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4 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:


How is Any% slower than 100%? Am I being stupid or does 100% not count as Any% logically? Is there some trick one allows and not the other?

How is 7minutes 30seconds slower than 3hours 30minutes?


Edit: Too late, your shame is here forever more.

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It's on my to do list, it's just a tad long for a game that only American's seem to really really care about. Not a priority watch.

I've recently been going through the thought process of wanting to speedrun something but then realizing that I could put all that time into new games and other activities. I shame I can never have it both ways. I do think psudo-speedrunning on a casual level is a fun alternative way to play a game, I have come to that thought process recently. I never used to touch easy modes but when played like that they become fun and challenging again.

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Yeah I hear you. I'm never going to be good enough to challenge the best and most dedicated runners, but had fun earlier in the year speedrunning, of all things, a clicker.


The hardest part is capturing console gameplay for obtaining proof, that restricts me to PC only without significant investment.

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1 hour ago, David Heath said:




i bet pretty much everybody here knows that game like the back of their hand and could do it.

I know my time isnt great, but i'm really happy i did it and got it on the official leaderboard thingy.

and it was fun making the video too.

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IGN's Devs React to speedruns series has been consistently good but this is a really great one. Aside from their reactions there's loads of really interesting stuff about Halo development, including the fact that the devs had to manually pilot all the dropships and record the input for the game to play back in scripted events





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8 hours ago, Marlew said:



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Yeah, I was heartbroken. The first SS vid where I've felt on a downer afterwards. 



I was so sure the run where he was half a kart width off was going to be it. Heartbroken is the right word for it for sure.


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