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  1. If it was meant to be a send-up of that type of Disney movie I didn't think they did it with anywhere near enough of a wink. In fact, it felt very much like an episode with the explicit, cynical aim of pulling in a different demographic to those who would normally watch the series. There's a fine line between parody and just becoming exactly what you're trying to parody and for me it fell firmly into the latter. Everything with the doll once it became the 'real' Miley was excruciating.
  2. Just watched the Miley Cyrus episode and thought it was pretty terrible. The second half in particular felt like a Disney Channel movie written for twelve year olds.
  3. I thought the last episode was absolutely fucking terrible. RTD at his preachy, self-indulgent, overly sentimental, melodramatic worst. The grandmother's neverending speech at the dinner table was horrendous. The main narrative was sketchily plotted and hopelessly implausible and unconvincing. At the end the episode just gave up while RTD masturbated into the camera for 20 minutes via Jess Hynes. What a disappointment. It was just about sticking with the series for the good bits, especially the 1st and 4th episodes but in the final stretch it just collapsed into nonsense. I can't believe the same person wrote those episodes.
  4. So I'm finally all caught up. Episode 5 was enjoyable but utterly preposterous and it feels like we've left plausibility behind and are in the realm of pure fantasy now.
  5. Fuck, just had a bit of a blub at episode 4. Didn't turn out quite how I expected but there was no way that storyline was ever going to end happily. Gripping episode though. By contrast, I thought episode 3 was a bit poor, hinging on the death of someone we never met and barely knew anything about, featuring a comedy over the top evil eastern European policeman and a bit of daft ending in which a blast of dramatic music soundtracked a courier getting his bike reversed over RTD inconsistent as ever then, but when he gets it right he really nails it.
  6. The balance of the weapon system still needs work. However much people moan about the blue shell, the reality is that first place is usually the easiest place to be, with the blue shell posing the only real threat so long as you dangle a shell/banana behind you, and in the middle of the pack is the hardest place to be. That's a pretty flawed system as it means the middle of the pack basically just constantly take each other out and fall further behind while the people in first and maybe second place just cruise on ahead with little threat.
  7. Watched the first two episodes of this. I like it but I also can't tell if the editing and dramatic montages and music, which work really well, are fooling me into believing it's better than it actually is. Some parts I really like, others I'm not sure quite work. I have a love/hate relationship with RTDs writing because on one hand he has a keen ear for dialogue and on the other he has great fondness for overwrought, overlong monologues. I was disappointed to see he still hasn't shed his fondness for the latter with this. Every so often a character will just spend 30-60 seconds being a mouthpiece for a speech about Brexit or climate change or something and it's just kind of awful. But some of it is really good and keenly observed. I especially like the relationship between the mother and her daughter in law. And a lot of it does feel worryingly plausible albeit in a slightly melodramatic way. It's certainly ambitious. RTD has never been one to shy away from a shocking death in his shows and unfortunately I'm pretty sure I know exactly where this is going to come from. I'm already dreading whichever episode it appears in. Good on the BBC for putting this on BBC1 at 9pm anyway, I'm sure it's pissed off plenty a gammon.
  8. Just a heads up if you haven't noticed that there's a pretty easy 1000 points available for one of the Gamepass quests but it's not on the front page of the app. You just have to get 10 achievements from any 10 chosen games. The list includes Metro Exodus, Hollow Knight, Arkham Knight, Borderlands, Shenmue 1&2 and Guacamelee 2 so should be something for everyone. You can get all 10 from just one game if you want. The offer only got added last week and it expires in 8 days.
  9. This thread is gross. A bunch of straight males telling a frequently belittled minority community whether they're allowed to be offended by something pertaining to them or not. And no, it doesn't make any difference if some trans people aren't bothered by it. Minority groups are not some homogenous hive mind. If enough people from said group raise eyebrows at something then it's probably worth at least discussing and analysing. I'm not trans but as I understand it, here's the thing: trans people are still very often reduced to their genitals. Jokes are still often made about 'chicks with dicks'. We haven't yet reached a point where trans people get represented fairly in the media. And here we are with a giant ad focusing entirely on a woman with a massive dick with the tag 'mix it up'. Trans people are sick of the focus always being on their fucking genitals. The developers may be able to come out with a plausible enough explanation that makes sense in the context of the world and blah blah blah (I'm not entirely convinced by the explanation but we will see) but this is still a piece of entertainnent being produced in 2019 and soon to be consumed in 2020 where a representation of the trans community in popular media is seen largely through the lens of their genitals and as the butt of a joke. But hey, I'm sure the straight men on this forum know better about how people should feel with all the experience they have of living a life filled with barely disguised fear and prejudice from others.
  10. Thank God Microsoft were there to save us with more Gears, Halo, Forza and Minecraft. Nearly all the interesting stuff at their conference was third party multiplatform releases. Their first party is stale as fuck. At least Nintendo cycle between more than about four bloody franchises.
  11. I didn't play the second game but this looks pretty great to me.
  12. Just watched this after work. They actually showed gameplay of nearly every game in the presentation and it was therefore miles better than every other conference. Even with Animal Crossing being delayed, Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokemon is a pretty damn solid second half of the year.
  13. Pretty easily Watch Dogs Legion for me at the moment. Loads of people are mentioning Cyberpunk but I don't even remember seeing much gameplay of that, wasn't it mostly CGI? I'm looking forward to it but not particularly based on anything I saw at the MS conference.
  14. Eh, it’s about 6 weeks before Cyberpunk and the FF7 Remake is aiming at a very different audience. I’ll be getting it if only to drive around London and try to play the whole game as OAPs. I hope Brixton is in it and I can drive past my house.
  15. Will almost certainly buy Watch Dogs Legion, rest of the conference was garbage.
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