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  1. Jaguar XJ220 on the Amiga had an amazing demo. When the game came out the full product was way less fun and I'm not sure why. Does anyone else remember the "The One" magazine had a dual format ST/Amiga cover disk with Gazza's Superstar Soccer on? It showed a loading screen , then a voice went "Free kick!". Followed by "come on ref". Followed by "Bloody Clem's!". And that's all it did. Watched it loads of time trying to work out that last line.
  2. What a strange game. There's little I can say that hasn't been said earlier but as an arcade racing fan whose still waiting for the Sega 90s Compilation the world desperately deserves, this game should be right up my street. But... I really like the rally car levels. They're fast, smooth, lots of sliding and bouncy suspension. You can tell this is from the team that did Sega Rally Revo. But there's too many cars on the track. You just push through them until you get to the front. Lots of time is spent with the boot of the car in front filling the screen. It's just... Annoying. Then there's the courses. So twisty and turny and long. Think of Ridge Racer, Sega Rally. Outrun 2, Burnout 2, they have course designs that are memorable. Each lap takes a minute or two. Some of these courses twist and turn and twist again for ages. But the main gripe; it's the choice of vehicles. Who wants to drive those stupid model cars that only turn left? The massive monster trucks? The vehicles where the tyres look like cogs? You end up driving over the pack of vehicles in front. It's mad. You drive over them, they drive over you. The pack stays in front , blocking the way until you barge through. They just seem to have chosen a selection of really shit unusual vehicles. The rally cars are great but the rest? Not for me. It's a shame because there's an outstanding, amazing Arcade Rally Game here. The rally car levels are great, and if they could fix the AI and drop the number of cars to 6 you'd have a perfect Racer. Actually, thinking about it, you'd have Sega Rally Revo. That's the problem. I'm buying arcade racers in 2021 and if they aren't like the games I used to love, I get disappointed. I just like Sega Rally. The mention of a new arcade racer gets me all excited because I secretly hope it's going to be more of what Sega was doing 25 years ago.
  3. The Back to the Future one is ruined by the Hyper fast editing and voice over. Just tell us the story, we don't need an out of context clip after every sentence! (Cuts to Marty saying "this is heavy")
  4. Las Vegas is well modelled, and you can start at KLAS (McCarran Airport), head straight and turn right when you see the hotels. It's a strange feeling to be flying over a photo realistic Strip in 2021, as I used to do this in Flight Sim 2004. At that time it seemed impressive the hotels and resorts were modelled into the game at all. But the comparison leads me to notice that for all the technical achievement this new version represents, in 2004 the Bellagio fountains were animated and in 2021 it's just a still lake!
  5. £4 Xbox and £6 PS4 at Cex.
  6. It reminded me of Orbiter 9 (Netflix) in that "for the greater good" way.
  7. Fucking massive spoiler within.
  8. I live a short walk from the cinema, it's £4.99 and you can get two people in with a Meerkat for that price. But if you'd need a babysitter, a taxi, and tickets are £12, I'd probably wait for it to appear elsewhere.
  9. Absolutely this. And that's the issue as this was written for the screen by Shymalan but the story is from a graphic novel so he's not really contributed much here. It's like he read the graphic novel and said "that's the sort of thing I do" and made it into a film.
  10. Enjoyed that, but expectations were low. It's basically the trailer with an ending. The ending elevated it from a 4/10 in my head and took it to a 6/10. It's very Shymalan, and the story is enough because the script, acting and filmaking is atrocious. If you saw this on The Horror Channel on a weeknight and knew nothing in advance, you'd say "that was pretty good for The Horror Channel on a weeknight." However, TimeTrap on Netflix is the same sort of thing but much better. 'Old' has time passing normally whilst people age at an accelerated rate. TimeTrap does it the other way around and was my film of the year in 2018 so definitely check that one out.
  11. I'm in a completely empty cinema and will post a review after.
  12. Anyone seen this yet? Worth a watch?
  13. I never realised there was a third series of Count Arthur Strong. Steve Delaney spent his whole life working on that character and I believe 'The Day the Clocks Went Back' and 'Arthur the Hat' to be two of the funniest half hours of TV ever written. I've not been a fan of his other stuff, it all seemed a bit one-joke, but taking Delaney's character and giving him a co-writer, toning down certain elements and writing a sit-com around him was a masterstroke. Every episode is brilliant and I can't recommend it enough.
  14. The Jackass movies on Netflix have audio description soundtracks for those with sight impairments. It's quite surreal and hilarious watching them that way - try it. "Bam punches Johnny Knoxville in the face".
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