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  1. Really like the look of this. Out August 16th Looks stunning and enormously fun! I'm a sucker for games featuring ludicrous futuristic bloodsports though. I long for an xcom style tbt management game with a 1970s Rollerball style setting
  2. Well, even with the surging popularity of Persona and, in turn, Shin Megami Tensei, I didn't see this spin-off getting a sequel: I will say, I'm not sure I like the move to a near-Tokyo Mirage Sessions aesthetic; a distinct shift away from the original Soul Hackers' moody weird and grungy look. If they really wanted to update the look I'd have favoured something closer to Persona 3's aesthetic than the bubbly vibrancy on show here, but that's entirely a matter of preference.
  3. (Post from April 2019) So there was a post about this in the PS4 thread, but this is absolutely massive news so it definitely needs its own thread! Mark Cerny has talked to WIRED about Sony's next gen machine, leading to some fascinating details and discussion points. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ A few headlines: - Revolution not evolution. - Will have a solid state drive with bandwidth faster than any SSD in any current PC. - The SSD will transform how quickly data can be streamed and will improve load times massively from current titles. - The PS5 will support 8K. - Will also support current PSVR, a future version of which is heavily implied but not yet being revealed. - Supports ray tracing, which seems to be a big focus of new graphics and (intriguingly) audio. - Jump in audio quality will 'redefine what sound can do in a videogame'. Much bigger than the leap from PS3 to PS4, and is a focus of the machine. Hardware resources being thrown at audio. - Backwards compatible with PS4 software. - Not out this year (2019). SSD bit: UPDATE 08/10/19. Even more details revealed in another WIRED exclusive here: https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-playstation-5/ - Ray tracing hardware acceleration in GPU, not software based. - Controller has haptic feedback and ‘adaptive triggers‘ to enhance immersion way beyond rumble. - SSD could make load times similar to cartridge gaming. - Console officially called PlayStation 5 and will be released in Holiday 2020. (Discussion of new details starts on page 22.) UPDATE 12/06/20. PS5 revealed at Sony streamed event on 11 June. A whole bunch of games announced, including: - Spider-Man Miles Morales, seemingly a standalone semi-sequel to Insomniac’s Spider-Man, in the vein of Uncharted Lost Legacy. Out in holiday 2020 - Horizon: Zero West, very pretty sequel to HZD. No release date yet. - Gran Turismo 7, no release date yet - Resident Evil VIII (VIIIage), released in 2021 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Astro Bot Playroom, pre-loaded onto every PlayStation 5 as a fun game and introduction to the system. (Also should serve to get more people into the series so that Astro Bot 2 blows even more tits off when it’s released on PSVR2 launch day, right?) - Deathloop, cool-looking FPS from Arkane. Also, the PS5 itself was shown for the first time. It’s massive, and bears more than a passing resemblance to a Netgear router. Estimated size comparison to other consoles: The event received a mixed reception. I personally liked it a lot. Update 16/09/20 after PS5 Showcase info: PS5 launch date in UK: 19/11/20 PlayStation 5 (with disc drive) launch price: £449.99 PlayStation 5 digital edition (no disc drive) launch price: £359.99 Controversially, some launch software has been priced at £69.99. Launch games Demon's Souls: £69.99 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Ultimate Edition): £69.99. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Standard Edition): £51.99. Sackboy A Big Adventure: £59.99 Astro Bot Playroom (free, pre-loaded onto console) Ouch! But... [b]PlayStation Plus free games[/b] November/December 2020: Bugsnax (PS5 version only) January/February 2021: Destruction AllStars Accessories: DualSense wireless controller: £59.99. Pulse 3D wireless headset costs £89.99. PS5 HD camera: £49.99 Media remote: £24.99. DualSense charging station (charges two DualSense wireless controllers): £24.99. Our US cousins get the PS5 a week earlier on 12/11/20. UPDATE 07/10/20: Here's a teardown video of the new hardware. UPDATE 06/11/20: New setup videos for PS5. UPDATE 09/11/20: Ultimate FAQ from the PlayStation blog here: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/11/09/ps5-the-ultimate-faq/ UPDATE 11/11/20: List of PS4 games with their backwards compatibility status on PS5. Everybody’s Golf may have issues! https://andshrew.github.io/supreme-enigma/ You can download your PS5 firmware here if you want to, or if your console has a problem!: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/hardware/ps5/system-software/ Hardware Support https://hardware.support.playstation.com/en_GB#/
  4. About time the PS5's most promising game gets its own thread. So what is Returnal? If you'd throw Housemarqe's arcade heritage, roguelikes, Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat, Bloodborne and a pinch of P.T. in a blender, you'd get Returnal. For an overview: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/returnal/ Reveal trailer: Then there is this Game Awards trailer: And there is my favourite trailer, the recently released gameplay trailer that is an onslaught of particles, neon coloured bullets, massive tentacled creatures, sci-fi mystery and cool music. Watch in 4K and with good sound: More info on the PS Blog: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/12/10/returnal-launches-on-ps5-march-19-2021/ I have high hopes for this and that's also based on things I can't talk about.
  5. New scrolling brawler by the guys that brought you Xeno Crisis and Battle Axe. With a soundtrack by Utah Saints! Looking like a mash up of Double dragon, Streets of rage and Final fight. So ready for another scrolling fighter.
  6. https://p-ch.jp/remaster/portal/ Holy shit. PC! I can throw out these other consoles at last! (provided the required specs are okay, and the ports are decent) Would have loved the P2s as well but they're not the easiest things to get on with. P5R will be the first one to be released, on October 21. The remaster portal also has some fine print about distribution: P3P and P4G will be digital downloads only; P5R will be a digital download for Xbox and PC, so presumably it will be available as a physical release on PS5 and Switch. Furthermore, there are no plans for any kind of free PS4->PS5 upgrade if you already have Royal on PS4. My immediate reaction on Twitter: More details when I have time, or something Original game threads: P3 | P4(G) | P5
  7. Capcom a few months ago announced Exoprimal. Dinosaurs are falling from the sky and only you can save humanity or something. From the brief video below it looks a bit like EDF but with dinosaurs. Looks promising. Due out next year.
  8. simms


    As a massive martial art movie fan I'm quite interested to see how this turns out.
  9. It's the Official GTA:V thread! GTA:V RLLMUK crew - 360 GTA:V RLLMUK crew - PS3 News: New info leaked by ex-Rockstar employee? (pinch of salt needed) First Official trailer First Official trailer coming 2nd November Leaked GTA:V shots? Casting call for GTA:V? GTA:V web domains unearthed GTA:V release date thoughts GTA Online articles: CVG preview CVG interview with Leslie Benzies, R* North president Gamespot preview Gamespot interview with Les Benzies Official GTA:V Trailer GTA: Online Gameplay Trailer First GTA:V Official Gameplay Trailer Trailer #2 Trailer #1
  10. i wonder what the ps5 is doing in standby that causes it to be 3 times slower. Cold boot times are comparable though. Are we going to see the superior ps5 SSD throughout only on certain scenarios? Or maybe it’s an OS optimization they can make further down the line like Nintendo did for Wii U? Edit: I didn’t start this thread. this is a post pulled out of another thread
  11. https://balanwonderworld.square-enix-games.com/en-gb/main/ This video includes their introduction with English subtitles, as well as the trailer: Edit: Here's the longer version, from the official site And the trailer alone: Looks like a very traditional platformer, with character design that fortunately looks a lot more NiGHTS than Blinx. In particular, those bosses look extremely NiGHTS-y - not just their character designs, but also their attacks (spike balls and flames) remind me of some of the hazards in that game's final boss fight. And that voiceover is earnestly cheesy in exactly the same way as the narration in Christmas NiGHTS... "Cephalopainter" - is that a Splatoon reference? And a few seconds later at 1:10 there's a familiar-looking blue runner! Did I mention that it's all very reminiscent of the 1996 Sega Saturn game NiGHTS Into Dreams?
  12. Kickstarter campaign set to launch on July 27. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/07/suikoden-creators-announce-rpg-eiyuden-chronicle-hundred-heroes-for-ps5-xbox-series-x-switch-and-pc
  13. A lot there very reminiscent of FF14, the medieval artstyle, mentions of the Mothercrystal, calling summons Eikons, and so on that I thought it was related or another MMO for a minute. No release date though, there's typically been a really long time between reveal and release for FF, with none coming in at under uh, four years, so let's hope this thread isn't still going in 2024.
  14. Pre-install available now.
  15. Well, next to nothing is known thus far about Suda51's recently announced new game, except that it looks to be full of a bit of the old ultraviolence, and that it's being released exclusively on Sony's new console somewhere in 2015. In the year 2026 AD, a large tectonic disturbance occurred causing mass destruction around the world. South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean and became an island covered by a deep fog. Continuous seismic activity then caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean through the island creating a tower-like structure that pierces the clouds. Many mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower… Players fight through a treacherous tower obtaining various types of weapons and armor while finding creatures and mushrooms to eat in order to stay alive. Upon death, a player’s “death data” is then circulated among other player’s games where they will appear as formidable opponents. The sharing of “death data” is one of the various asynchronous multiplayer elements that can be found in the game. Let It Die is a free-to-play hack and slash action video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture. It was developed for the PlayStation 4, along with a companion app for the game to be playable on smartphones. E3 2014 teaser trailer: First trailer: Launch trailer: First images: Killing and maiming in your underwear ftw? Well, that's my PS4 ordered then... >> Official website.
  16. Coming to everything except Xbox (making me think it might be a future Game Pass addition or something of the sort).
  17. After strange disappearances hit Tokyo’s population, it’s up to you to uncover the source and purge the city of a strange, new evil. Armed with your own mysterious abilities, you will face down the occult, unravel conspiracy theories and experience urban legends like never before. Don’t fear the unknown. Attack it. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure video game played from a first-person perspective. The player can use various psychic and paranormal abilities to defeat the ghosts and spirits haunting Tokyo. Combat director Shinichiro Hara described the combat as "karate meets magic", as the player character utilizes hand movements inspired by Kuji-kiri hand gestures to cast spells. When an enemy loses most of their health, its core is exposed and the player can use takedown moves to destroy it, killing the spirit. GhostWire: Tokyo is the newest title by Tango Gameworks, the developer behind The Evil Within. The game was first revealed during Bethesda’s 2019 E3 press conference. Tango Gameworks is known for its work in the horror game genre and while this game definitely seems to have some spooky vibes, Tango notes that this is more of an action-adventure game. Official reveal trailer: Latest trailer: Announced exclusively for PS5 for March 2022.
  18. SM47

    Disco Elysium

    So Disco Elysium has finally got a release date. Isometric urban fantasy/new weird detective RPG. OCTOBER 15TH!!! Devs are saying it'll be 60+ hours of sprawling isometric role playing goodness. I won't lie to you, I'm pretty excited by this. There's been an absolute deluge of isometric RPGs these last few years but this one looks pretty original.
  19. Just announced on the DC Fandome event: Edit: Youtube versions:
  20. Probably not a good sign there's no thread Tried this at lunch time - atmospheric and pretty. The city is fun-ish to run around eating humans without being seen, but in the end seemed to end up with in 1v1 shoot outs where you jumped about wildly spraying bullets like another well known Battle Royale. The powers didn't seem to come into it. Early days but not sure it'll breakout.
  21. Thought I'd start a dedicated thread for this because it's really rather good, although you do have to slog through around an hour of tedium before it starts being so. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this but with Demon's Souls being my main PS5 launch game, I wanted something lighter I could switch to when I inevitably got frustrated or hit a wall in Souls. I didn't really expect to find myself having to tear myself away from this in order to carry on making progress in Souls though. There's no creation aspect at all, it's just a straightforward platformer in the Mario 3D World vein although there are LBP staples like collectable costumes and point bubbles and so on. And the first hour or so is really bloody boring, especially coming off Astrobot. Sackboy's running speed is a bit slow (my one persistent complaint) and the early levels are these big, wide, easy sprawling things that feel like they take a lifetime to get through and are designed for really young kids. After about 5 levels I had buyer's remorse. And then it hits you with a level timed to a pop song (won't spoil which one) a la Rayman Legends and I sat up and took a bit of notice. So I persevered and suddenly I was having a bloody good time. The levels get tighter and more difficult and adhere to the general Nintendo platforming principle of one new gimmick per stage. They do get reused occasionally but for the most part each stage feels distinct and often surprising. One of the last stages I did I swear was a Futurama tribute where you jump between and grab onto space vehicles to avoid lasers while aliens pop out of the background and music that perpetually sounds like it's about to burst into the Futurama theme song but never quite does blue balls you in the background. It's a surprisingly good time and also seems pretty long for a game of this type, even though I still wish Sackboy ran about 50% faster than he does. He doesn't have that floaty jump though, so that's something. Worth checking out even if you didn't like the original LBP games or want some more platforming goodness to follow up Astrobot. Just make sure you prepare yourself for a very slow start.
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