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  1. There's an irony there, what with having modded pretty much every console I've owned! I had factory reset the switch and removed all mods, if I'd have known you could back up the saves I'd never have done that!
  2. Thing is, if they said "you'll have to pay to repair it and all your saves will have gone" I'd have said no, stuck all the games on eBay and written off owning a Switch as a bad decision. But instead I've got a console back that I've paid for and is pretty much useless to me because there's no way I can get back to where I was in all those massive games without weeks of effort. At least I can flog this console while they still have second hand value. As an unpatched console I think I can get back pretty much what it cost me. But in the era of AAA games that you can play for months, why is th
  3. Nintendo kindly returned my console to me, 3 weeks later, factory reset with all save game files missing. This is ridiculous in 2020. You can't make your save games default to the SD card and there's no way to save them anywhere other than the console. And even if you could, it doesn't matter because the repaired console sees the SD card was "used on a different console" and won't allow you to use it unless you format it. And you need to pay for the online service to use the cloud. So if your console breaks, (and it's a handheld with a big screen so it's more likely to get damaged than most
  4. Games that defined this generation... Has to be The Last of Us 2. I played the original and enjoyed it. I watched the reveal trailer in 2017 and it looked good. The hype built and built and I followed it via the rllmuk thread, more preview videos and started to understand that this game wasn't necessarily the game I wanted. After reading pages of thread comments announcing that Amazon have despatched, someone got it a day early, Argos have got it and the excitement went through the roof. Then, spooler alert, there was discussion of character development, guitar playing, rope animations, it
  5. Go into the TC5 directory, then into the binaries directory, then win64 then click TimeCrisisGame-Win64-Shipping.exe
  6. Yes, Def stick with it, it's a really brilliant game. (And yes, TLOU isn't worth the praise it gets, I agree totally).
  7. Personal preference and all but I think Galaxy is one of the best games ever made. I found Galaxy 2 too difficult, but the original is so good. Yes there's a slow opening but it's nothing (in a world where people say The Last of Us gets good after the first 4 hours). Loving revisiting Mario 64, and not seen any of the issues people have described regarding frame pacing or 4:3 display, and the Oled screen really shows off the colours.
  8. I'm signing up for Amazon Prime right now just for The Diana Clone.
  9. And confidential mission. Would love to play that with a gun, or even a wiimote.
  10. I posted in another thread about this, but what I've lost this generation is the FOMO. I used to have the fear of missing out, to the point where I bought a Switch with Zelda despite not liking Zelda. I've bought consoles at launch most of the time and got into games on other people's recommendations that I knew were not my cup of tea but I ploughed through them anyway because I didn't want to miss out. The first game I wanted to buy but happened not to was RDR2. I just never got around to picking it up for no real reason but then it eventually appeared on Gamepass. I gave it two sessions, w
  11. Looks great. There's a link in the video description also.
  12. Thanks to a great spot by @Goose in the Teknoparrot thread, I've spent an evening playing Time Crisis 5, the proper arcade version on my 12 year old PC. I'm fascinated by what's going on there. Arcade machines were always at the forefront of technology, and I'm really surprised to see that, behind the massive screens, the flashing lights and elaborate cabinets, the 2015 game is running on PC hardware and uses Unreal Engine! What's weird is that this doesn't even need an emulator. The team that made this bundled it all up as a stand alone product, with the game and emulator all a
  13. Having woken up this morning to see Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Complete, Football Manager 2020 and Watchdogs 2 are all free to keep on Epic Store.... And having spent yesterday playing arcade Time Crisis 5 on emulation.... And picking up Sega Rally Revo for a quid in a charity shop.... And still haven't started Civilisation 6 that was free last month.... 70 quid games. Jesus. I used to buy every console because they would always be games that I didn't want to miss out on. But today there are too many games and you can't play all of them. It's time to choose one format and stick to
  14. Works for me, by copying this guy. But I never played the arcade, and it feels it would be much better suited to mouse control, which I can't get working.
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