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  1. Kramer

    The Arcade Ten.

    Track and Field Hypersports Streetfighter II Galaga Robotron 2084 Outrun Star Wars Defender Hard Drivin Daytona USA
  2. Kramer

    SNK Heroines

    I’m similar to you - got into SNK Fighters this last year or so and love them all. Picking this up after work £31.99 in Argos, but hopefully will enjoy the simplified combat as much as like the more complex combat of KOF, Garou etc.
  3. Kramer

    Fire Pro World

    Yup, well one cent shy, but yup.
  4. Kramer

    Fire Pro World

    You probably know this - but you can browse and subscribe (therefore will download to PS4 on next start up) to CAWs on any browser at https://firepro-w.com which is pretty neat.
  5. Kramer

    Fire Pro World

    Yep - I bought it from the US store. Bought a $50 PSN card and paid for it on my US account. After that, I’ve played it and downloaded the CAW wrestliers on my UK account - all good. Easily the best Fire Pro game ever.
  6. Yep, loving it. I’m not great - only up to Level 30 or so. Didn’t have a Vita, so it’s been a loooooong wait since Tempest 2000 and X3.
  7. Kramer

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    Money Puzzle Exchanger on Neo Geo and/or Switch is great. I prefer it to Magical Drop III - even though there are close similarities.
  8. I’ve been playing Street Fighters for 30 years and while I love them and love playing them - I never get beyond about below mediocre in skill.... and never really choose anyone other than Ken or Ryu. Firstly, which other characters are similar in controls to those two? Secondly, I would like to branch out to a couple of other characters - can some of you experts recommend another character to try. Cheers.
  9. Kramer

    TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge

    Bought this yesterday - not that I need another racer - I’m not very good at it though. Love the speed though.
  10. Kramer

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Yeah - it’s great. Plays a decent game - 60fps etc. Has a few things missing from PS4/Xbox version in terms of FUT - but otherwise a solid buy.
  11. Loving this. Great fun.
  12. Kramer

    Nintendo Switch

    Me too, but language would be impenetrable surely?
  13. Kramer

    Nintendo Switch

    Farsight have confirmed that they will update it to include TATE mode. However, this is Farsight - it could be anytime between now and 2028.
  14. Kramer

    Nintendo 3DS

    Yep, that’s a concern as I can’t afford a spare 3DS XL at the mo, but would like to get one.
  15. Am i buying this for £20 then? Got Donald Bradman... 14? On the PS4, think it’s good, barely played it because of other games. The bugs concern me, have they patched it? Extra special Christmas Day this year, where you stay up all night and watch the Boxing Day Test as well.

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