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  1. It really depends what your budget is and what Series X features you want to use. You'll probably want a 4K TV at a minimum but what about good HDR? 120 FPS support? Variable Refresh Rate support? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go here (and more importantly, how much do you want to spend?)
  2. It's above the daily achievement 50 point tile for me as well.
  3. Resident Evil Village literally just came out and sold 50% of copies on PS5 compared to 30% on PS4 and this isn't the first time it's happened (I believe Hitman 3 was similar). The vast difference in PS4 and PS5 userbase isn't an excuse for poor sales on the PS5. Sales are showing the engaged core userbase are already on the new consoles.
  4. May console update is out, for most people it's going to be all about those sweet Quick Resume improvements Apparently there's also a new dynamic theme as well. Edit - make that two. An original Xbox inspired theme and the 'Motes' theme.
  5. How much hype/marketing did R-Type get compared to Returnal? How vast do you think the difference in budget was?
  6. It's a combination of all those things I think. But the latest Assassin's Creed was only a 60/40 split in favour of PS so there are definitely certain kinds of games where Xbox relatively outperforms (FPS and WRPGs, I'd say). Resi just isn't one of those series.
  7. What might be more interesting is how the Mass Effect collection does this week. It's a series historically associated with Xbox and you'd expect it to perform relatively well on the platform. Split will still favour PlayStation just due to userbase difference but if this release skews very heavily in favour of PlayStation also then there might be something in Xbox owners not buying as many games anymore due to Gamepass.
  8. The 20% is just in the UK, where it sold around 50k physical copies week one. It did around 10k on all Xbox platforms, 15k on PS4 and 25k on PS5. As I said above, this is a totally normal split for a Resi game. It was approximately the same for 7 and REmakes 2 and 3, I'm not sure why people are trying to extrapolate anything from this.
  9. The split was very similar for Resi 7 (something like 73% PlayStation, 27% Xbox) and that was four years ago now, long before Gamepass became a big deal. It just seems to be a series heavily weighted towards the PS userbase, as are Japanese games in general. You usually see a more expected split, given the userbase difference, on Western titles. Eg Assassin's Creed Valhalla's launch week in the UK had 40% of sales on Xbox. (Possibly not coincidentally, Capcom usually have a marketing deal with PlayStation for Resi while Xbox usually have a marketing deal with Ubi for A
  10. Those 250 point ones for getting an achievement in a new release hardly ever work for me. The achievement usually registers but I can't activate the punch card.
  11. The performance of Ratchet and Clank will be very interesting. It's never been a franchise that has set the charts alight but obviously does well enough to justify getting regular new installments. It's being pushed pretty hard by Sony as the current visual tour de force and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in it. It'll definitely do better than Returnal but I'm not sure to what degree.
  12. We know from the weekly % drop that Returnal would have sold fewer than 1.5k week 2. So we're looking at just over 10k in total. To try to put that into some kind of perspective, it's roughly what you might expect from a niche JRPG like Bravely Default or Octopath Traveller in the UK, where the JRPG market is very weak compared to some other territories.
  13. I turned camera acceleration off and I think I might have bumped the assuming and camera speed up a notch but that was it. I've found the aiming fine to be honest, not sure what the fuss was about pre-release.
  14. Returnal will take the average player far far longer to complete than 16 hours first time through. Totally different type of game to Resi 8 though. The budget for this thing must have been pretty huge, it's full of beautifully rendered one-off locations and set-pieces. Unless you're a Naughty Dog or Rockstar I'm not sure many developers have the money or means to make a game this visually stunning and varied and make it last 20-30 hours. Would cost a fortune. Most AAA games these days that last a long time are open-world and have samey activities and interiors spread ar
  15. It's quieter than PS4/Pro, louder than One X/Series X. A little coil whine and light fan can be heard on mine. It's completely tolerable though.
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