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Demon's Souls - remake's OUT - mindful of the spoilers, please!

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37 minutes ago, Marlew said:

Albeit the art style and lighting on the Switch version is fully authentic to the original unlike the Remaster, so cubits like me prefer it. 


Edit: *cunts

Yeah, noticed a bit of a difference between the two versions. It’s a shame the Switch version isn’t 60fps. Playing the PS4 version on PS5 and it looks really nice though!

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Done. Loved it, a truly stunning achievement. Never played the original so was a real treat to have a brand new Souls as a launch title. 


Only disappointments were the relative length as it felt a bit short and as I went to each of the final areas it just became a bit of a boss rush and they all seemed to whizz by at such a speed and then it was over. 


Also a bit miffed that it goes straight in to NG+. I had so much fun with PvP and summoning in DS3 after finishing and before going in to a new game. Can't do any of that now without going through the whole game again and seems I need to do a particular thing right at the very end of the game to get the red stone. Suffice to say I didn't do that thing and now I can't do any PvP at all ☹️ . NG+ seems pretty brutal too. Lost 200k souls that I'd carried over to a fucking archer. 


It was still fucking great though and will definitely have another run through as a strength or dex character.


Any DLC been hinted at for this?

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