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  1. Reduced to £15.99 on PSN at the moment, it's had bigger reductions but it's the cheapest it's been for getting on for a year.
  2. I've just had a look at the sale and the stuff round it and I haven't a fucking clue what's going on, at all. Plus I cleared out my wishlist in order to try clear a bug (where it shows a number three higher than is in the wishlist) but that didn't work and I couldn't be bothered repopulating it now I've no clue what I had on there anyway. Can't be arsed. I count this as a plus, but things like the Cave games (and others) haven't seemed to get any cheaper than a set point (£5.99 in the case of Cave games) for quite a long time now so at least we're well past the point of "no point buying it now it'll be a quid cheaper in the next sale" or whatever, which was always a bit silly. Even some games that have, in the past, been on ridiculous sale now don't seem to get as low either. Again, I think that's good though as the sale prices are still more than decent but there's less of a ridiculous race to the bottom involved. Probably less the case for the random shite on there, but I don't care about that.
  3. Just had my first go of this, wasn't expecting the games to go on so long! I'm knackered. Died on the 50th floor after about two and a half hours, not sure there's much else I could do vs The Awakened as I always seemed up against it and wasn't able to get out a rupture combo early to build strength which has been nice earlier on once I'd worked that out. How long does it go on?
  4. I bought that one on release, navigating amazon JP and getting it sent over to the UK felt like an adventure in itself. Can't find exactly how I worked it all out at the time but it's the JAL (Japan Airlines) dub, the one that was on TV all those years ago. Years later it stuck with me like some sort of ethereal dream, never quite sure what I'd seen but sure I had with just a look and a feel to go on when I was trying to track it down, things like that piano refrain in my head, the overgrown, untended gardens of Laputa. But then seeing the iconic guardians somewhere brought it all back, and it was around the time this was out when I tried to find out how to get a copy. Thinking back, maybe it was just luck I got the right one, I just don't think you could get it at all over here at the time so that was my only option, or the best option on offer. Who knows. Often think about selling it though, I've got it on blu-ray as well but it means I'd lose that dub from my childhood so I never quite get there, you know that even though I've not watched it for years it's something I'd end up regretting. Plus I've no idea what it's worth other than knowing it's fairly difficult to get hold of over here.
  5. Jesus christ, no. I don't think I could it's so gut-wrenchingly awful (in theme, not quality), it's upsetting just thinking about it.
  6. To be fair I don't think I ever had a bloody clue what I was doing in those two either.
  7. That's a different thing though, more about the stream itself being briefly choppy rather than a comment on the controls/input side of it.
  8. You're not wrong, the "Toilets in games" thread hasn't had a post for getting on for 5 years now.
  9. That one is miles harder than actually having to beat a dragon in a standard game, took me bloody ages to work it out.
  10. I'm wondering if I should pick up 12 months Gold from Rewards while it's still 29k points for us, that'll convert to 8 months Ultimate right? They've removed the 12 month Gold option entirely in from the US Rewards site now. I've got Ultimate til the end of 2021 so if I hang on to the Gold code and apply it at the end of August that'd max me out again. Assuming the code doesn't expire.
  11. 1x3 months of game pass is 24000 points in the US though, although if you go for 3x1 months its 20400 points (6800 points each). The exchange rates have never made any sense at all really. edit: It's updating as I type, 1 month of game pass has just changed to 8500 points. Fair increase all round, hope they don't do the same for us in the UK, it's harder for us to earn points as it is.
  12. And this month it's swapped over to the Xbox Credit (at 5000 points), which is exactly the same thing as other credit but with a different name. Not on our site yet, but the US has apparently got Ultimate as a redeemable and at 12k points for 1 month it's going to take some effort to keep a continual sub going on the free.
  13. Not really, no. Unless you don't have Titanfall 2 already, or Assassin's Creed Origins maybe.
  14. Played through this a couple of months back, not the best game ever but decent enough to keep my interest. Seemed a bit ill thought out in places, like you can get a lot of orbs but some seemed so massively overpowered that there was never any point using subsequent ones. Never really understood the point of the familiars either. Also I kept forgetting to use the time freeze or not realising where I could... like in that gif I could've just used that sort of thing on so many bosses but didn't. Tended to just brutalise my way through instead, it's not a hard game. It's alright, worked well on the Vita anyway.
  15. Who's playing this on PSVR, I've no idea who's actually on my leaderboards because when I checked last night for the first time PSN must've been down or something. My PSN ID is stefchauk.
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