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  1. Considering it is 2020, I’m going to disappointed if I don’t receive a pallet of the things.
  2. Hdmi cable at fault maybe? Clearly the card isn’t the problem (thankfully!).
  3. Hmm. Just got an email from Microsoft informing me to prepare myself for an Xbox Series S being shipped next month. Although, it clearly says cancelled on the screen when I look at the account. I wonder what will happen...it could go well, badly, or nothing will happen at all. If it'd been an X I'd have been happier about the situation.
  4. It is indeed. I also approve of your cable management and colour choices! Bravo, your pain has ended (For a couple of years anyway )
  5. Aw, I miss lens flare Especially the lens flare going on in Mass Effect - that was great.
  6. Do you get to pop over to No.10 to ask the PM to feed school kids?
  7. So, all being well I might actually get a new GPU next month. After that and hopefully picking up a new CPU too. Then it’ll be when I will be suitably motivated to open up the black box and install those and all the other new bits I’ve been buying. Due to the delays on the GPU there have been rather a large amount of moments of weakness. Anyway, when that happens no doubt I’ll be replaying Crysis (the original, not the shitty old remaster), Red Dead 2 and I really must finish off Hollow Knight. So clearly lots of new next gen stuff then.
  8. Well, if it’s pigeon poo and it goes in their eye then that’s potential blindness, so I’m cool with that.
  9. Had a swing by eBay and it’s pretty impressive how many of those 3070ss have gone up... I do hope the person who’s put his preorder up for £1500 has a bird shit on his head.
  10. Phone call had with Klarna Man. Email confirmed that I have indeed purchased a 3090. Ebuyer say it should be due sometime first week in Nov. What have I done? Still, fuck it. It's only money and nothing is more important than my own happiness. NOTHING. I shall warm myself on the glow of the card rather than turn the rads on this winter...
  11. So then. It may be the case that I have a 3090 coming to me in the next week. I say may because - as usual - there is always some sort of spanner in the works, and Klarna being Klarna approved everything and then decided that the really rather beautiful image of my driving license wasn't good enough for them to do automatically, so am now waiting for final thumbs up. Didn't stop them from taking the deposit, mind I blame everyone here for this.
  12. It's the VRAM thing that sells it really. But the more I think about it, the lack of real concrete ray tracing stuff is slightly worrying. Obviously it'll do it, but I doubt it'll compete in any way to what the nVidia cards can do. Which leaves me in the position of now not being completely convinced by any of the cards now. I still think the 3080 is to under spec'd for memory and the sooner they do announce a new one with more of the stuff, that'll be far more enticing.
  13. I'm found an inner peach with all this now. If one appears it may well be the case I'll buy, but on the flip-side the new AMD cards look much more promising than I thought. Despite the lack of anything concrete about ray tracing features, everything else on those puppies looks tremendous. If one of those appears before a 3080, then I may well give it a whirl for fun and await whatever nVidia do to up their game a little! I can make enough money selling my body to barely even notice the funds leaving my account.
  14. Just my luck to be working today and missing out on all this fun shenanigans. The fates have been conspiring against me, 'tis true.
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