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  1. I've heard that Old Man's Journey is an easy 1,000 points in about an hour on Gamepass. You'd probably want to be looking at shortish Indie games on the service to maximise points during that time period.
  2. I think they're going to wrap up the Alan Wake story in the second piece of Control DLC so they can finally give fans closure. I can't see them dedicating some Control DLC to it and then starting work on Alan Wake 2. Anyway it looks like this has been a sales flop - it didn't even hit top 20 in this month's NPD chart and it's sold poorly across Europe too so I can't see a Control 2 happening either. Poor Remedy, they always set up these elaborate universes but their games never sell well enough to justify a sequel.
  3. Remedy have announced their content roadmap and DLC pack two has GOT to be https://controlgame.com/control-community-blog-whats-new/
  4. Muschietti is just shit at horror, I don't believe he's shown much real grasp on creating fear or tension in any of his movies. Also, they clearly intended for this to be a big mainstream popcorn horror flick (see part 1's insane opening weekend in the US justifying their approach) so they can't really delve too deeply into the really horrifying stuff. I'd be surprised if the box office for part 2 comes close to 1 though. Feels like there's been way less hype and lukewarm word of mouth.
  5. Yeah I cheesed the last fight of mission 9 by levitating back to previous platforms. I found the last bit of mission 10 surprisingly straightforward by comparison, I personally found that just sticking around the edge of area near where you landed worked fine. Anyway, just finished this. Good game, not a great one. The first mission and the last two missions are excellent. Everything inbetween was a bit more variable and could sometimes feel like doing endless fetch quests in a repetitive office. It never lulled for so long that I felt like abandoning the game but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a bit bored at some points, especially anything to do with the maintenance area. Story was typical convoluted Remedy fare that ultimately doesn't amount to a great deal but I did think most of the lore and documents were interesting. And, in general, it's full of bonkers Remedy touches that sets it apart from most other shooters. It was a lot meatier than I was expecting. I still have a fair few side missions to do which I think I'll try to mop up this evening before selling it on. There's a sizeable amount of side content, hidden areas and secret content on offer. Overall it's probably a 7 kind of game for me. I'm glad I played it and I'm glad Remedy are still making games like this. And if they could build upon what was in missions 1, 9 and 10 in a sequel then it found potentially be as classic. As it is it just sagged in mundanity a bit too often, and the story amounted to too little, for me to rank it amongst the greats.
  6. That bit in mission 9 was a bit good, eh? It was kind of what I was thinking and hoping a much larger chunk of the game would be like.
  7. About the gold suit You get 2 ability points as well iirc.
  8. Not too dissimilar to the mirror boss which I gave up on after a few tries because I couldn't be bothered running back each time. Will give it another go later. Feels like they're trying to do a Dark Souls and have the control points act as bonfires but it doesn't really work. Managed to get the gold suit before. It's ugly as fuck but it took me a while to figure out how to get it so it's damn well staying on now.
  9. I'm on mission 8 and still haven't been able to upgrade Pierce whereas Grip is fully upgraded and Shatter, Spin and Charge are on Level 2. Annoying because Pierce is my favourite gun. I've tried my best to beef Shatter up with damage upgrades but it's disappointingly underwhelming even at short range.
  10. Any hints for the boss in the pit? Can't be bothered running back each time just to get one-shotted about halfway through.
  11. I think they could have done a lot more with the safe rooms. They all basically just have a power-up box and maybe a document in them if you're lucky. I was expecting some of them to feature some cool tableaus or maybe some NPCs or something but as it is it feels like something they never really took advantage of. Reading the documents makes me yearn for a game where you actually go out into the world and investigate these altered objects in their initial habitat. I understand why they've kept it constrained for budgetary reasons but the game does cry out for a sequel which really broadens out the world and scope, like a kind of X-Files-esque episodic structure where each episodes features you investigating a different location and object.
  12. Majora


    I gave up at Seat of the Matriarch too. Don't think I would particularly recommend it unless they improved the AI or rebalanced some areas to be more viable for solo play.
  13. The defensive power is quite useful if you are low on health and don't have any health pick-ups nearby as you can shield yourself to go pick some up from across the arena. You will be spending a lot of combat time throwing and shooting but it feels good enough that I haven't found it boring yet. Much like Alan Wake was mainly torch and shooting, if it's satisfying enough then it keeps you going. And an enemy getting hit by an object you're pulling towards you before you even fire it never gets old. There are a lot of optional areas and secret bits in between the combat. Arguably some of the more interesting content has been in the side missions. And there have been a few puzzles - nothing major but the punchcard puzzle held me up for longer than I would like to admit.
  14. I think it was a good decision to not have a proper cover system in place. Like Doom 2016 it's geared towards being aggressive and constantly moving around in order to pick up the health your enemies drop while causing chaos. A dedicated cover system would encourage players to bunker down and probably hinder them from picking up health.
  15. I have no idea how people completed this in 7-8 hours unless they ran through the main path, did no exploration, no side missions and didn't read, watch or listen to anything... I'm just past the halfway point if mission numbers are anything to go by and certainly don't feel remotely shortchanged if what I've played so far is roughly 50% of the game
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