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  1. Probably been around 20-odd years (at least) since I saw it, but being a fan of most of Leone's other stuff (as a bit of a western fan, those obviously are in the top spot!), it didn't do much for me. Everything felt more forced than it should have done. Plus, it has the worst 'old person' make up in any film I think I've ever seen...and it completely took me out of the thing. As for classics I still haven't seen - I'm sure there are absolutely loads, but I have to say up to around the mid-90s, I reckon I've seen the vast majority of films that are considered 'classic'? I dunno, I'm not exactly a film buff, very rarely go to the cinema but I'm always amazed at how many I've seen when people bung up lists!
  2. JoeK

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    Enter the Matrix was pretty fucking awful, especially as if you hadn’t played the thing, there’s a whole load of the second Matrix film effectively missing in action due to it being a ‘thing’. Fairly sure it reviewed well?
  3. Honestly, the game which I always bung on every year or two is Crysis. It remains a genuinely gorgeous game, but especially the first half of the thing that's all pretty open-world still surprises me with just how much destruction you can do and just how different approaches work to enable that carnage. The second half after it get all snowy is still pretty enjoyable (aside from that one level where you fly the plane - I still have no idea how you control it properly), but it's effectively funnelling you towards one set path so tends not to be played that much (although the last part on the island where you're facing off against the huge walking robot thing is an absolutely awesome spectacle), but it's most definitely one of the few games which I get just as much pleasure out of those earlier sections as I ever did. Apart from the end boss on the ship - because the game leaks memory and consequently you still cannot run Crysis properly no matter what machine you have :p . Plus, the ending sucks the big one enormously and I never quite forgave Crytek for making Crysis 2 which whilst being a serviceable game inandof itself just isn't the route Crysis should have gone. But, just look at it still - it's wonderful!
  4. JoeK

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Play in the nude whilst sitting on a bucket. It's the only way to be safe.
  5. Sega’s Rad Mobile in the arcade. I’ve only played it about four times, but on each of those times I completed the thing on one credit. It’s the only time in my life when I felt anything remotely like a real gamer. Had a crowd of people watching me too!
  6. JoeK

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    It's very atmospheric, and plays more or less like Another World really. Along with that slight unresponsiveness in the controls that games of that ilk had back in the day. But, it's really well done indeed. For £6, I have no regrets
  7. JoeK

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    Bloody hell! That looks awesome. Is it out yet? Edit: Yes. Yes it is. I have purchased Edit Edit: Already awesome.
  8. JoeK

    Shadows in the Woods

    No idea how the game plays myself, but my nephews seemed to be enjoying themselves:
  9. JoeK


    In statement, Mr Newell said that when - and only when - all Steam users complete each and every game in their back catalogue, Half-Life 3 will be released. "We've had it finished for years, just waiting for you guys"
  10. JoeK

    Do minigames add anything to a game?

    Gwent’s always been the one mini game that completely absorbed my time. I didn’t really touch it on my first run through, but after discovering a fair few missions in the game that a knowledge of Gwent really does help, I gave it a try. And I’m now hopelessly devoted to it.
  11. Just finished. Honestly, it's level pegging between this and Odyssey as my GOTY. Absolutely magnificent - felt like what a good 'interactive book' should be like! If you've played the Witcher games, then you really should pick this up if you can - the tale it tells is simple enough, but has some fantastic little twists and turns in it. But it also has some really great link-ups with what goes on in the main Witcher games too. Hell, if you don't like Gwent, I believe you can skip battles in it too (although be aware that you'll be some of the 21st century's biggest monsters if you choose to do this), and just see where the tale ends up. It's absolutely wonderful, and just like Odyssey was for me - a huge surprise in terms of how much I loved it.
  12. JoeK

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I always look to Spock at times like that...needs of the many outwieghing the needs of the few and all that guff. it’s stood me in good stead, and something I like to remember as I traipse through Ancient Greece killing thousands.
  13. JoeK

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    Has there been any news on when Kiwami (one and two I guess) might be out on PC?
  14. JoeK

    Any GPD Win Owners?

    Does the thing get hot or noisy when playing more graphic intensive stuff? The machine looks all sorts of awesome, but kind of worried that the thing might just melt eventually
  15. JoeK

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker. I've been absorbed by it for the last few days and along with AC:Odyssey it's been one of the big surprises of the year for me. It's absolutely brilliant fun and more folk should pick it up.

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