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  1. Yep, the quote was "[games that are] super violent, angsty, gladly court controversy and on the wrong side of 'too much'", which is pretty clearly not about over the top games such as Doom, even if you don't take it as the fairly tongue in cheek comment it was.
  2. stefcha


    I preloaded Half Life 2 on Steam. I'm about 4/5 of the way through it, I think. TotalSpend $566.55 OldSpend $390.75 What's OldSpend?
  3. stefcha

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Saudi's Head of Refereeing, so he probably does near fuck all while earning a massive wedge. Always thought he was a decent ref, but just on one viewing (he cropped up in Brazil-Switzerland in the ITV Tactics Truck, I think) he's come across as a bit of a self important twat.
  4. stefcha

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I was thinking about this, it's undoubtedly the best way to go about it and it's been fairly quick and to the point most likely as a result - plus it's been clearer what's been going on and why compared to the fairly shambolic use of it we've seen in national leagues. But if the VAR team signal there's something to look at, then he's pretty much bang on going to give whatever they've seen as surely there'll be an inherent psychological bias that it's been brought to your attention by 4 other people isn't he? As such, why even bother waste the time of the ref even reviewing it? I've not seen them all, but have any been overturned/ignored yet? The other thing a friend asked that I didn't know the answer to was, in games where the play goes on and then things are brought back (like in the France game, for the Griezmann penalty I tihnk?) then does the time that's passed in the interim get added back to the clock? Added onto the ever-mysterious added time? Or disappears into thin air? Presumably it's the sort of thing covered in the full protocol rules, somewhere?
  5. stefcha

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I'd love to see a series of photos of footballers reacting to everyday painful situations like twatting your elbow on the corner of a bedside chest of drawers, or nearly shattering your kneecap after entering the driver's side of a 2012 Honda Civic at slightly the wrong angle.
  6. stefcha

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    The screen shots you take are brilliant, but (from the beta, at least) it looks little like that when you play it - not least because it's so fast and hectic, I can't even comprehend the eye you must have to get such great shots. Selling it as "it looks like this so buy" is a bit of false advertising. I've been looking at picking it up off eBay if I can get it for £25, thegamecollection price is close but I'd really prefer digital and that's still taking the piss at £55-£65, which if I bought would be the most I've spent on a game since importing a Jap version of SF2 Turbo for SNES 25 years ago. Not happening. I suspect there'll be hardly anyone playing online by the point I get it or even by whenever a competitive ranked mode turns up for that matter, something both this and Laser League should have had from the outset to retain at least some ongoing interest from people who are into that sort of thing. Almost nobody will be left to care, sad to say.
  7. stefcha

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Do you have to be in control to be fouled though? It's arguable as to whether Griezmann would've been able to run onto it though, the keeper was a way away and while his touch was heavy as a result of the slight clip on the ball from the defender it's not hard to say he'd have ended up in control of the ball even if near the byline. He couldn't though, as his heel was caught by the defender on that trailing leg as you say. So from that, I'd say it's a foul and therefore a penalty, but also not denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity or anything. I think even the yellow was harsh to be honest, assuming it was given for the foul as I don't think there was any intention behind it, it was just momentum of him flinging himself in to make that first, good tackle. He's an embarrassment, to think he's actually being paid for this shit. No insight whatsoever, no thought, no consideration. Not that the vast majority of the others are much better, and call me an old cunt* but look back at the older World Cups where you have people like Barry Davies just letting the football to the majority of the talking and it's such an improvement it's unreal. * but I'm only 42
  8. stefcha

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    I paid somewhere between £121 and £183 for mine, depending how you want to work it. Took some time (probably about the amount of time you've been moaning about it all, so a fair while), but where there's a will and all that. And it's AMAZING.
  9. stefcha

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Are these ending the Thursday after or are they on a bit longer? In the US at the moment and in and out of wifi all the time so need to make an effort remember to do it when I have it.
  10. stefcha

    Team Sonic Racing

    Looks alright, interesting seeing the bits lifted directly out of the last game. One thing they haven't is the vehicle design, everyone looks to be driving a fairly similar and bland looking car but I liked the variance. Gave a decent reason for everything having wildly different stats for one thing.
  11. stefcha

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    For anyone who's got/getting it I'd be interested to know if they've made things like the barrel rolling for the Vortex car more accessible - that (and the bike tricks, to an extent) seemed really clunky and a lot less useful than you might've hoped. I'd have had barrel roll as a button command (eg x + l/r on leaving a ramp) with different rates of turn for different vehicles so there'd be plenty of risk/reward.
  12. stefcha

    Team Sonic Racing

    Excellent. @S0L! @S0L! @S0L! Hey, @S0L!
  13. stefcha

    Crackdown 3

    They can just throw it out seemingly not-quite-finished right onto GamePass, like they did with those other games.
  14. stefcha

    Team Sonic Racing

    How about that bullet point in the description that mentions "team" six times though, eh? It's teeming with teams, and what does it mean?
  15. stefcha

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Looking forward to seeing how this Xbox Rewards / Microsoft Rewards merge works, I've pulled in £181 from Microsoft Rewards in the last year as it is.

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