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Bit annoying how the voice chat was seemingly fubared last night, I did set up a group and invited Krypt', Suru and 2/3 others, but it just wouldn't send the invites, and that was after taking ages for it to even set up a group.

Still, we chalked up some more points for the Platoon. As of this morning:

Played: 3 Hours 4 Min

K/D: 1.33

Rank: 1 (Progress: 1911 of 11,000 to Rank 2)

The best stat though, is...

Total Platoon Members: 43 :hat:

Once Kerraig is back I'd love to try and plan some sort of super-organised session.

Maybe try for multiple squads of 4/5 with separate voice chat parties in the same Conquest or Rush game, using the PS App to send messages to coordinate attacks and strategies, and someone as a Commander too. Feasible?

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Managed to finally unlock the F2000 on the 360 version over the weekend! I did it playing the CTF game mode, with two fairly even teams the game lasted 30 mins, which seems to me the longest concentrated spell you can get in the Metro on the 360 version. I went support packing the M249 and the airburst. Haven't used the M249 in ages and had forgotten what a beast it can be, and great fun to use!

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Bit annoying how the voice chat was seemingly fubared last night, I did set up a group and invited Krypt', Suru and 2/3 others, but it just wouldn't send the invites, and that was after taking ages for it to even set up a group.

I joined the games but when I tried to see if there was a party I just got a Playstation error. Then all the servers crashed again...

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Once Kerraig is back I'd love to try and plan some sort of super-organised session.

This sounds good, still not managed to get a game with the Platoon, despite being on most of my free time.

Was playing Fire Storm/or Oman and thinking its a strange choice to have the Russian communications guy be voiced by Al Pacino.

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Once Kerraig is back I'd love to try and plan some sort of super-organised session.

Maybe try for multiple squads of 4/5 with separate voice chat parties in the same Conquest or Rush game, using the PS App to send messages to coordinate attacks and strategies, and someone as a Commander too. Feasible?

That would be awesome, I would recommend doodle.com as an easy way to work out what time is best for the marjority of people.

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Once Kerraig is back I'd love to try and plan some sort of super-organised session.

Maybe try for multiple squads of 4/5 with separate voice chat parties in the same Conquest or Rush game, using the PS App to send messages to coordinate attacks and strategies, and someone as a Commander too. Feasible?

Sounds spot on.

Here is my squad application for Muk consideration:

I mainly play Spec Ops Recon (Dao12/C4/Becon/Spec Ops) and love to play behind enemy lines and capping points.

K/D means nothing. I'd rather blow up a bad guy tank and me with it than have it go on and kill 10 team mates.


I spot so much I wore out the RB on my Xbone pad. My PS4 pad is about to suffer the same fate.

My other BF specialty is Sharking on Paracel Storm in the boats as an Engineer (MP7/Repair kit/SRAW or Stinger/Engineer) I love those boats. Nom Nom Nom.

I also love to fuck about and make C4 jeeps/jet skis/wing walk like BF of old :)


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How do you become a commander on the ps4? I think I'm up to around rank 20 now and still haven't worked it out

It's from the game menu. Can't remember the exact process, but as long as your team has a commander slot available, anyone can take it. Doesn't matter what rank you are. If you become commander, you can't just switch back to infantry though - you have to completely leave and re-join the game.

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interesting read on the battlog addressing the netcode problem, seems like they are doing everything they can to fix the rubber banding problem.

Glad i read that it, as their lack of a statement and progress was starting to fuck me right off. Been worse than ever for me on the new maps.

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I wasn't in a party, but the MUK squad was really dominating in some games. Great to see some proper teamwork with spotting, reviving, ammo packs and pushing on objectives as a unit. It was a great example of the game at its finest.

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New PS4 patch out today which, as well as doing the things listed below, also provides a snazzy new Naval Strike background to the menu screen.


We’ve started rolling out a new Battlefield 4 game update on Playstation 4. You may experience some downtime during this rollout, as we are also updating the game servers. As usual, it will take a few hours before the majority of servers are updated.

March 4 PS4 Game Update Notes
-Several crash fixes and stability improvements
-Various improvements for Spectator Mode
-Tweaked timing for how long the killfeed stays on screen
-Fixed an issue where the message "Joining Server" sometimes didn't appear when the user tried to join the server
-Added default player slots to server browser filters
-Fix for an issue on Silk Road where players could deform the terrain to create a big, water-filled hole
-Fix for a bug that occurred with the end-of-round camera if the player was in the bomber in China Rising
-Fix for an issue on Rogue Transmission where it was impossible to capture a flag while riding the quad bike
-Prevented players from interacting with an M-Com on Siege of Shanghai after it had been destroyed
-Fixed an issue where audio for disarming M-Coms could get stuck in an infinite loop
-Added minimap details for missing carriers in Rush on Paracel Storm and Hainan Resort
-Fix for an exploit that would allow players to shoot two tank shells with not enough delay between shots
-Removed a bug where squads would get split up when transitioning between Conquest and Air Superiority
-Fixed an issue where Defuse could get stuck in an unplayable state between rounds
-Removed a bug that would cause players to sometimes get stuck in the killcam after having been killed
-Fixed an issue with revive icon not being greyed out in-game on map and minimap, when the player died after getting revived in Defuse
-General improvements and bug fixes for the Battledash and Mission create screens
-Fixed a bug where red laser dots would get stuck on textures
-Zoom dispersion fix. When zooming in while firing the dispersion did not lower to the new max value
-Fixed a bug where the enemy health always displayed as full in the kill-cam
-Fixed an issue in Defuse so killed bomb carrier can’t plant a bomb in the next round without picking up a new bomb
-The MAV has been updated to prevent players from exploiting it
-Improved repair rates for vehicles with different base healths
-Tweaked volume balance and other ambience parameters on the majority of base game and China Rising maps
-Improved the track vehicles wheel friction so vehicles don’t get stuck at relatively minor hills
-Fixed an issue with faulty zoom levels that occurred when using click to zoom in. While sprinting and zooming, will mess up the zoom levels, from hip to zoom.
-Improved boat physics and handling, including implementation of a system that lets players push stuck boats back in the water

Weapon tweaks
-THe SRS bolt action time has been tweaked and the rate of fire has been lowered
-The GOL bolt action time has been tweaked
-The muzzle velocity for the MP7 has been reduced
-The MTAR21 muzzle velocity has been reduced
-Updated the handling of the 1x scopes for Type95B1, A91, SteyrAug, SAR21, QBZ951, FAMAS, UTAS, MTAR, L85A2, and F2000
-Updated rate of fire for the RGP7 and NLAW

No mention of single player saves being sorted out, or the ceiling hack on Operation Metro being fixed.

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Thought I'd have another pop at BF4's single player campaign at weekend. So glad I did, I had an enjoyable hour of gaming before it fucking crashed to dashboard. My god, I thought they'd known about this months ago and fixed it?!

I risked playing the campaign for a 4th time after 3 fail save crashes.

I had a USB plugged in and at the end of every mission or 1 hour gameplay I back up the save file. Also uploaded it. It was bit of a pain closing down BF and then reloading it but safe to say my whole campaign never broke once, I got every collectible too and did it on hard (which isn't).

Use a USB and back up, hope that helps.

I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign.

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This was posted on the official blog yesterday:


We at DICE are committed to improving the overall Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience for our players. Some issues, commonly referenced in conjunction to “netcode” are preventing Battlefield 4 from performing optimally for everyone, and with this post we would like to explain what we are doing to address these problems.

Fixing the commonly nicknamed “netcode issues” – problems ranging between faulty networking latency compensation and glitches in the gameplay simulation itself – is one of the top priorities for DICE. We’d like to take a moment to discuss how we are addressing these issues, as this is a very hot topic for many of our fans.

We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you’re hit, and the way other players’ actions are shown on your screen.

The game receives updates from the game server and displays these to the player using a system called latency compensation – this system makes sure players move around naturally on your screen when network updates arrive. We have found and fixed several issues with latency compensation, and thereby decreased the impressions of “one hit kills” in the game.

We have also fixed several issues that could lead to rubber banding, and we are working on fixing several more. Below you’ll find a detailed list of the issues we are focusing on, or have already adjusted in-game. We hope this gives you more insight into the “netcode” issues and we will continue to keep you updated on top issues.


What we are Fixing or Investigating

Rubber banding
We have made several server optimizations that have decreased rubber banding for some players. To further address the issue, there are upcoming fixes for packet loss and a customize screen bug, both connected to the rubber banding issue. Furthermore, we will continue to collect data to pinpoint exactly when and why rubber banding is occurring.

Kill camera delay / Player death sync
On some occasions, the kill camera would trigger before the game client displayed the last portion of damage being dealt, giving players the impression that they died too early. There were also issues with blood effects, damage indicators, and the health bar in the HUD being out of sync. A fix for this will be included in the next game update.

Players have been asking whether the tickrate – how often the server will update the game world – in Battlefield 4 will be higher in the future. Though we haven’t got any immediate plans to increase the tickrate at this moment, we are exploring the possibilities of raising the tickrate on specific servers.

No registered damage
We are aware of the bug where players have been firing at their opponent and not doing damage. In the February 13 game update for PC, we added a piece of code that enables us to specifically track instances where this would occur. We are currently looking at when this issue is triggered, and what causes it. The data that we receive will help us to further improve the firefights in the future.

Instant death while sprinting
At certain occasions while walking or sprinting, a player could get catapulted at high speed which would cause death if any object was standing in the way. This was caused by a mathematical error in the character physics code, and we have a fix prepared for an upcoming patch.

Various Items
In addition to these items, there are also fixes coming for issues with Levolution being out of sync, shots appearing to be fired in the wrong direction, and vehicles outside the infantry area not taking damage when fired at. Also, we have introduced new in-game icons that will help you, and us, to troubleshoot network related problems that could cause an inconsistent multiplayer experience.

Network Troubleshooting Icons
With the January 30-31 game updates, we’ve introduced two new icons to the Battlefield 4 HUD (head-up display). These were added to the game as a way for us, and the players, to more easily troubleshoot common network-related issues that may have negative effects on the multiplayer experience.


The first icon, seen at the top in the shape of a clock, indicates that your connection to the server is lagging. There can be several reasons for this. For example, it could mean that someone else is using your connection while you are playing, but it could also mean that there is a network problem that occurred somewhere between you and the server. The effect of such lag is that it will take a bit longer for you to see what is happening in the game world. If this icon is frequently blinking, you might want to try a different server or see if you can decrease the load on your Internet connection.


The second icon, at the bottom, shows four squares that indicate packet loss. When you see this icon, your connection to the server is experiencing lost packets, which means that information is failing to reach its destination, either when your game client sends it to the server or when the server sends the information to you. Please keep in mind that packets always get lost on the Internet and that you should not be alarmed if you’re seeing this icon blinking once or twice. If you have a large amount of packet loss and see the icon often, you will probably experience game “hiccups” sometimes – action will stop for a moment, then speed ahead to catch up.


What we have Fixed

Kill card shows 0 health
Kill card sometimes incorrectly displays 0 health, despite the enemy being alive. This could happen when a portion of damage dealt was rejected by the server, since the bullets that caused it were fired after the point of death for the firing player – the kill card would show the health as predicted by your game client, rather than the health confirmed by the server. An improvement that decreased the rate at which this happens went live for PC on Feb 13, and will be included in the next game update for all the platforms.

Broken collision
We have fixed instances of broken collision that made it impossible for players to shoot past broken objects, such as the collapsed chimney on Zavod 311.

Crosshair disappearing, resulting in hit markers disappearing
In firefights, players on PC could experience their crosshair disappearing, resulting in hit markers also disappearing. This would happen when certain gadgets were deployed by other players. A fix for this is now live.

Hit impact sounds
Impact sounds did not match the number of bullet impacts, causing players to feel that they died too quickly. An improvement to this went live for PC on February 13, and will be included in the next update for all the other platforms. The cooldown time for letting bullet hits trigger the sound has been decreased considerably, so players will now hear every bullet that hits them.

Headshot icon
We have re-introduced the headshot icon to help players understand when they get killed by a headshot, something that usually results in an instant death. The headshot icon went live in the January 30-31 game update for all platforms.

We want to assure you that we are constantly investigating, or already in the process of updating, all these items and several more that you’ve had concerns with – and that we will continue to do so with your help. Please continue to send us your feedback, and thank you for your continued
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Good to see a few on last night, but not voice comms was everyone in a party I wasn't?

I only joined for one game towards the end...Zavod 311 map. We bossed it. Party chat wasn't working for me...kept getting an error.

More updates as I remember stuff.

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Seriously we need to get out shit together with a forum session as its soooo much better working together (I don't think I can stomach much more lone wolf shit). Just a night when people will likely be on and then we can squad up as people appear online and join their mates (perhaps we nominate some squad leaders who will get into a game together and then split out and then everyone can just join one of those squads knowing everyone is in the same game). It would be amazing to have a commander on as well but given this games netcode is held together with bluetac and string it might be better to start small.

How about Battlefield Mega Monday? 9pm onwards

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The weapons (and the assignments required to unlock them) from Naval Strike have been revealed:

Spare time Sniper
- Assault Rifle ribbon x3
- Get 20 headshots with Assault Rifles
Reward: AR160

Packing a Punch
- Destroy 20 boats
Reward: SR-2

Swiss Cheese
- LMG ribbon x3
- Destroy 3 vehicles as Support
Reward: AWS

Always Deadly
- Sniper Rifle ribbon x3
- Ge 5 kills with C4 on NS maps
Reward: SR338

Curve Ball
- Get 10 kills with an Impact Grenade
Reward: SW40

Multi Tool
- Get 10 kills with UGL Darts
- Get 10 kills with UGL LVG
Reward: M320 3GL

Death from Below
- PDW ribbon x3
- Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers
Reward: AA Mine

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