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  1. Mr Ben

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    I haven't clicked on any spoilers, but yeah, I wont be coming back in till Saturday night, post viewing.
  2. Mr Ben

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Tickets booked for Saturday at 8pm. Will be re-watching Infinity War on DVD on Friday so its all fresh. Cant wait!
  3. You know something is wrong with the loot when no-one wants to open that chest during a livestream....:
  4. In the comics the Skrulls have always been the bad guys. With the Kree its a bit more grey, due to the Supreme Intelligence (and some in the upper echelons of their government) being a bit of a cunt, whereas the rank and file dont know that, and think he's beneficial to their race. I could be wrong about this, as I havent read comics for years, so it may have changed. It is explained (sort of) in Guardians, but not what happens to Ronan pre Guardians, and post Marvel, as he's still a loyal Kree in Marvel, yet is rogue in Guardians, so who knows....Captain Marvel 2 maybe? I think with her being away from Earth she's been busy with other things out in the galaxy, though its a bit odd that there was no mention of some uber powerful person in Guardians of the Galaxy, but who knows where she's been all this time. As she's said in the Endgame trailer - "Not every planet have their own version of the Avengers!"
  5. Apparently the Bran stare is due to the actor not being able to wear his glasses, so he literally cant see bugger all
  6. I decided to google the Starks, and how they deal with their dead, as I thought they were cremated (I was wrong it seems).Taken from the GoT (show) wiki, on the subject of funerals: Oh. Oh dear. Well....it's roomy at least
  7. Just seen this on the GoT subreddit (not really a spoiler, but will spoiler it anyway), titled
  8. Mr Ben

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I'm really looking forward to that, has to be said. However, its a totally different game type, as thats more a "Witcher 3" style affair it seems, at least from what we've seen, in that its an action rpg, whereas this is Dark Souls with more action. As a result, I dont think its fair to compare it to Sekiro really, as other than being set in Japan, its got nothing in common - Sekiro is set in the 1500's, whereas Ghost is even earlier, in the 1274'ish era (during the Mongol invasion) for example, so not even the same time period. Also, Ghost wont have any mystical elements (at least from what we've seen), whereas Sekiro is chock-full of it, and is more Dark Souls than it likes to admit.
  9. Well I meant more the whole "one wolf pup for each family member" thing really.
  10. Sam was more upset that his brother was killed than his father - he actually liked Dickon (), as his brother got on well with him, and was a nice bloke. Sam says as much in the episode when she tells him his dads dead - "Oh! Well at least I can go home, as my brother will now be head of the family" Doesnt really care about his cunt of a father who got rid of him to the nights watch. This annoys me more than it should. They bigged them up at the start of the series, and now they may as well not have existed as they did almost bugger all the entire show
  11. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    I played it last night with some randos (as no bugger is playing ). Got to path 31 or 32 I think, and thanks to a tether hunter supplying orbs the bosses went down like a sack of spuds using chaos reach (seriously, that super with the exotic boots is just insane single target damage). Its far more rewarding in terms of drops and those orb things for Eva than the Halloween version was too - 5+ from each chest with the chance of 15, and the chests are so common its ridiculous; I got way over 350 just from playing any activity, in addition to the forest itself, so you also dont need to stick to the forest for them either. I didnt realise the event was for 3 weeks, which makes it even easier to get that exotic, which while you can get as a drop after the event, we all know how rare exotic drops are, and I'd rather just get it and forget it.
  12. Both the Switch and PS4 have very easy to use UI's, which I cant say the same for the XB1 which, when I had one, was terrible. Dunno if its improved since then, but it was also full of adverts, much like the latter day 360.
  13. Saw this in that Avatar twitter comparison:
  14. Yep. There was even that bit in the last season (from the wiki):

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