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The Man Utd Thread

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city in round 4...marvelous...  couldnt have predicted that...nope...




Europa League debut
Premier League debut
Manchester derby debut
England debut
England U21 debut
EFL Cup debut

...Marcus Rashford has scored in them all!"



is this the most debut competition goals ever?? 0_o

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The Mata goal is the kind of quick one touch passing through the middle United never do. Zlatan can do the role that Giroud does at Arsenal in terms of link up. The guardian min by mid mentioned the greatest goal ever scored in this fixture from 1996, a Heskey back flick for a Claridge volley. The Mata goal is pretty similiar. It's a sublime goal. I didn't watch the first half in full, I don't know the position of players on the field, but I'm glad Herrera, Mata and Pogba are the three. I think Mata is the most advanced as no 10 ? It's the formation I wanted, the 3 together, Mata not wide. I just hope they get a run together and it's given a chance before being broken up. When was the last time United scored 4 without reply in the premier league?






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21 minutes ago, tbb said:





Still stands ! No reply in between the 4 goals rather than after. Another way of putting it is 4 goals in succession. Over the last three years United have scored 4 in the league, but in games when the opposition grabs an early goal or an equaliser. Long time since they've had an emphatic win in terms of scoreline, scoring 4-5-6 with no/little reply like the best teams in Europe do. United used to regularly score 4 against Bolton or when Ronaldo was at his best getting a brace nearly every weekend. 


btw, not saying the scoring of the 4 goals made this emphatic, because it was more even than that, but really applying that pressure and domination is something they need to do. I hope Mourinho is not happy at the way they've let Leicester come into the game more.

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I liked Mata behind Ibra. He doesn't stay deep, but instead likes to drift wide, or try to make runs behind the defence. Rooney would've just come into the same space where Zlatan was so effectively bringing others into play. I imagine Mkhitaryan would gel similarly. 


Rashford reminded us a bit that he's still only 18 today, finishing wasn't great and he maybe snatched at some chances when maybe the shot wasn't actually on. Still clearly an absolute nightmare to play against.

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dunno whats happened to blind...but... looks liek 4231 ish on how this lines up, or 433, if mata is in mid, but, fellani as DM (at a guess), he just isnt suitable to it really...and rojo...on the pitch...lets hope he has a better game!



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Surely this is a really obvious game for Carrick, we'll need someone who can move the ball quickly and decisively to pull Zorya's massed ranks apart, and if he stays deep, he's unlikely to be under much pressure on the ball. At least he's on the bench I guess.

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