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  1. Does he wipe out only the top level life form or everything underneath (by half!)..?
  2. Spotted these today, I had to jump up to grab the last pack for a proper look - on offer 2 x £2.50 so will report back further when I pick up a pair... https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/create-a-crisp/893272-618501-618502 The sachets seem to be small Salt N' Shake sized and blending encouraged, but I can't tell if they're in the big bag or individual bags - assuming the former.
  3. Yup. Very Wind Wakery - two boss battles, weird guiding fairy water and dead visions. Annoying tag along helper dude too. My niece went to see this a handful of times when it was in the cinema, got her it on DVD and enjoyed it quite a bit - although it gets a bit odd in the middle after she hooks up with Dwayne and seems they were literally treading water to get to the set pieces.
  4. Brilliant until X24/green medicine. BOX OF AVOCADOS
  5. That was an extremely bright room extremely well lit...this is a dark control room in space aboard a metal moon...
  6. OH MY DAYS. I watched it two weeks ago. I permanently have it on an SD card on phone/tablet/whatevz for emergencies.
  7. I've had this happen a few times, always when it's my first "catch" of a certain one - when it unfreezes/reopens I've bagged it.
  8. Went in 2011 and have a hankering to return. That line-up was seriously phenomenal - it is all torn to pieces when you see the size of the site - getting from stage to stage can mean missing half a set. Went to the first Porto version in 2012 with a sizeable crew and had a tremendous time. Two main stages side by side, so sets staggered. One middle stage up the back in a forest where I got to see Codeine, Shellac, Thee Oh Sees, Death Grips, Dirty Three, Lee Ronaldo...There was also a 'dance' stage which was covered and a bit of a squeeze on the last day when it was raining throughout. Not much cheaper a price but Porto itself was half the price of Barca. Was very lucky in 2011 as we got the bookend days of the main thing at Poble Espanyol where things really began back in 2001 for them. I do wonder this year, looking at the folks who are going from my social circle and the fact it was sold out early on, if a tipping point has been reached. Would love to go back and see some bands that don't/won't tour here that come over from the US.
  9. Sam's Da has one. And Tomen has Joffrey's. Dragonstone is indeed "full of" Dragonglass, as Stanis said in Season 5. I'm sure Davos could whip some up.
  10. Flashbacks have always been incredible (Maggy the witch saying Cersei's kids will have a "golden shroud"...) and the flashbacks in this season are easily looking like they'll be the highlight.
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