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  1. Well that's good, at least. I just find it weird that he seems to struggle to get anything made (Falconhoof, for example) when so much other stuff by lesser comics gets made.
  2. Shocking Channel 4 or the Beeb won't give him any money for a proper series. They make plenty of other shit.
  3. The over-saturation of obvious music cues really tarnished this for me. They're so invasive.
  4. Sigh. It's DARK, man. He's got ANGST. This isn't just some silly comic book film.
  5. Yep, they even say earlier in the episode that you never see it coming. It could just be his daughter coming in in this instance, but it doesn't matter if he's not killed this time because this is how it's going to happen. Wonderful stuff.
  6. Yeah, it's way better. Don't know why Free Solo got all the praise.
  7. Melisma is the worst thing ever to happen to singers and it's Maria Carey's fault for bringing it back. PS. I know it was Whitney really but Maria is the originator of the ridiculous extension that everybody copied.
  8. Felt very generic. I thought that about Let It Go too.
  9. Post OA cancellation they can fuck off.
  10. Is Ibiza is a big thing for dance music? (I'm old). Is it still like it was?
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