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  1. Just read the Metro film spoiler, its speculation nothing confirmed...… despite the headline being "GoT cast confirm...."
  2. fly53r135

    The Kid Who Would Be King from Joe Cornish

    Joe was on Adam's podcast at the end of last year. Joe's highlight of 2017 was the Switch. He said the format made Zelda more immersive. You're right though Adam couldn't have given a shit...
  3. Watch this last night, it was great. Stylish, funny and creepy. Disappointed it hasn't had more of an impact on here.
  4. fly53r135

    Christopher Nolan's Inception

    The spinning top isn't Cobb's, it belonged to his wife. So it can't prove anything. Like the plot, it's redundant.
  5. fly53r135

    The Formula 1 Thread

    I completely agree, that's why i said "the FIA have made some shocking decisions" But it's still not ok to lie to the stewards.
  6. fly53r135

    The Formula 1 Thread

    First of all Zidane would still be sent off. He headbutted the guy ! (but that is a different argument) 2nd If i'm cheated out of a race win, how is it going to help me if cheating Lewis Hamiton (or whoever) is out of the next race ? It will just be one less car in a pack of 20. What if it is the last race of the season, these snap decisions would decide the championship. Imagine if Mrpogo were in charge of the 1988 Olympics....... "Sorry Carl Lewis but Ben Johnson was cheating and hes going to keep the gold medal. Don't worry he won't be back in 1992, see you then." I agree the FIA have made some shocking decisions but I can't fault them on this. Hamiton/Maclaren lied, that's the problem. What difference do the understanding of the rules make ? They should have and should always tell the truth when ask by the stewards, the rule book will judge who is right. They should read it, instead they guess and lie.
  7. fly53r135

    Inglourious Basterds

    I've never heard this before.... What did i miss ??
  8. fly53r135

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Why is this attachment so small ??
  9. fly53r135

    'Wii left it too late' Club

    Hey thanks for the tip, got one last week using this. I think I'd still be waiting for my gamestaion pre-order.
  10. fly53r135

    Wii Play

    I was looking for this in birmingham city centre last week with no luck, but I went into the HMV at the Fort shopping centre (just outside Birmingham) and they had a load on the shelf. I think you have to be in the right place at the right time.
  11. fly53r135

    'Wii left it too late' Club

    I've pre ordered one from Gamestation on sunday. Anybody else done this ?? how long did they take and did they get in contact with you ??
  12. fly53r135

    Extras 2

    it was good
  13. fly53r135

    Exciting Wiitails

    Why does every one think there's going to be loads of spare Wii's to import from Japan and the US ?? Importing is going to be a stress and not that cheap.
  14. fly53r135

    Bit Generations (GBA)

    I know pressing R gives you a power boost but how do you use the power-ups you collect during the race ???
  15. fly53r135

    Nintendo DS Lite

    I've just found a crack on the left hinge of my DS lite. I know NoA is fixing them for free but I can't find any info about what NoE is doing. Any one know ??

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