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Found 571 results

  1. Lying Cat

    Fall Guys

    So, Fall Guys has a release date - the 4th August. I have absolutely no idea if this will be any good or not, but a lot about it appeals to me. It's bright, colourful - looks as though it's got questionable physics and doesn't really require any sort of skill outside of persistence so it's not something that I'm going to be automatically terrible at as I close on my 40th year. ... it basically seems to be some sort of obstacle course game for 60 people based loosely on those questionably safe Japanese game shows where you need to cross a bridge while they fire a sandblasters at you from all directions. If you fail to make the course, you're out and everyone else proceeds to the next round, until there's only one player remaining. On top of all this, it features digital dress-up and is only £16 on the Steam store, which is about the amount of money I'm willing to risk on something like this on the off-chance I periodically have a bit of fun with it. If it was coming out at £44.99, I might feel a little different, but depending on how well the thing controls, this could be a lot of fun.
  2. Or in slightly off-shoot related language-speak:
  3. Colour me excited for this. We know that Remedy tends to keep elements from earlier games around in later ones and this gives off a very Quantum Break vibe to me:
  4. Fresh from the exceedingly grim atmosphere portrayed in Vampyr, here's another interesting, though very dark, prospect.
  5. It looks like this is essentially Halo 6. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/our-journey-begins
  6. Champion Edition is out now: It's £25 and includes all characters released as of 14th February 2020 as well as the majority* of the game's cosmetic DLC. This version launches alongside returning Street Fighter IV boss character Seth. Launch Trailer: *Excludes the "Fighting Chance" costumes which can only be won with Fight Money and the Capcom Pro Tour DLC packs (four stages and a dozen costumes). ................... Original post: Street Fighter V! Exclusive to PS4 and PC with cross-platform play using Capcom Fighters Network IDs. Below is a google doc link of Rllmuk players and their IDs for the game (and other fighting games); please add your details and let's fight, like gentlemen! If you use the Capcom Fighters Network option on the main menu and Rival Search you can add players to your Favourites; their names and status will then appear as a list when you use the Battle Lounge's Invite option. Rllmuk Capcom Fighters Network IDs Notation guide for begginers The old announcement trailers:
  7. HOT NEWS: Don't have a clue what you're doing? Neither do we, but we found some links from some people who do! Check the hyperlinks in the resources section! We have a Discord for our Ship 2 alliance, courtesy of @Terria and @Willei! Join us for voice chat on PC, as well as discussion and alerts on Emergency quests! https://discord.gg/aX7F9Ka Hi! A group of us on RLLMUK play Phantasy Star Online 2, on Ship 2. You should play with us! So, what's Phantasy Star Online 2? It's the sequel to Phantasy Star Online, an Action RPG that came out on the Dreamcast based on the Phantasy Star series of RPGs that have been on Sega consoles for a long time. Since then, it's spawned a series of expansions and own games based on various times in the same world (Episodes 2-4), a sequel that has it's own series of games (Phantasy Star Universe/Portable), and spin-off games (Phantasy Star Nova, IDOLA and Phantasy Star Zero). Oh, hey, I played that on Dreamcast. Is it like that? Well, 20% Yes, 80% No. The best way I can describe it is that it has the same progression of sorts (beat up enemies, get cool stuff, lets you beat up harder enemies), but the gameplay itself is mostly a bigger departure than you'd expect - The game is much faster, requires a fair amount of skill at higher difficulties to avoid being killed in one hit, and has a fairly immersive combat system that feels more in line with Platinum Games products. So, it's a hard/unfair game? Nope! It's actually quite embarrassingly easy early on, with most of the challenge not being available until you hit a certain level in the game (Roughly level 50, when Super Hard difficulty is unlocked on all missions). As a fan of anime, I like how fucking massive all the eyes are in this videogame, but I don't like disgusting anime fans. Is there a solo mode so I can fuck them off into orbit? Yes and No. There's an extensive story mode and you can play, and you can set your party is it's just you. However, there's certain parts of levels that are classified as 'Multi-Party,' where the game automatically puts you in instances with multiple players.You'll also need these players for Raid-style fights (known as Emergency Quests) every couple of hours they're held, as they're the best possible source of gear and experience. Note that you CAN turn off in-game text chat, voice chat and Symbol Art. Which is recommended, as it's a completely unfiltered experience, and it's not going to take long until cartoon porn appears as a macro. Trust me, I've seen some shit on the Japanese server. So, how much do I need to pay? Nothing! It's based on a Free-To-Play model. ...Is it really free-to-play? Am I going to sell my left kidney to get guns from lootboxes? There's a LOT of lootboxes in this game, however they are mostly cosmetics and crafting boosters which are very much unnecessary. In addition, every piece of cosmetics in the game can be sold via the in-game shop terminals. If whales pick up something they don't want, you might find it on the shop to buy with in-game currency! There are big convenience items like the Premium Pass, however it should be noted that you will also obtain passes to an expanded personal quarters and hiring a shop to sell items that you would get from the Premium Pass via a lootbox mechanic called FUN Scratchcards. FUN is a currency that can be earnt in-game - and later on, can be bought in bulk with a resource called Excubes, which in turn can be farmed to infinity by 'recycling' unwanted 10-Star Rare Weapons - Which you will get TONS of when you hit level 75 onwards. Hang in until then! Is there any 'gotchas' I need to look out for if playing for free? Yes. - Make sure you're on the right Ship/Server before you create a character! Moving a character or creating a new one after your first three costs real money. - Understand your character and build before committing to passive skills! Rerolling or adding a skill tree costs real money. - Check what sort of Mag you need before you feed it! All builds use pure S-ATK, R-ATK, T-ATK or DEX Mags because dodging is your friend as opposed to defence in this game. More Mags cost real money, but you get multiple mags from multiple characters. Let's say I'm fucking rich. What should I spend my money on if I solely want to spunk it on this game if I like it? First off - Character slots. For about a fiver, you get a new character to level. There's multiple bonuses to this: - You get another 300 slots of storage per character you have. - You get a fresh level 0 Mag to make into one of the pure attack Mags I mentioned. as before, pure attack is best, because the game is based around dodging attacks than tanking them. - More money - Every level 60-plus character is able to earn about 2 million meseta every week from specific, basic tasks. After that, It's up to you. Choice purchases include Inventory and Storage upgrades (as they are permanent), Premium Set (in case you can't be bothered with spending FUN), and a la carte real money lootboxes, known as AC scratch (They tend to contain account-locked hairstyles and beauty accessories that you don't get with the 'premium' lootboxes that give out full outfits, meaning you can earn an astronomical amount of in-game money by selling them). So, what character should I play? Whatever the hell you want, if you're playing casually - Later on, when you're soloing extra hard content, Specific combinations of Main Class and Subclass will give you the best course of success, but outside of that you'll be fine with whatever. What is MOST important is figuring out WHAT you're supposed to do with a specific class - Take the time to go through the Training Missions at the quest counter to learn class mechanics, and see what you like most. It's going to be better to pick a role that you actually enjoy playing as, because everything can steamroll content with the right combination. Also note that you have free reign over changing classes - in fact, after you create your character based on one of six classes, you can go to the class counter and pick from a total of Nine classes. The only thing you are locked into is Race and Sex of your character, so choose wisely! Actual looks and body proportions can be changed, but it requires a Salon Pass - you'll get these as login bonuses throughout a month and as certain rewards. Okay, cool. How do I play this, anyway? The western version of the game is now out on X-Box, and PC (Via Steam, Microsoft Store, or PSO Tweaker) in 33 countries. If you can't see it, your country probably has some sort of law against gambling. Sorry, fam. Resources (WARNING: Spoilered content is potentially out of sync with NA Servers, due to differences in activities and rewards): Making the most of PSO2's F2P model, by RellCesev on Reddit If you're overwhelmed or lost, try reading this - by RellCesev on Reddit PSO2 Builds Compilation (Current NA Version - look into these builds when you have decided how you'd like to play the game!) PSO2 Builds Compilation (Current JP Version - warning, based on classes we don't have yet!) PSO2 Passive Skill Simulator Looking forward to hearing from everyone else playing - If it's popular enough, we can have a Team Room that looks like Pioneer 2 from the original PSO!
  8. Beta sign up soon - https://www.mortalshell.com/
  9. Official Site | Reddit | Steam | PS4 | XB1 Destructoid 8/10 GameSpot 10/10 (re-reviewed) IGN 8.5/10 (re-reviewed) PC Gamer 90% VideoGamer.com 8/10 Eurogamer Recommended Polygon Recommended *NEW* BEGINNER’S GUIDE FOR NEW PLAYERS ABOUT ACTION! TACTICS! SEASON PASS YEAR ONE! ALL MAPS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE FOR FREE! Officially the greatest next-gen online fps. JOIN US!
  10. --------------------
  11. Bleeders

    Titanfall 2

    Format: PS4 / XBox One / PC Release: 28th October 2016 Official Site: www.titanfall.com Player List: Google Docs Reviews PC System Requirements Post Release Impressions Start Here Videos
  12. Doomfist; Anniversary Event 23rd May - 12th June
  13. Epic store exclusive until it leaves early acces. I've been watching Vinnie from Giant Bomb play and it looks fun https://www.satisfactorygame.com/ Surprised we don't already have a thread.
  14. Bojangle

    Dark Souls 3

    Coming Spring 2016 to Playstation 4, Xbone and PC. It's apparently going to be the final Dark Souls game and it just looks like it may well be set in Lordran.
  15. Announced at vgas wtf ? Will get trailer and info up as it happens. EDIT- GIFJIZZ TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPJaJ5ys_G0
  16. It's that time again: This month's bundle includes: Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn WARSAW Treachery in Beatdown City Blazing Chrome Chroma Squad Details are at https://twitch.amazon.com/tp Install instructions:
  17. “The devs have taken the best of the deckbuilding and roguelike genres to craft an immensely deep, frustrating, and gratifying experience. Slay the Spire is a perfect example of “easy to learn, hard to master”.” 10/10 – goombastomp “Slay The Spire made me fall in love with deck-building” Rock Paper Shotgun “Slay the Spire is the Roguelike Card Game I Never Knew I Wanted” Waypoint ABOUT MEDIA I've seen this game pop up quite a lot recently and I can see why, I'm about 6 hours in and completely hooked! The only card game I've ever really given the light of day before this was Duelyst and while this is much easier to pick up and play it is by no means any more forgiving. Just now for example I was on an almost flawless run through Act 1 with some of the best items the game was kind enough bestow on me, only for me to get completely rekt halfway through the second act. I've only managed to defeat the second boss during one of the daily runs and it keeps destroying me on the standard quest mode, yet I keep coming back for more. Brutal but fun! So if you're up for a singleplayer card game with easy to understand mechanics that also features a terrific soundtrack then definitely give this a go. I know some of you already own this so I'm curious to learn what strategies you've been using!
  18. Forget next-gen, this has to be the trailer of the year. Oh, and it's a really good game too, if the first reviews are any indication. https://www.destructoid.com/review-huntdown-590605.phtml
  19. Graphics in the style of old Fleischer cartoons. Looks damn nice.
  20. It's that time again: This month's bundle includes: Dear Esther Kunai Turok 2: Seeds of Evil GRIP Dark Devotion Details are at https://twitch.amazon.com/tp Install instructions:
  21. Hello! Hollow Knight is a platformer on PC (now), Mac (soon) and Nintendo Switch (sometime this year) and it's utterly beautiful & I'm completely in love with it. Release Trailer: It's a mixture between a metroidvania and a Souls-like; you're exploring a non-linear map which is gated by abilities that your character picks up along the way, while also unlocking shortcuts and collecting & spending "Geos" (souls) which you drop when you die and have to corpse run to get them back or lose them forever. The combat seems tailored towards slow, methodical timed attacks & dodging thus far (I'm 2 hours in, so this might change). I'm finding it difficult but fair, although I'm generally rubbish at video games. Here's a video of me ineptly tackling a mini-boss which I think is a good demonstration of how it mixes the two genres (spoilers for about 3 hours into the game): Up the top-left of the screen are my Geos (the numbered icon) and my Spirit, which you can use to either heal (hold B) or fire a projectile (tap B). You gain Spirit by damaging enemies and Geos by killing them. It's £10.99 on Steam at the moment which is an absolute steal: http://store.steampowered.com/app/367520/ The soundtrack is also very very nice, and you can buy it on Steam or stream it on Spotify. The game was due to come out on the Wii U but it's been moved to the Switch instead and comes out later this year, the release date hasn't been confirmed yet. I'm really enjoying it, there's a great sense of exploration and the combat feels brilliant when you get your timing right. The art-style is beautiful and there's also loads of scenery to smash, which I approve of. You should play this game!
  22. Earlier this year Lucas Pope, the author of the fantastic dystopian document thriller 'Papers, Please', announced he was working on a new exploration/adventure kind of game set on an 1800s ship with a peculiar 1 bit Apple II rendering graphic style, but in realtime 3D. While the game is unlike Papers, Please in gameplay, setting and looks, it's clear that this is another highly creative and unusual game so I've been following its development with interest (there's an ongoing thread here, with Pope posting updates and responding to feedback: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=40832.0 ). There was some mention of this game earlier in the Steam thread, but this week a first playable, early build was released for Mac and PC, which can be downloaded here: http://dukope.itch.io/return-of-the-obra-dinn - so I thought it'd be time for this game to get its own thread. While it's still got a long way to go, I really like the setting, the premise and the graphical style. The gameplay gimmick also seems like something with potential. As I rate Papers, Please as one of the best games I've played in the last few years, I'm really looking forward to this. #GamerGate Disclosure: I do not know Lucas Pope or anybody of his family personally. I did not have sex with this person. I do not have any financial interests in the matter. I once gave Lucas Pope money, but that was because I bought Papers, Please.
  23. Dimahoo

    Assetto Corsa

    STOP THREAD COMING TO PS4 AND XBONE It bloody well could be. This will be the next simulator from the guys who bought you netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy... Its also moddable.. Indeed netKar and FVA are considered very decent sims but theres little in the way of pictures or track details so its more about putting it out there. Heres the first movie... And it doesn't say much most other games don't do. But one thing that will froth the racing heads is their first car sign up and for that i can show you a movie.. Excited? Well i can tell you the game will feature graphical details such as Full defered rendering with shadows, HDR, bloom and even words like AO which i'm not sure what they even mean and word on the net is this is THE sim to watch. And its due in 2012, although may likely go down the same Beta route both Rfactor and pCARS as gone.
  24. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    So Disco Elysium has finally got a release date. Isometric urban fantasy/new weird detective RPG. OCTOBER 15TH!!! Devs are saying it'll be 60+ hours of sprawling isometric role playing goodness. I won't lie to you, I'm pretty excited by this. There's been an absolute deluge of isometric RPGs these last few years but this one looks pretty original.
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