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  1. dumpster

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    So it seems he's on the forum.....
  2. dumpster

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Two absolutely spot on points there. When I was a store manager, I was followed home once by a guy. Because I worked hard in the shop and was nice to everyone, this guy thought I was his friend and there were so many people like that ( as well as some nice people as well, don't get me wrong), but this guy used to come in at 5.25pm every now and then, seemingly thinking that we would let him stay in after hours and not kick him out 5 minutes later. Then one time, he waited outside. I cashed up the tills slowly and when I thought he had gone, I got out of there. As I left, he walked out of the McDonalds opposite like it was pure coincidence and made small talk as I walked to the bus station. To cut a long story short, the guy chatted to me as I walked to the bus stop, chatted as I waited, got on the same fucking bus, and finally got off the bus at the same stop as me, at which point all niceness was dropped as I blurted out, "Where the fuck are you going?" and he said, "Er... Blockbuster Video" and RAN in that direction, despite Blockbuster being about 2 miles away. It did freak me out, especially as I'd deliberately got off a couple of stops earlier just to confirm if I was being followed or not. But there were many examples of people coming in to the shop just to hang about and make chit chat, which I didn't mind, but it goes a bit far when they start inviting you round. The second point is the main thing I hated about the kinds of people you'd find working in Game. I hired people who knew sales and I taught good sales techniques. I figured that the hardcore gamer knows everything already, knows what they want and doesn't need a conversation about it. I needed to hire people who could talk to your mum and reassure her that the Fifa she was buying was the right one. But there were loads of staff in the branches that thought their job was to inform and educate and that still goes on. I was in Game a few weeks ago and a guy sidled over and asked if I needed any help. I asked if they had Namco Museum for the Switch. He told me they didn't ave it, told me why they didnt have it, explained issues with distribution, explained the same issue affected one of the Resident Evil games on the PS4, told me all about how he was into online gaming and then said, "Have you tried Amazon?" To which I wanted to reply "No, is that a shop in town, I'm not tried there" because who the fuck needs to be told "Have you tried Amazon". A Simple, "no, it's out of stock" would have been enough. It's like the example I said earlier - the guy who had decided in his own mind that the Playstation was unrealiable and the Saturn was better, so therefore he would do the right thing by the customer and make sure they were aware. The better customer service, in his mind, sets the store apart from the competition. In reality, good customer service is taking the customer's bloody money when they try to give it to you, and if the Playstation breaks next year replace it with no fuss and a nice smile. When I employ staff I want them to work in MY shop, and I don't want people doing the opposite as if it was their shop. If you're a vegan and you choose to work at McDonalds, you have to recommend the burgers!
  3. dumpster

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    It refers to him being called a twit by the boss at Cex. It comes across to me that he worked there in some capacity. Instead of being a team member and carrying out the vision of the company bosses he pulled in a different direction (if the article is anything to go by he wants the staff to act like internet celebrities) and ended up in an office being bawled out and fired because of it. I've been there when I worked at Game. I was in a group interview for a senior role, and there was one guy who explained proudly how he would actively persuade anyone who came in to buy a PlayStation to get a Saturn instead. He thought this was great customer service because there were reliability issues with the PS1 at the time (the era when you had to turn them upside down to stop the CDs skipping). He didn't understand that he had customers with money in their pockets, walking in to hand it over and being talked out of it. His reasons were right in his own mind, but it explained why his store was doing so badly and even when this was explained to him he didn't see it, and I think he was fired shortly after. The prankster guy seems to have 100% belief in the article he's written but it comes across like he's unhinged, bitter and angry because he got fired from CEX. But just reading that article alone makes me believe he'd be a nightmare to manage. If he knows everything that CEX do wrong, he should open his own store. If he doesn't, and he works for CEX he should do what they tell him to do and stop whining. No wonder he ended up being called a twit. Imagine how bitter he'd be if they called him a cunt! Of course, I know nothing about anything here, he might be a retail genius, a lovely guy and CEX missed a trick not realising what they had. Who knows.
  4. dumpster

    Time Trap (edit: on Sky Cinema Premier!)

    The big eye roll for me was when
  5. Does the disk version come with the free game Dangerzone 2 on the disk, or is it a download code please?
  6. dumpster

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I only just got that!
  7. dumpster

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    There's a confused morality to this. Antstream is legal and allows you to play retro games. This should be enough for people to want to buy in. The problem is there is an illegal alternative which is easy, free, well established, and everyone does it. However, that equates to, for example, criticising Netflix for not having the choice of the Pirate Bay. It's a nonsensical argument obviously, but the legal point is muddied by so many issues: Many of the developers of these original games are happy to see them distributed for free on the internet and they don't want their games on services like this. They have no control of this because they no longer own the IPs. You think the coders and musicians and artists have an opportunity to monetise their work again, but they can't. The people earning the money are often CEOs of companies that just happen to own the IP through company acquisitions and probably have never heard of these games, and possibly are unsure if they even own the rights to them or not. The Antstream service is possibly using open-source emulators that were created by fans and distributed on the internet to be free. That would mean (if true) they are capitalising on all the hard work done by other people, without contributing back. Streaming arcade action, fast reaction games is going to introduce lag that makes them unplayable. Retro games often have tiny file sizes. You can fit every Snes, MD, GBA, Atari, Speccy, C64, Amstrad, Coleco, Vectrex, Virtual Boy, Amiga game ever made on a 32Gb SD card. Streaming them seems an incredibly inefficient way of delivering them. Emulation is already available on all devices. What problem is this new product actually solving? The thing is, even taking all this stuff into account, you're left with the horrible truth that downloading games from the internet that you don't own is probably copyright infringing. Antstream is a legal service, and this should be the end of the comparison. One's probably illegal and the other isn't. It's just weird that the real selling point of this boils down to "all the right people will be getting paid" and when you look at it for a minute you see that these people are legally the right people, but morally they may not be. You could paraphrase that by saying "I'm going to stop emulating the games by the Pickford Brothers, and use Antstream, so the multi-millionaire Ian Livingstone can earn the money he rightfully deserves".
  8. dumpster

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    That video has three times as many dislikes to likes. 'YouTube influencer' is such a loaded, untrustworthy thing. Its so nakedly brazen and doesn't disguise the true nature of the role. I mean, where do these people come from and how do they start? If you like Davina McCall on Big Brother and Million Pound Drop then you may choose, if you want to, to accept her endorsement of Loreal products when she advertises them. But YouTube influencers just seem to start out flogging other peoples products and that's all they do. Why would anyone follow a YouTube influencer and give any credence to their obviously paid-for opinions?
  9. Or maybe it is that you have 2 incompatible USB hard drives? Unlikely but you never know. Have you been rude to a fortune teller recently? It's the only explanation!
  10. Don;t use Devolution or Dios Mios. They are completely out of date now and have restrictions (you might find games no longer work from disk now). Devolution and Dios are overwriting your Custom IOS. My advice is, do a firmware update from Nintendo (connect the Wii to the net and follow the prompts) and start from the beginning with your new hard drive.
  11. dumpster

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    That's the thing that confuses me as well. If it's a retrogame service then it's going to get a niche audience, and I'd assume it would have a cheap monthly subscription. If it has all sorts of games then it's basically Google Stadia, and Antstream must have some incredible tech to be thinking they can compete. I'm all for supporting local business, but you'd be crazy to be making a service that is just the same as Google, because you'll be compared to Google at every step of the way and surely Google has more money, more resources and will ultimately make a better product. I can't imagine many people want to pay £7 a month to play Everyone's a Wally, a game that cost £5.99 to own 30 years ago. But also, I can't imagine anyone paying that when there's a better product out there in the form of Google's offering. I'd expect a retro game service for a couple of quid a month would be a nice thing, but the costs incurred running a streaming service would surely mean it wouldn't be feasible. The best solution would be to have a retroarch style front end that downloads the games in full as long as you are a subscriber. The running costs would be a fraction of the price, the games would download instantly and it would be a Spotify style solution for those people who don't want to trawl pop-up filled rom sites. But the streaming service seems to be a combination of conflicting ideas and doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you stream video of a 48k spectrum game unless the goal is to add modern high end games to the service? And if you do that, surely you're just doing what Google is going to do better? I'm out.
  12. dumpster

    The first one is still the best one

    I spent some time on GameCube Burnout 2 yesterday on account that my Xbox is in the garage and I had forgotten that my savegame file was on that, so I had to start over on the GameCube version. Bloody hell , its a cracker. Never fails. Even after all these years, it truly is brilliant. Now, I know this thread is ’the first was the best' but I think Burnout teaches us about how less can be more. In fact, the new Dangerous Driving game looks like it's right up my street but all the reviews are saying that it's a return to what makes Burnout 3 so good and this is the main driver to me losing interest. I will pick up DD at some point, but the reviews constant comparisons to B3 put me off because the pinaccle of the series is Burnout 2. What the developers did was create a really great arcade racer called Burnout then refined it to the point of absolute perfection and called it Burnout 2. From there, new additions were brought into the mix, including the oft celebrated Takedown, the 'real' music, the DJ, and the lens flare. The speed increased to breaking point. Burnout 3 was a pretty good game , but as a sequel to the best racer ever made it suffered from the comparison. Lens flare can look great but if you can't see where you are going, it can piss right off, and I notice people have been critical of the lens flare in Dangerous Driving too. Why do they do it? I want to see where I am going and react to the obstacles, is that too much to ask for? If there are shoot-em-ups, collect em-ups and explore-em-ups, arcade driving games are avoid-em-ups. You drive a fast car and with practice you drive that bit faster than everyone else can. You overtake the other racers and avoid hitting the traffic. When the car goes fast it's exciting, when you go really fast (Burnout!) You hang on by the skin of your teeth. And when you consider the variety of courses, from the twisty alpine courses to the wide open country stages, the hectic airport and busy city, you can see how all the new additions to the later games in the series (and there were a lot of Burnout games) actually detracted from the racing experience. I don't want to takedown the other cars, it's a road race , not a stock car race. Why would I want to have the camera switch to another car to watch it crash? I'm driving my own car and the experience is intense already thanks, so stop breaking me out of that experience. Also, there's no way you can have the refined track design and memorable tracks when the game goes open world and you get to choose a route. And when the games get faster, you loose the "aaargh!" factor as you scream around the corner, sliding between a truck and a hard place , retaining full control if you can keep your composure. So yeah, its not the first in the series, but Burnout 2 might as well be a patch for Burnout one. It takes a good game and tweaks it all to perfection and none of the other games retained that magic. Everything that later games in the series brought in seemed to be to the detriment of the purity and even today no racing game has bettered Burnout 2.
  13. But... Its already been decided earlier in the thread that this is an indie game and price doesn't come into it! Whether its £10 or £60, it's an indie game and flaws are allowed! #smileyface
  14. dumpster

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    So is that what Antstream are doing? Paying royalties to people who *might* own the royalties? That's great news because I think I *might* own the rights to Star Wars. I have no paperwork to back this up, but I'll accept cheques on the off chance. Wonder who Antstream is paying these royalties to? Its intriguing isn't it! Also , inspired by this conversation I started playing Amaurote last night, it's great. Never had a clue how to play it as a kid. Enjoyed it a lot.
  15. So many people have modded their Wii's with this guide, and then @Hanzo the Razor comes along and has every possible problem along the way. I feel for you, I really do. I posted a question on another forum to help, and the only consistent answer is to try and stick to USB 2 hard drives for maximum compatibility and use 2TB or lower (I'm using 320Gb which has been ample). The hard drive spinning down is an issue with some USB 3 drives. Even so, those drives spin down if they are not accessed for like, 10 minutes, so it doesn't sound like that's the issue you are having. I just reread the OP and it does say to use a hard drive with a single USB cable, I'd forgotten about that. I assumed that was so you could use the other USB on the Wii for a keyboard, but maybe the drive needs to be a single USB for power reasons?

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