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  1. Sex Education S3 It just doesn't know what to do with the main characters other than keep them apart artifically. Other chars fill the gap but they're a little less interesting, despite good performances. The sex school stuff feels a little undercooked and forced in the school too, leading to an unearned moment later on in the penultinate ep that feels like a much less good retread of the musical in S2. Some unexpectedly good stuff though, in other places, quite literally. 3/5
  2. Sex Education 3: a little less good than Season 2, which was a little less good than Season 1.
  3. Or, "maybe in this Cyberpunk age my character could change any aspect of their appearence at all"
  4. All of the Y chromosomed creatures! Comic was great. They shouldn't have to change much.
  5. And I love the Ghibliotheque guys, but man do they fall for bigger = better a lot.
  6. BUT! For my money, Nausicaa is a better film. Less ponderous.
  7. Lol. Above statments also apply to Watchmen.
  8. Just rewatched the trailer. Visuals are a little.....uncinematic....looking?
  9. This reminds me of the sequence in The Dark Knight Returns where Superman gets caught in a nuclear explosion and he looks skeletal. By the way, Miller may be a right wing-nut, but my God does that sequence contain some of the best Superman writing I've ever seen - just the best writing that manages to convey that there's more depth to him than boy scout and also makes him so alien and strange. Amazing stuff.
  10. 100% read them prior to series.
  11. Quite a bit, I'd say. But the comic is so amazing no tv series could really touch it. But order wise, yes, comic first.
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