus Home Interactive

Official Site

Release Date: May 9th


Developed by Spiders Studio for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, Bound by Flame is a heroic fantasy RPG that has you playing as a mercenary possessed by a demon in flames. In the grasp of the demon, you must choose between the demonic power within you, and your humanity. Should you choose the latter, you must repel the demonic influence and develop truly heroic skills. As dangers and enemies close down on you, always more fearsome and terrifying, you will be tempted to yield a bit more of your soul to the demon that possesses you in order to gain more power and as the demon gains more of your soul, your physical transformation becomes more obvious.
















The only thing that kind of worries me is that we haven't seen any gameplay yet but if the screenshots and trailers are anything to go by, the presentation is really good.

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...real time battles combine tactical skills, dynamics and showmanship. Clashes are demanding, requiring both tactics and reflexes. Whilst it can be tempting to just throw yourself in the melee without any action plan, it is best to have a strategy of attack lest you become overwhelmed by opponents that are actually much tougher than they look.

Available to you is a whole array of strikes and moves and, according to your specialization, you also have skills and special powers that should help you to overcome your opponents. Parry or dodge their blows, counter-attack, break their guard, stun them... or don’t be so subtle and just burn them down with the mighty flames of your demon’s powers! Whatever you choose, always remain vigilant. Your enemies will fight as a team and will attack you from behind at the first opportunity. Therefore, be careful where you stand, and always keep sight of the enemies your are fighting against!
Every time you go up a level, you gain skill points that you can use as you wish in the three talent trees. The talent trees represent the three facets of your character in combat: Martial Techniques represent your skills in two-handed weapon wielding; Fire Magic enables you to improve on fire demon spell casting; finally, the Way of the Shadow corresponds to your ability to wield daggers and merge into the night.

[from their website]

Sounds like an action rpg.

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So this is out next week - what's the buzz like?

Am guessing the "buzz" could be mistaken for the sound of crickets in 'ere...

Nevertheless, I've got a preorder in - not on the strength of Spiders' previous output (Mars: Wars Logs, anyone?) but moreso because I'm willing to give the studio a chance. Last month's OXM featured a two-page preview, and I signed up upon learning that your player-character's gender can be chosen from the off.

Saying that, am sure it's nowhere near as customisable as a Skyrim or Dragon Age (because your starter is named Vulcan regardless), but there's layers of clobber ready for the taking. Unfortunately, the release date has slipped a week in Australia - never a good sign - but here's hoping there's some more 'buzz' this week. ;)

Oh, and the OP should amend the thread description, as there's no Xbone release on the cards.

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I didn't finish Mars: War Logs but I did enjoy what I played (it just sort of fizzled out, I went to try something else and that was six months ago. The usual story, then). This looks to have a bigger budget and perhaps more time spent on developing it so I'm happy to give it a chance. I can see Mars War Logs in there somewhere but it does look more polished.

I imagine they don't allow you to change the players name (is it the same for male and female?) because they use the name in the voice acting.

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Managed to get this cheap for the PC so looking forward to giving it a go :) Mars.. was heavily flawed and janky but I still enjoyed it and this looks a step above that. Going by some folks on GAF that have it the impression so far is 'pleasantly surprised'

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Hopefully all little less content than amalur mind but more focused. Christ that game went on.

It sure did, I think I was 20% in the story when I lost track and interest and skipped through every conversation :lol: The combat was well good I think, if not fairly unbalanced. Mid and end level Mage is ridiculously overpowered.

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I hope that this is more Dark Souls and less 3D Castlevania/God of War. Anyone found a review for it yet, four days prior to release?

This probably isn't what you're expecting then. It's more of an action RPG. At least, that's what I gathered from the combat trailer.

Seeing as I massively enjoying Van Helsing at the moment this seems something right up my alley.

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This probably isn't what you're expecting then. It's more of an action RPG. At least, that's what I gathered from the combat trailer.

:( That trailer does indeed look very Lords of Shadow-esque, which is a shame because I didn't last very long at all with that game, despite the lovely-looking enemies and game world. And if this is an action RPG then what genre would you say Dark Souls belonged to? Hack and slash?

One thing i do not like is in all the combat trailers the enemies do not react to being hit at all.

Yep, I was thinking something similar before I read your post, as I was watching the trailer VN1X posted. I'll wait for the reviews and hope to be pleasantly surprised, I think.

Also, according to IGN, the reason there's no XBone version is because the developer kits weren't provided on time. I'd been thinking that Sony had decided to take a chance on this little-known French developer and paid for PS4 exclusivity, but turns out that was wrong. It's gonna suck for XBone owners if this turns out to be decent...

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