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  1. There's a save file someone made by exploiting a glitch to get out of the ice boss room. You can play the game as normal, collect as much as you can then when you get to the Ice Boss just load his save file and carry on. Such a shame that the latest versions don't make it to Vita, it's such a good game.
  2. See how the cheesy rock is all synchronised to the visuals, and tell me that the Manic Street Preachers track (whilst in and of itself a good piece of music) is better suited.
  3. It's such a shame that the guy who ported AM2R to the Vita didn't update to the newer versions. I still maintain it's one of the best games on the Vita, but it's not completable, and crashes more and more frequently the longer you play. I believe the Gamemaker Studio software requires Sony approved compilers to write for Vita and the community doesn't seem to have access to them because the latest version is bug fixed, wonderful and available on just about every platform apart from Vita, which is a machine it is perfectly suited for. (unless there is a newer version but I haven't seen it)
  4. Here's a discrepancy (I assume because this thing has become the norm in gaming and I don't understand why). Real music in gaming is a bad idea. Consider the intro sequence to the Japanese Gran Turismo on the PS1, with the wailing electric guitar music, compared the Manic Street Preachers remix in the UK version. (was it MSP? I forget). When a piece of music is created for a game, it can reflect the atmosphere and design of the game. When the music is added to a game afterwards it's akin to playing with the sound down and radio on. You don't get that connection. There are so many examples, but the best for me is the Burnout series. When you play the earlier games you get the thumping drumbeat, guitars etc all playing at a pace that matches the game. When you execute a burnout the design of the music matches the visuals, levels of audio ramp, adapt and change. The later games introduced a DJ, real bands and it all lost that appeal. I'd never choose to listen to the Burnout 2 soundtrack for pleasure, but it fits the game perfectly.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5's massive world is nowhere near as much fun as Grand Theft Auto 3's smaller world. In GTA3 you learn the road layout, different sections of the world are different colour schemes to make them more memorable, and as you play you come to recognise the destinations without the map or sat nav. GTA5 is an incredible programming achievement, but it's less fun as a result.
  6. I'd certainly prefer to play Shenmue, Toy Commander, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio today than most other games of that era. Sega blue skies remained flying the flag for fun, pure enjoyable fun, at a time when everything became massive, gritty, violent and brown.
  7. Many of us have a cat we no longer have any interest in, and often they are consigned to a box in the loft without a second thought. It's a little known secret that by feeding your cat with the right combination of meals over a period of two weeks, you can turn him into a fantastic emulation device, capable of running Retroarch but also some of the more advanced emulators that are out there as well. Fancy playing Sega Model 2 games whilst peering into a cat's anus with one eye closed? Moving his tail around for full analogue control of FA-18 Interceptor on the Amiga? Bashing him on the head and arse while clapping your hands during Donkey Konga? You will also be able to see games in the dark. There's even a paws button. It's really easy to do the mod. You need to buy a pack of this food (see picture) and feed the cat until it turns into a PS Vita. Then, shove an SD card in his little arse and copy all your favourite emulators onto it. It really is that simple! Please do not try to run HEN based modifications - taiHEN, HENkaku are not comCATible. Cats do not like hens.
  8. dumpster

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    PSVita - instead of installing complete romsets that you listlessly scroll through, install the 20 games you actually play. Convert your actual CDs on your PC and copy them over.
  9. dumpster

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The PSTV already does PS1 emulation perfectly via modding, is smaller and can take a 256Gb memory card. This looks to be a way to cash in on the NES Mini wave, whilst getting rid of vast piles of unsold PSTVs by sticking them in a new case.
  10. As far as I know, if you use h-encore or henkaku then you can download your games from PSN as long as you have fully powered down first , clearing the hack from memory. If you use Enzo, you have a permanent mod so you can't download from PSN, but you can use PGKJ to get your downloads. I can see how it would be against the law to download games from PSN using PKGJ as long as you already previously paid for them.
  11. Nailing it there about the PSP too. A console that deserved a lot more love than it got. I blame the similarity to the PS2 which lead to it having big games that in a number of cases were not well suited to playing on the move. Also the PSP Go was just that bit too small and uncomfortable to hold. But the PSP here was still in regular use until the Vita came out. I'm using my Vita every day now with Adrenaline and Emulators.
  12. Agree totally with @crisy there. You only have to play Daytona to realise there's not a racing game that comes close to touching it and it's 30 years old. Ok. Sega Rally, Outrun 2, Ridge Racer... All Japanese though.
  13. dumpster

    Time Trap

    Since I wrote that post it turned up on The Horror Channel oddly enough so I recorded it.

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