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I was convinced that we had a thread for Tesla Boy but it looks like we don't.

If you like 80's pop, Tesla Boy are ace! Very snyth-heavy catchy pop music, the sort of which doesn't get made anymore, or if it does its little more than pastiche or nostalgic. They remind me a lot of Zoot Woman but without the pretentiousness.

History - First LP - Modern Thrills

I think it was the Valerie blog that first picked up on them in 2009 and put them on a compilation. An EP followed on Mullet Records and then it took another year for the album to come around.

Still listen to this regularly as it's perfect for late-night drive-time. (Amazon Link)

Latest Material


Watched this great 20 minute performance from russian tv this morning - songs are M.C.H.T.E, Fantasy, Neon Love and 1991 which all (apart from Neon Love) should be on the 2nd album. I especially liked for "1991" how they got two girls in to mime over the Loleatta Hollaway-esq sample. Fakery for authenticity there!

tracks released since 2010:

In Your Eyes


Another Light

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