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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

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I'm not the biggest Mario & Luigi RPG fan, as I didn't really like Superstar Saga (I wanted an overseas Tomato Adventure, but Nintendo chose the safe path by replacing DeMille with the more familiar Mario bros), nor Partners In Time, and I haven't even given Inside Story a try yet. Still, Dream Team Bros. looks so damn' charming, I'm actually looking forward to it.




The premise is that the brothers along with Princess Peach are on vacation in Pi'illo Island.


Something happens, Princess Peach gets kidnapped - yet again, and it's up to the two heroes to save her. Business as usual, except now Mario will have to pull an Inception into his own brother's dreams to save the day.


Exploring locations on Pi'illo Island will be just like past games, only now you'll be moving about in a 3D environment.




The main feature of this game is that Luigi has the ability to open the dream world entrance once he falls asleep, so Mario can enter the portal and navigate the 2D platformer-like environments. Luigi will also join you in the these dreams, and it's here where Luigi will really shine.




Certain areas in the dream world find Luigi merging with the background, and you have to manipulate the real Luigi sleeping on the bottom screen to use dream Luigi's new special abilities. For instance, some parts will require you to pull on Luigi's mustache in the real world in order to help launch Mario to greater heights in the dream world. In other sections, you'll tickle the real Luigi's nose so dream Luigi can sneeze background blocks into the foreground or blow away obstacles.


The whole point of entering these dreams is to free Pi'llos, ancient inhabitants of the island that have been trapped in the dream world. In fact, the magic pillows Luigi sleeps on to trigger the dream portal are the bodies of these Pi'llo people!


The big evil of the game trapped the Pi'llo people with dark stones, and you have to find and destroy various amounts of dark stones in the dream world to free the Pi'llos. Once free, they'll aid you in different ways on your quest.




While in the real world, turn-based battles play out the same as in past games. Jump attacks, hammer attacks, and Bros. attacks all return, requiring timed button presses to increase your attack powers. You'll enter turned-based battles in the dream world as well, and it's here where things get trippy.


In this situation, Luigi merges with Mario, his/their total HP increases, and you'll have the extra power of multiple Luigis with every attack. For instance, execute a successfully timed hammer attack and a few more Luigis will appear after your strike to perform their own hammer attacks. Pull off the jump attack and nearly a dozen more Luigis will fall from the sky to perform their own jump attacks.




Oh, and it gets even crazier with the "Luiginary Attacks" (...) - just one of the many Luigi-related puns.. One example is called the "Luiginary Ball". Mario will jump on a big ball made of Luigis, then players will have to steer this ball with the gyroscopic controls so you can run over even more Luigis, thus increasing the size of your ball. The attack ends after you kick this giant Luigi ball to steamroll groups of enemies.


















































Official trailer:









Set for a July 12th release in Europe, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. looks like a surefire hit on Nintendo's popular portable console.
Can't wait!


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You didn't like Superstar Saga? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I have fury. It's the best. You can even do some skipping!

I would definitely play a game called Tomato Adventure though.

Well, it's not that I didn't like it, it's more that I'd have wanted Nintendo to have used some new IP for once. DeMille (Tomato Adventure's protagonist) looked like such a promising character, but instead ol' Ninty chose to play it safe by ordering AlphaDream to make a similar game using their own established characters.



More on Tomato Adventure: >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomato_Adventure

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I think these games are bloody great and really looking forward to this. If anything I'd like them to be a bit longer or there to be a 'bigger' version as almost every single one has quite a large introduction to mechanics and the RPG-lite way of playing and just when I'm getting stuck in it seems to end. Or maybe it's just cos I race through them as I'm enjoying them.

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Didn't do it for me either. It feels too "American" I think, though I can't really put my finger on it.

I know what you mean, I should be into this, but coming off the back of the brilliant Fire Emblem this just isn't ticking the boxes for me. Oh well, sure someone will appreciate it more than I.

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This looks so fucking lush! I wish the new Pokemon game had this visual style.

Anyway I just saw a Dutch trailer for it and apparantly the game is localised? Is that a first for Nintendo? I mean they've always done menu stuff in Spanish, French and German here in Europe (as far as I know) but there's never been a Dutch language setting for both interface stuff and in-game text! Sony has been doing this for ages (even localised VO) and I've always found it odd that a company like bloody Nintendo, a publisher mainly aimed towards a younger audience, didn't do this.

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Just got done with the first couple of hours of this and it's unsurprisingly lovely. I've loved all of these Mario RPG's and this one seems to be on the same track, nothing mind blowing has changed from the other games so far but it's still in that hand holding, explain the mechanics bit at the moment.

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