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  1. @kittygotwet all the online walkthroughs have the QTE's listed.
  2. I am going to wait for this to drop in price, if you can complete it in an hour they can fuck off asking for £50.
  3. I think Sol is right that having Outrun without Ferraris dilutes things.... A little. But for me, the industry faces a choice - use licenced cars and face a future where the licence expires and the game disappears, or don't use a licence and have a game that lives forever. In a world where the new Xbox is backward compatible and future compatible with any new xbox model, not having real cars is a small price to pay.
  4. Yeah but it didn't work for me. I took screengrabs of all your posts. Maybe it is my lack of skillz but I seem to be the polar opposite of you. Your tips were about doing the tank challenges , ring races and traffic attacks for easy stars, and not trying to get an S class on the races. I have got a few S classes on the races and the earlier ring races but when I try the tanks, the drift challenges etc it all seems too hard. The time limits are so tight. I have to do 17 traffic attack waves and i get through about 4, and the blue cars seem unavoidable if you move at any sort of high speed. I need someone to tell me to use that specific character with that specific mod on that specific race/challenge., And why am I sooo bad when I feel like Im doing it all really well? Like I watch youtube videos of people completing the challenges and they scrape by and win. I do it and i lose. Over and over for 10 years. My main difficulty is that the game seems to cheat. Like you can be in 9th place and you get shot in the back by three different weapons within seconds of each other. Or you get to the front and then utter chaos seems to break out behind you. This afternoon I did a race in first place for the whole course, the crowd were chanting "sonic!" And then on the last corner i got overtaken by a clump of cars and in the last single second of the race I went from 1st to 5th, and now my controller is in the garden.
  5. Or even Outrun 2 generic red car edition, just to get it back out there.
  6. See the poll above. I'm pre-empting the answer here, but surely no-one's actually hankering for an Outrun 3 in 2020 because it has Ferrari cars in it? Yet it seems this is the only reason that there's not an Outrun 3 in development. There's definitely a demand for it. If they announced Outrun 3 tomorrow, a proper Sega licenced arcade racer, but it had generic cars, not Ferraris, you'd still buy it, right? SO what's stopping them from making it?
  7. dumpster

    Split Second

    I agree about the colours - it definitely is a product of its time. However, the thing with Split Second, as with Ridge Racer etc is that you go fast, you get a real impression of speed, but you can always see where you are going and you can usually react to what is going on around you. This sounds like a basic, but it's amazing how many arcade racers put super speed above everything else. The height of the player camera and the speed (even using the in-car view) is exactly right, and when that airplane crashes down in front of you (no spoilers as this is so near the start), you have the pandemonium, the explosions, the crazy madness of it all, and yet you can still steer under the wing and then around the bouncing tyres etc. It's just great fun to play, exactly as an arcade racer should be. What definitely stands out for me is the Disney logo as it loads. You just see it and think, this is going to suck. Disney is kids stuff, princesses and all that. The idea of such a great game coming from Disney seems absurd (I appreciate they are only the publishers, but you know what I mean). But then, Disney did Pure as well, another arcadey, overlooked belter. Why can't they make arcade racers anymore? What is wrong with people?
  8. dumpster

    Split Second

    Yep, this is a fantastic game. Missed owning it when i got rid of the Ps3, but it was on Xbox One for something like £2.99, and it's a belter. Hours lost to this game. And weirdly, I wasn't too keen at first, but the exploding airport level hooked me.
  9. There is a Daytona car that turns into a Dreamcast controller but it is so difficult that only three people have ever seen them. Despite that , still the best game ever.
  10. A week into lockdown and 2 extra stars achieved. I now have 156, and need 165 to get the Daytona car. It really is a grind though. Watching speedruns, copying them exactly but still not winning.
  11. I just watched the last episode of better call Saul again. In that last scene with Kim and Jimmy, you just have to listen to the way that Kim controls her voice as she mentally contemplates the future of this relationship with Jimmy. What an acting performance. The wobble in her voice is absolutely perfect and controlled on every word.
  12. Kim is so troubled. If breaking bad was showing the transformation from Mr chips to Scarface, Better Call Saul is ostensibly the transformation of Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman. But what we're seeing is the transformation of Kim. She's a professional lawyer and highly respected with a great reputation. But her love for Jimmy and the thrill of the con is transforming her. She is conflicted. She loves Jimmy, hates Saul, but cannot deny that's all is the best lawyer she's ever seen, as he achieves results way in advance of anything that HHM or Davis and Maine. She hates the way he went about it but loves that he just got exactly what he wanted and beat Kevin, a man that she works for but ultimately hates. Jimmy is using underhand tactics to score big wins for the little guy, whilst Kim uses legitimate professional methods to screw over the little guy on the behalf of the corporations and she's not happy doing this. Ultimately we are seeing Kim transform but where Walter and Jimmy's paths were straight from citizen to criminal we have no idea where Kim is going to end up. This is the greatest thing on TV.
  13. Sega Super Chess! (my uncle works at sega it's true) Sega Super Chess brings together the whole cast of Sega Characters as they go head to head in one of history's most demanding of games. Take control of Ryo's Bishop as he moves it from square to square with his forklift! Crack open Billy Hatcher's Giant Egg to get new chess pieces unavailable in the original board game. Hear phrases like "Knights Pawn to Queens Bishop two" in the same voice that says "Easy left!" in Sega Rally. Marvel at how Sonic comes along and ruins it all with his wisecracks. Day one.
  14. If Kim ends up dead, I will cry for a year
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