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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Champions 19/20

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There is nobody on earth who can defend that from Pickford. I'm going to put myself in an offside position before taking a clawhammer to the head of the next year who says "LiVARpool", see if I get away with that?

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13 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Wonder what would have happened if the offside want seen and the on field ref have a red.


Would they have pulled it back for offside? If course not.

Unlike your post, there’d have been no autocorrection. 

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The reaction to that goal makes me worry that van Dijk could be out for a while. There was a bit of a ‘do it for Virg’ vibe I thought. Maybe I’m imagining it and it was just the struggling nature of the derby. 

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Whatever happens, I can't remember the last derby I enjoyed as much as this one. Really evenly balanced and great to have a genuinely competitive Merseyside derby again.


Edit: Haha! That's the Pickford we know and don't love. 


Double edit: Love Klopp's laugh. 

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