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  1. It”s an older game but I keep on wanting to pick up ‘They are billions’. I just wish it wasn’t always so expensive. It’s not the usual type of game I play hence the reluctance to fork out full price, but the setting (and seeing loads of zombies on the screen!) appeals enormously.
  2. Godfall doesn’t do anything for me at all, but it did at least look slightly better than the previous showings...from a performance point of view. Design-wise it’s a pretty hideous looking thing.
  3. Perversely, I've found commission painting has actively saved my painting. I very very rarely can be arsed to paint solely for myself. I find there's far too many distractions. Whereas when I'm given a commission and a timeline, that's when I actively get excited to be painting. And whilst the money is obviously a factor, it really isn't the driver to do it. I enjoy the process, and I enjoy painting for other people much more than doing it for myself. As I don't game, I don't really have any need for the finished stuff, so I'd much rather these things go to people who can do something with 'em .
  4. I believe that for most of my play throughs, the Viper swords you can forge in White Orchard are pretty much the only ones I use until I get to Novigrad really. And then I tend to go off to find other school swords. I don't like to sully my guild by using other tat
  5. https://www.beastsofwar.com/board-games/mythic-games-preview-darkest-dungeon-board-game/ So, my passion for the videogame knows no bounds, so a full on boardgame with all the characters and monsters for it? Well, I’m be in for it all Can’t bloody wait.
  6. My only advice would be to add a little green into the mixes. If you watch Dawn of the Dead, the colours (or lack thereof) are not pure greys and blacks, there's other stuff in there due to the continuing degradation of the film over time - and that's where you get that extra bit of realism in the thing as opposed to doing everything in 'just' black with various additions of white in there
  7. I never dabbled with SLi myself, but I always thought it a shame that it's effectively been left out to grass these days. Two Titan RTX cards would be a lovely thing to see... Well, it would if it actually worked like it does in my mind.
  8. Oh come now. Play the game sir. PCs are for tinkering the crap out of, almost blowing them up, deciding to buy new bits for the imminent explosion, and then just as they arrive fix the original problem! But then still put in the new bits, sell the old ones and wait for more smoke to come out of the case. I believe this image should suffice, along with a tune from Elton John...
  9. It’s the one with the notch at the top. I remember the days when he had two of the buggers!
  10. There's too much that we don't know about the capabilities of the ray tracing aspect to the consoles for sure. Also far too little about how the new fancy SSD solutions the consoles have might actually affect PC versions of games too. I've never had the same issue that many do with loading screens and all that sort of thing but if games are going to have specific gameplay tying in with the instant loading we are hearing about from the PS5 especially then that's going to start getting very interesting indeed.
  11. It was designed to run at 4fps in order to give people mild epilepsy.
  12. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who can do these things, for sure. I think there would be plenty of folk who’d like a go at painting those figures.
  13. I find having to paint in specific styles to meet specific requirements difficult, truth be told. I've kind of painted my way for the best part of...erm...christ, a long long time and I guess people ask me to paint for them because they like the way I do things. It's why I try and avoid painting stuff like NMM - I've done it and absolutely hated doing it because I much prefer painting in real metals and I think it just looks better on figures (but that's a very personal opinion)! But also I guess it's the sheer amount of figures to do - and especially over a longer time period. Getting the consistency to do that would be especially difficult for me, as I have a serious failure in writing down anything remotely similar to recipes and 'how-to's ' most of the time
  14. Yeah, I'd imagine Cocky could do a wonderful job on them. Despite me doing commissions, it's not my field of painting expertise either unfortunately.
  15. I hope you bought some batteries too!
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