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  1. Currently playing...

    Ridge Racer, the original PSX game. You can keep your Gran Turismo's, I want one car, one track, that's all I need.
  2. Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    But you do need to understand that these are items you can find and chuck in a pot. I get that some people, most people just see that and click! They know what to do. The fact that there are spicy meats to be found near the entrance of the cold areas just doesn't work as a clue for me. My brain doesn't work in the way that all Zelda's want it to. I walk around with hundreds of items, not really thinking about using them. Why would spicy meat not keep me warm, when spicy meat with seafood will? I end up just wandering. For ages. And I have things to do. If I devote an hour to this, I want to make some progression in that hour. I passed a tower entrance earlier that had thorns all around it. So I guess I need some item that gets me past the thorns. But the item could be anything. It could be anywhere. And the reward will be to go into that tower but thats crazy because to me, thats where the "game" is. The game is inside the tower so why would it stop me getting in? Force me to hunt around for something that could be anything , anywhere. I fully understand that I do not fully understand Zelda. But I have tried many times over the years and I guess it's not for me. But that bothers me because I know I'm missing out.
  3. Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    Zelda Breath of the Wild - (Switch). I know, I know. Neg me all you like, but hear me out.... I try, I really do, but I just don't get it. I played the N64 Ocarina one, all the way to the water towers. I ended up buying a Prima strategy guide book to help. I eventually managed it and completed the game, but how the hell was anyone ever supposed to complete that without help? It's like sticking a rubik's cube in the middle of an adventure and asking you to solve it to continue. But I really, really liked the look of the Switch, so I bought one with Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart and Zelda. Odyssey is just wonderful - a joy. Mario Kart is... Mario Kart. Good, haven't spent long on it, but Sonic All Stars Transformed is better (right up to the brutal difficulty that makes you despair). But Zelda. There's no instruction book in the box, you just start playing and explore. Please correct me if I'm missing something, but there's an introductory area that seems to be there to teach you the basics of the gameplay. You aim to get the wing glider, but really, seeking out those towers is all about teaching you how to play. You see one in the distance, and you freeze to death when you set off there. So you head elsewhere and explore, and realise that for a tutorial section, this is very open world, there is a lot of space to explore. Eventually, you feel like you've done everything and yet you still can't get to that last tower without freezing to death. Well, it turns out, after googling a walkthrough that in one corner of this massive map, there's a hut. inside the hut is a man's diary. If you read that it tells you that you can cook things in the pots that are sporadically littered around the play area. and if you cook certain items, you will make something that keeps you warm. So you do this, and think, how the hell would anyone know that, unless they happen to stumble across the hut and happen to read that diary? The place is massive, and this is one place, one location, one small detail, and your entire ability to progress hinges on seeing it, understanding it and doing it????? So you do it anyway, because, you know, £50. And when you do complete the tutorial, the whole game world opens up and it's MASSIVE. Bigger than the biggest thing. FUCK THAT. (neg button is bottom right, cheers)
  4. Playstation Vita

    I copied a save file off the internet and it worked, but I could not earn trophies and stuff because it said it wasnt my save file. But it did let me play. Thats on an Enzo'd vita, dragging and dropping files from the PC.
  5. Castlevania Harmony Of Dissonance help

    ...and it's not glossy either.
  6. Castlevania Harmony Of Dissonance help

    Got one here, the label is really unclear
  7. Nice one - good to know. You could use Priiloader to make the console boot directly into USB loader if that helps.
  8. I had trouble with the HDMI adaptor I bought. There was a pinhole in the case and the instructions said you can change modes using a pin. I couldnt feel anything and I eventually took the casing off the adaptor and sure enough there was nothing there. I went back to component and everything seems to work fine.
  9. Sorry, I mis-read your original post, didn't realise he'd used this guide to do it.
  10. Can you use cIos and USB Loader and Nintendont (see first post) to rip the GameCube games to USB and load them that way? PC Engine emulation varies in compatibility. I use WiiMednafen and Hugo and find some games work better in one or the other. Did he install a custom iOS? There are so many out of date methods for the Wii, which was the driver for me to create the original post. If you do a firmware update over the internet to bring the console back to factory settings, then follow my guide you should be able to play any disk region just by putting the disk in. Follow the complete guide, do every step. Its straightforward if you follow it and it will make sure all your mods are compatible with each other. (For example , if your friend used dios mios for part of the mod, games won't load from disk at all).
  11. Only Connect, BBC Four

    First episode I ever saw had a question about Mario Kart.
  12. PlayStation VR

    Still not sure why Dev's can't make games that have you holding the Dual Shock in one hand (lefties would be catered for because the controller is symetrical) and a move in the other. Seems straightforward, but no-ones doing it.
  13. Its awesome isn't it. The Wii version is still the best in my opinion. So many extras, all free, amazing controls and great combination of lightgun gaming and action runabout. I bought it on PS4 and didn't think it was as good as the Wii despite the HD etc. Also the number of extra things it gives you upon completion. Compare to Resident Evil 7 for example. You get the 2 hour free mission, then loads of DLC to pay for. 10 years ago all that would have been included for free to make a better product. The Wii has that no-updates, no-dlc, best product mentality that doesn't exist any more.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    My First post in this thread. New Donk City is the best thing I've seen in a video game. Glorious.

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