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What are you reading at the moment?

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finished   The Crow Road , loved it and can see the inspiration for some of tge settings in use of weapons as well, but i might be imagining that.


On to the great gatsby at the moment because its supposedly  a classic  and its super short at about 150 pages, its not a subject or a time period I'm Imparticularly interested in but it's  wonderful  so far.



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It is wonderful.


If you dig that, have a crack at The Beautiful and Damned, and a must read is Tender is the Night. Both quite a bit more melancholy than Gatsby (which itself is fairly melancholy!), but extremely rewarding.

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Yeah, loved it, appreciate  the recommendations  too.


on to The Day of the Jackal, love the movie  and just getting into it,  I'm usually wary of authors who churn out lots of the same sort of book , ends up being a repetition  of the same thing( hello clive cussler) but its decent so far

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On 07/09/2020 at 22:26, Silent Runner said:

Next up I have either the new Ann Cleeves or Richard Osmans book that is getting good reviews. 


I read both of these last week. The Ann Cleeves, The Darkest Evening, is excellent. It's the 9th or 10th in that series and they are a little formulaic but it's a winning formula. A murder in the countryside, Vera and her team investigate and everything gets neatly resolved 300 pages later.  


The Richard Osman, The Tuesday Murder Club, was good fun. A group of friends in a retirement home meet every Tuesday to discuss famous murders. But they soon find themselves involved a real murder case. This was very easy to read but maybe not as clever as it thought it was. And it did resort to some massive info-dumps to wrap things up. I will look out for future books from him in future though. 

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Listening to the audiobook of Rage by Bob Woodward. It's fascinating. What's most notable is that Trump does have some very smart and competent advisors around him, it's whether he actually takes heed of them that's more alarming. 


For example, he had close advisors in January ringing all the alarms about covid. Politicians keep pretending we didn't know how bad it would be until March but that's obviously nonsense. 

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