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The Man Utd Thread

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From The Guardian:



Manchester United have £67m Jadon Sancho bid rejected by Dortmund


German club want £77.5m for England winger


United agree terms with Sancho of about £350,000 a week


Both those transfer numbers seem really low. :blink: Despite covid when £120m was the number floated last season. Not £350,000, that's high.

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10 hours ago, feltmonkey said:

Yeah, just pay that.  See if they want Andreas Pereria as well, as a freebie.


I thought he'd left permanently, didn't realise it was a loan. The question is whether you want Conte. Well, not the question, my question. Will Ole change next season, learn from this season, is it really a case of just over rely on the same star players again. 


Sancho is class and it's not like i watch Dortmund so can't say but the football writers who did and gave updates on his early season form were saying how surprised how bad his form got, not just lacking confidence but offering nothing. He retrieved it, showed how much strength and character he's got etc but i don't think he's been effective for England either in a way Grealish, Mount, Foden have, they seem far more intelligent in their movement and decision making to affect games. 


Given United curse talent and the yearning over big signings changes after 18 months to slagging them off and declaring them as not good enough, i wonder if we'll see the best from Sancho. I always wonder about this, on one hand scoring and effecting games is hard, the opposition's drilled defence doing everything to stop you doing anything, but at the same time football matches can become chaotic and all tactics go out the window, defenders are over committing, they're shapeless, the ball is deflecting off shins and shoulders and it's a fun lively game. 


Just when i couldn't work out how Benteke couldn’t get a goal for a year, a player who once scored a hat trick against Chelsea. Obviously he's got back to scoring this season but was it just so much hard work for Palace to get even near the opposition and chances are so rare, one game of feeding on poor crosses leads to another and before you know it scoring seems impossible. 


Obviously at that price who cares. Even more, it's not our money, whatever. The right side is weak. How do attacking midfielders effect games, how can Barkley do it consistently, how can Oxlade Chamberlain. It seems to me like a lot of man united fans are a bit blunt about player performances, that it is just about sending them on and if nothing happens they've failed and are a failure, without supposing these professionals at the top of the game want to suceed. Barkley and Oxlade on the ball have a lot. Sancho has more.


I'm sure he will come this time and Haaland will stay because Dortmund can't allow both to leave at the same time. I don’t think Sancho will be played significantly or do a lot in the euros to increase his price but why United wouldn't at least consider that and offer £77.5m before the tournament starts i don't know.


I'm sure he will excel at United. Better get that in just in case. 

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5 hours ago, Loik V credern said:


The question is whether you want Conte.


No.  :lol:


No, because your case for suddenly sacking Solskjaer is comically thin. You have a vague feeling that he won't finish above Klopp, Guardiola, and Tuchal so we should sack him on that basis, despite the continued year-on-year progress, albeit slight. You even admit that Ole is capable of being "tactically spot on" enough to have a positive record against Guardiola. It's nothing to do with loyalty or patience either - it's about it being a stupid Idea to keep sacking managers on a whim in the mistaken belief that one of these guys on the top-level managerial merry-go-round will have some kind of magic key to unlock the potential in the squad and coast us to the league title.


The cult of the manager in modern football is just silly.  A manager's importance is overstated. Tactics are important, but ultimately it is the players who win matches. Does Guardiola win the league because he has some secret way of playing that ensures victory? Or does he just have by far the best set of players? He didn't create those players on his own, he didn't mould them from clay, they are just very very good players. Two or three of them in every position.  We have maybe seven or eight players of that quality, and several of them aren't actually good enough for City's first eleven. Dizogg is right about our squad - we have some fantastic players, and a whole bunch who are a bit mediocre. Guardiola wouldn't win the league with our current team. Ole is getting more out of them than you would expect, when you analyse our squad dispassionately.


What does a manager do? It's not as mysterious as some people imagine. Pick the team, set up the style of defending and pressing, how high the defensive line is, the triggers for the press, set pieces. Beyond that a lot of it is instilling the right behaviours on the pitch, what sort of passes to play, what sort of movements to make. It's about trying to train players to make the right decisions more consistently. There are different schools of thought on what the correct decisions are, some managers are better at getting their players to make them, some players are more malleable and agreeable to the process. Guardiola couldn't get anything out of Zlatan because Zlatan was resistant to this. Managers don't reinvent the wheel despite what The Athletic would have you believe. It's not like the days of Bela Guttman or Victor Maslov who could come up with things no-one had done before. Maslov invented both the 4-4-2 formation and the concept of pressing!


Also, the reality of changing manager is that you generally lose a year.  The new manager will want specific signings to play their style. There are exceptions, Tuchal was able to get going straight away because Chelsea had such a bloated squad that he had a myriad options to choose from as soon as he came in. We don't have that. We have one right back at the club, a mismatched centre back partnership, no competent defensive midfielders, and brilliant attacking players who are basically mavericks who struggle to consistently operate in harmony with the rest of the team. So Conte or whoever would ask for signings and our recruitment team would go to work, failing to get any of them, then signing someone else in a random position for an inflated fee and too late in the window for the manager to communicate how they want them to play.


Also, Conte is a maniac. That can't really be overstated. The one thing I like about the idea of him managing us would be the knowledge that he would make mincemeat of Woodward, Judge, and the Glaziers. He would terrify them. Not enough to get them to actually invest in the club, but they would shit themselves. Conte fueds with everyone around him - owners, players, his own reflection. He stays for two years then leaves for unfathomable reasons just as the success arrives, and leaves destruction in his wake.

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