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  1. Yes you can on Xbox and PS4 and I already stuck a 2GB in the PS4. But that's another £70 or so on top. The idea of a console is a set box, and if I wanted to buy upgrades I'd be using a PC. It's these things that make me think PC is the most viable option for the next gen.
  2. I haven't played it on Switch and have read that it has issues, but on PS4 it is silky smooth, plays beautifully, has great locations, music, graphics. it's the only game I ever platinumed on trophies. I played through Dawn of Sorrow on an emulator last week and loved that too. Bloodstained is pure Castlevania and I really enjoyed every minute, including the grind to complete that item list. I can only assume the Switch version is really badly converted - on PS4 is was blowing me away, a game that ticked all the boxes.
  3. I have an Xbox One which I rarely use, as I prefer the PS4. Personal preference, but seeing as the Xbox doesn't get used as much, I see a number of traits that I wouldn't associate with consoles. If I haven't switched it on for a while, the console says "It's update time!" and with my broadband not being superfast I have the risk of wanting to use the console and having to wait about 15 minutes before I can get it started up. Also, the 500Gb hard drive is obviously too small - you wouldn't build a gaming PC with a 500Gb hard drive. The problem is, if it's not being used as my main console I don't want to stick a bigger hard drive in it. Then, I picked up Halo, The MCC from the market for a fiver and it needs nearly 100 Gigabytes of hard drive space just to install. Now I appreciate I'm using the base model console and it's getting a bit old, but it seems the base spec is being pushed too far when you start to install a game of that size. But this leads to another problem - Gamepass is great, you can play all these wonderful games for a monthly subscription. But you're tied down to a handful of games because of the storage. My PC has 8 Terrabytes of storage, and it's not even a gaming PC. When I decided to try Forza Horizon 4, Dead Island, Goose Game and The Witcher 3, the amount of time it look to download them was ridiculous - I had to leave the console powered up for days. And then the hard drive was full, so if I want to try any other Gamepass titles I will be uninstalling something else. This isn't what you want to be doing when the games are so epic and time consuming. If I expect to complete Forza , this will be at the expense of playing the other games, and if I do decide to install something else, I will have to uninstall a game I'm midway through, knowing that next time I want to play it I'll have to download it for a day again. Unless the next gen of consoles is a massive leap forward technically, I think a Gaming PC is better proposition.
  4. I think my point is even if you did pay 500 - 600 quid for the PC, your ongoing fees are a lot less. Mo monthly subscriptions to play online, games on Steam and Epic for pennies. I was looking at some of the indie stuff earlier. Goose game for example, 17.99 on console, 1.99 on PC for the download code on eBay. No idea whether that's legit, but you can pick up so many new releases on PC for cheap. I follow @savygamer on twitter and it always gets my hopes up as i read 'Game I like, £9.99 (yay!) On PC (boo!)'
  5. Is that still the case though? Windows 10, Nvidia etc all download and update drivers automatically these days. I've not had compatibility issues with games on PC in years.
  6. On the whole the benefits of console aren't what they used to be. Console hardware is sold at a loss leader with profit made on the games and in previous generations this gave you a powerful piece of hardware for a fraction of the price of a gaming PC. Today, we have 4K big screen displays in the living room and PC prices have been falling. Meanwhile, from PS3 onwards, launch prices of console hardware have increased. Games have crept up as well, and a launch PS3 at £425 brought with it £50 games. PS4 was £350 but brought us the £60 game and online distribution pushed that higher. For the price of a PS5 and a few games you can get a decent gaming PC to connect to the TV. We have had a few threads here discussing the information overload that's already happening - there's not enough time to play everything so missing out on console exclusives isn't necessarily the big problem it once was because you'll simply be playing something else instead. But on PC there's a world of really, really cheap gaming at your fingertips. Steam and Epic offering free games, Humble Bundles and 'Pay what you like' deals. Online services without monthly subscriptions. New releases being typically £20 less on PC and pricess falling. Every time you buy a game you will be saving money. Then comes the hacking and modding scene. Fan made patches open up a whole new world of stuff, some of which are quite amazing. The HD Resident Evil 4 that came out years before Capcom did it officially for example. The multiple fixes for Deadly Premonition that made the official buggy mess into the silky smooth, best version available. Then comes the modding of your hardware. When the Playstation 6 launches, just whack a new graphics card into your PC and you're off again. Connect multiple monitors, build a flight sim cockpit with the mountain of peripherals and accessories that are only available on PC. Seems to me that the new console generation is at odds with what consoles should be - cheap hardware that is competitive and powerful compared to home computers. Buying a new console will cost a lot of money overall, as you factor in the £50 -£60 games, monthly online subs, and so on. And when a game is multi format, the PC version is usually the best. So, is PC the way forward now and is it time to ditch the consoles?
  7. Sorry didn't see it was a pro.
  8. Just take the bottom off and give it a clean. Don't worry about further disassembly and thermal paste etc, you may not need it. Just cleaning the vents with the bottom off may be all you need.
  9. I find the Wii version to be 8% funnier.
  10. Pleasure. I think the ending where (massive spoiler) I didn't want to leave and went to play darts for a bit.
  11. Remember when Dreamcast struggled to compete with the PS2, and the PS2 hadn't even launched? The PS2 promised an 'emotion engine' and could accurately simulate wood, iron filings and ice? DC was described as a meal you can eat between Playstations without ruining your appetite? Then PS2 launched with a preorder campaign, hardware shortages due to the power of the emotion engine and Iraq buying them to use as super computers. Buy the time the PS2 actually launched it had already won. With 2 consoles about to launch, my guess is that Sony is going to be second to market. Just as Dreamcast suffered by comparison to what the PS2 might be, Sony will leave Microsoft to do whatever they want at E3, Microsoft will 'win' E3, but Sony will keep the mysterious PS5 under wraps, create the impression that there's something way better than Xbox around the corner, and build so much hype that people won't rush out to buy Xbox until they have seen the PS5 and compared.
  12. Im assuming, by Deputy Willie you are at the bit where you... Still so much good stuff to come..
  13. It starts off boring, but after the first 15 years there are some elements worth posting about
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