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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Solid SOAP

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Cheat codez.

No time limit and no idle timeout [crediar]

04067E80 4E800020

040685C4 38000000

Select shield [crediar]

0405E0FC 3860000x

0: Wood

1: Iron

2: Holy

3: Hylia

4: Wood

Spoiler tags dammit! I don't want to know about the fucking shield types!

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- You can roll, I was being dumb before: you can only do it while sprinting though

- Tons of new combat moves available, I found a few of them by experimenting with the wiimote, you can do a VERTICLE spin attack now

- If you hold your wiimote up into the air like Link in the cover, you charge your sword and can fire a beam attack

- You can run up walls a bit - Nintendo have updated the physics a bit, you can kind of run up bits of ground where there would be an invisible wall in the last generation of Zelda games

- Swing off ropes is awesome and a lot more fluid than before

- COMBAT IS AMAZING: Everything is a different challenge - you have to uppercut spiders to knock them onto their back for example, and skeletons are a bit tricky too since they block with two swords and will slap your shit if you spam attacks at them. I also fought a three headed monster which you have to kill all 3 heads at the same time otherwise they grow back. This is done by shield bashing it when it attacks you do stun it and then doing a spin attack.

- Monsters hurt! Skeleton takes of 2 hearts in one hit, this shit is a leap up in difficulty from previous games IMO.

- Real time item changing: awesome

- You can't lock onto things with your bow anymore, so it's harder to hit things with it

- I like the plethora of ways you can do things. You can beat spiders hanging from the ceiling by shooting the thread with your bow or cutting it with the beetle, then do a finish blow (the same one from Twilight Princess, practically). At one point there's a bunch of vicious deku baba plants attached to a ceiling, under which you have to walk a tightrope. So I through a bomb up there and one of them eats it and then it blows up and kills all of them. I also, one time, shot them all down with my bow.


Also saw screenshots posted by someone emulating it on their PC. It looks so good in HD, it's such a shame the Wii is so underpowered. Hoping for a WiiU HD release.



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I was initially worried about playing it with the motionplus, as the extra weight has bothered me in the past. You don't just forget it's in your hand like the 'mote itself. However I'm sure it's worse playing with the prophylactic on too.

Kyoma, that looks AMAZING. Hope they continue with the visual style on future Zeldas, it's about a million times prettier than TP. The look of the exterior environments weirdly reminds me of PoP (the new, bad one) with the painterly, out of focus backdrops. Lock on still works with the bow right? As in, not lock on so that your bow shots automatically hit, but so you can strafe and such things?

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Do people care that much about the plot in a Zelda game? (Genuine question.)

sure - knowing that the plot of wind waker is to shove a sword in Ganondorf's head is no surprise... but if I'd know that you went to a frozen in time Hyrule castle under the sea that's all black and white... I'd not have been happy.

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Is Ganon in this one? That Ghirahim doesn't feel quite like a 'proper' big baddie really

I've not really been following story details. I do think that Zelda plots work really well though, mostly through little incedental details and how villagers perceive you and masterful shifts in atmosphere. They always tend to include a moment where you'd built up your confidence and skills, only to knock you back down and show your insignificance: Ganondorf zapping young Link to the ground and sneering in OoT or the hulking, powerful creatures cluttering the unfamiliar dark world in LttP.

I do really like what I've seen of Ghirahim so far though; such a brilliant, swaggering, effeminite creep. Might be a bit of a typical anime design, but he brings just the right amount of uncomfortable Majora's Mask atmosphere to proceedings.

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