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Found 2 results

  1. This launched a few days ago on Steam Early Access, although it seems pretty well developed already, barring some of the item descriptions and a truck customization system still to come, along with new territories. It already has voice acting and the soundtrack is complete. Big differences between this and Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!! is that in this one you are running a food truck - this means rather than having waves of rush hour followed by slow periods, instead you do a ton of prep in between stops, with a few advance orders on the road. They've also completely removed chores (such as dishwashing and taking out rubbish) which makes for a much more fun game. They also have added a proper campaign mode, with a campaign map and location-based progression. Last big change is being able to flick the right stick to serve all your ready dishes at once, which is great. Here is the launch trailer: They have also been very open with the Early Access updates, here: If you liked the first two, this is brilliant. It'll be great on Switch in Summer too.
  2. I bought this yesterday and lost 5 hours to it, in short I think it's one of the best games released so far this year. What is Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!? In short, it's a restaurant sim, that actually plays more like an even more intense version of WarioWare, with the added pressure of juggling multiple mini-games / time based tasks at once, all the while keeping your restaurant clean, customers happy, and not messing up any orders. It's a particular kind of fun, but it's insanely addictive, and nothing else yet this year has given me the same level of zen-like concentration, intense pressure, and the feeling of immense reward when you get a perfect shift with no bad or average orders and get a gold star. Probably the best way to learn more is to watch one of these videos: And the duders at GiantBomb did a fantastic QuickLook that gives you a good insight into how the game works: The game is currently £9.99 on Steam, and at over 50 hours of campaign gameplay, why the hell haven't you bought it yet? Oh yeah, it also has 2 player co-op too, which is fantastic fun. Is anybody else absolutely addicted to this at the moemnt?
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