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  1. I've started Yakuza 0. I'm not really getting what's good about it, the fighting system seems mashy and weightless, the story is slow and stilted - side quests even moreso, but with added plain weird - minigames are just kind of there for no apparent reason, you can buy all-sorts and play all sorts but none of it seems to particularly hang together without much point to it, everything feels disconnected like almost interactive but not fully joined up. Hard to put my finger on it. So far I'd say it feels a bit like Sleeping Dogs except nowhere near as good. Does it pick up a bit? I am only partway into chapter 2.
  2. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Makes some vague sense, I thought he was just being a div. Or I was. So I need to keep him up to date with a massive list of Gamepass games? Actually he's got a phone these days, wonder if the Gamepass app will work.
  3. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    Do any of you share Gamepass? And if so, is there any knack to it? My home console is my godson's Xbox, he can use my Gold sub but he says he can't access Gamepass (converted to Ultimate, but he couldn't get into it even before then when I had a standard sub). Do I need to go sign in again or something? I can see his Xbox from the Gamepass app, although I can't manage his machine like I can mine - which does say "active console" making me wonder if we can only use one for this?
  4. Having played plenty of NES classics since, I'm glad we had the Master System. Columns, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fantasy Zone, Castle of Illusion, Populous, Psycho Fox and others were all great in their own right and perfect for the time. They worked where they were (and when they were), and were left where they were.
  5. I bought 4 on PS3 in a sale ages ago. I bought 0 in a sale on PS4 less ages ago. I've played neither. Assuming I actually do get round to playing them both, and assuming I buy no others, which should I start with? I know the thread title says 0, but will it jar going back to an older system, and potentially older gameplay mechanisms? Or is the best option just to sack off 4 on the PS3 entirely and just rebuy it in a sale on PS4 and maybe at some point find the time to play 0 in the interim.
  6. I had a Master System, my wife had a NES. Not sure I knew this for a while, as it could have had a serious impact on our burgeoning relationship.
  7. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    The Witcher 3 will be added on the 19th as well, yet another game I bought ages ago cheap yet still haven't installed never mind played.
  8. Bit harsh getting him to pose for it.
  9. Firewatch (Xbox) A game that I finished upon which point I physically shrugged, it started well but never really went anywhere and felt like a waste of time. Seems a better fit for a ten minute short story to read rather than a ten minute short story that they made you spend a handful of hours walking around the narrow, empty confines of.
  10. Inside (Xbox) Well, that escalated. Don't like stuff like that and it made me feel a bit queasy even, but that's just how well done that part was I guess. And I didn't really get it as a whole, until I read this which pushes it well into the "oh wow, that's pretty incredible" territory and if you've played it and not seen this you must read it: Also I really confused myself after I'd done as I thought it somehow looped back onto itself for a clever alternate playthrough but it turns out I'd just restarted the game and forgotten I must've played the first five minutes of it aeons ago when I bought and it'll have started me off from the last autosave when I finally played it through.
  11. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    I just created a new account to apply it to. Don't bother with playlists and the like (although you can transfer them if you can be arsed), so it doesn't bother me to start afresh.
  12. stefcha

    Xbox Game Pass

    I got them from the Xbox itself.
  13. stefcha


    I'd just like to say, that when you're the last to post and your avatar is the one showing up in the thread listings next to "Arsenal", it's absolutely bloody perfect.
  14. stefcha

    Google Stadia

    You remember where you're posting, right
  15. It's possibly the best PC gaming joypad available given it can be individually tailored to work wonderfully with pretty much any game out there, but at the same time almost impossible to make use of because to get the best out of it you need to individually tailor it to pretty much any game out there.
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