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  1. The 80s was an amazing time for empowerment of women. It's sad to see that formerly respected magazines like Crash and Zzap failed so miserably and it is difficult to deny the fact Newsfield went bust, and Newsfield had some roles where women were in charge. Most businesses from the 80s have since folded and all of these probably employed a woman at some point. Where are Commodore, Sinclair, Texan Chew Bars and Spangles today? I used to drink Quattro and watch The Human League on the TV, and they had women in positions of authority performing the most important roles (the main vocal and the ooh-aaahs, as well as looking pretty) yet it cannot be denied that all these goods, services and bands no longer exist. And every one of them employed at least one woman. Crucially, The Benny Hill Show was a hugely successful TV show and employed many women, but when Benny Hill died the show ended, despite 99% of the cast still being alive and able to work. But the women were so lazy that as soon as the man died they all stopped. Sadly the message of the 80s is that women simply cannot be trusted to work in a business without bringing it to its knees. It's knees!
  2. I really want to understand what people see in Persona 4 Golden, but RPGs in general make no sense to me as games. But in Persona you read text, read more, read read read, then get into turn based battles that all seem the same as each other as you go up flights of stairs.. again... And the characters are very young, act younger, and it all feels a bit creepy.
  3. The vita emulation thread in retro links to a guide, if you can copy files, use ftp, unzip things etc (just usual file management) then it's really easy.
  4. https://www.ign.com/articles/deadly-premonition-2-a-blessing-in-disguise-review Dreadful Repetition. Resident Feeble.
  5. Exactly. Blood and Truth contains some of the best VR moments on the PS4 , but the cut scenes go on for ages and it becomes more like a VR demo than a game. I really enjoyed it but could not be bothered with a second playthrough. Mission 17 is amazing, but there's so much dialogue it is really off-putting.
  6. Can you play Sega Race TV and Outrun 2? How big are the roms?
  7. I should have also mentioned that if you get a Vita you must mod it. If you do the SD2Vita mod you can use reliable micro SD cards instead of the proprietary Sony lower capacity unreliable, expensive cards. See the thread in retro, it's very easy to do the mod and the SD card adaptors are £2 on eBay.
  8. PSP emulates GBA perfectly. Forget about hand size because the PSP Go d-pad is just horrible. It is flat, with the d-pad raised barely 2mm higher than the surface. It is uncomfortable. The analogue pad is in an odd place. It really ruins what is otherwise a nice piece of kit. Obviously designed to be small and sleek and shiny and posh without anyone having tried to play a game on it. Worth knowing: the processor in the Vita and PSP are very different, so both consoles have pros and cons when it comes to emulation. Vita may have the better SNES emulator, but the PSP has the better GBA emulator. That's counter intuitive but the PSP hardware is just more suited to emulation of the similar GBA hardware. The Vita has a better screen, nicer controls and has perfect PSP emulation. Also you can make bubbles on your Vita Homescreen for PSP applications so you can launch them with one tap and no messing about. So for GBA emulation I recommend PS Vita running the PSP version of mGBA giving you the best of all worlds.
  9. Anyone got any experience of this? Sounds right up my street but I can't find the roms, so don't know how well it works on my average old PC.
  10. Worth knowing as well, (as I struggled and had to look this up) but there's a setting in the PSTV menus that lets you use the L3 and R3 buttons to bring up multi-touch. You can combine this knowledge with the whitelist app which unlocks any PSP or PS Vita game on the PS TV. So for example, you can't usually play the PS Vita version of Ridge Racer on the PS TV, but the whitelist app bypasses this and allows the game to load. But then you can't start the game because the title screen requires you to touch the touch screen. So you go to the settings and enable multi-touch, and then when you press L3 or R3 you'll get mouse pointers on the screen which will allow you to touch the screen and navigate your menus and play the game. Incidentally, what an absolute waste of an opportunity Ridge Racer on the Vita is. It's a really good version, but it's online only, no one's in the lobbies anymore, and you're only able to race one other person or a ghost anyway. It just feels weird that they went to all that trouble to make a really amazing ridge Racer on a handheld and then they didn't bother putting any other traffic in it. Luckily Ridge Racers 2 for the PSP is bloody fantastic and works brilliantly through the adrenaline PSP emulator on both the pstv and the PS Vita.
  11. The Go is a beautiful machine with the most horrible controls. I'd avoid it. I bought one and modded it, stuck a load of games on and then never used it. The controls are just horrible. The standard psp is better. But that said, the Vita now has Adrenaline, an amazing , perfect psp emulator. Also the Vita MK1 Oled screen is gorgeous. So with vita you get the best of all worlds.
  12. I just need someone to complete the game and give their thoughts.
  13. Question about timing. When Crash became a 16 page magazine with a tape on the front, was there still a market for games (budget or full price)? I remember the covertapes becoming amazing with titles like Magnificent Seven (I think) giving you 7 full games every issue. Between SU , YS and Crash you'd get so many new games each month. I can't remember whether all this was going on after the market for new games dried up, but my memory is that the magazines were still going so there must have been stuff to write about and review. But the games companies must have been up in arms about this. Imagine a playstation magazine giving away seven older games on the front of the magazine.
  14. There's a thread in the Retro Folder.
  15. There's a few fan patches that can make the PC version the best one. I linked to them in the DP1 thread
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