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  1. No so much a metaphor, Pixar aren't exactly subtle.
  2. Shanghai Noon. It's got the Chan inventiveness but is an easy watch.
  3. Oh man, I don't agree here. I love that Princes never settles and keeps changing - I reminds me of early Freddie compositions that never really returned to the beginning.
  4. They could fake it in Comp but it's not in the design doc.
  5. They're not. Lighthouse Studios are. They are connected to Mercury Studios in Canada that produce Tangled and the like for Disney. All Toon Boom stuff. The Saloon, as a rule, don't do service animation stuff. They're more a prestige studio. They do work with Dog Ears Studio in NI though.
  6. Here's a perfect example. It's really well done, and woukd be good for distant shots of Homer. But the temptation to just have him move according to these set moves is too great, and you won't get that great variett of classic Simpsons. It'll look neat and dull, like Family Guy.
  7. Some other guy wrote the story but Curtis wrote the screenplay. He had to threaten legal action to get a 'Story by' credit. Because Curtis is a hack. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nme.com/news/film/original-yesterday-writer-claims-richard-curtis-took-full-credit-for-the-beatles-movie-2674416%3famp
  8. It's rigged animation. Every tv animation is these days. 2D rigs can be fearfully complicated, and in the wrong hands, can produce on-model, but boring animation.
  9. Trailer = we're still making it.
  10. Dudes, why is this still the 'not-so-famous' celebrity death thread. I mean Ned Beatty, Charles Grodin, Helen McCrory?
  11. Animated by slave labourers in Kilkenny who have really done some excellent work.
  12. I agree with this person.
  13. Festoon


    That's Kulkarni's schtick - fire and brimstone. Carpet bombing. Nuk8ng the site from orbit. But listen, he's not wrong. Oasis are a covers band covering their favourite music and passing it off as their own so he has a point. They made poor facsimile music - like the covers you used hear in cheapo supermarkets. They're basically The Baron Knights without an attempt at humour.
  14. My memory is the weird decision to use a different (much much flatter and lame) take for the "part time" gag in the film than the one that was in the trailer. I remember thinking, "oof! Director really isn't feelin' this" And the great creepy scene in the nuclear test village which was somewhat undone by gophers and the wonky physics on the fridge.
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