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  1. Only started playing this today, but wow the randoms in this. Picking up all the health packs (despite me being on 3/4 hp with none at all), dropping us down a chasm (so 2 of us just die right off the bat), dropping onto the supply ship, breaking off on drop and going to the other side of the map..... Cheers @mop for the games earlier though, despite us not getting a win. Although I cant see me winning any matches to be honest, especially with randoms, so my interest will likely wane pretty fast. Oh well, at least its free.
  2. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Just to balance the thread a little, here's a positive review of the game
  3. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I suspect that is the weekly challenge - much like Destiny this has those for you to earn endgame currency and the like (it was there in the demo too if you looked at the challenges). So far I havent seen anything that has put me off the game, and I was pretty critical of the demo. The "grind" issues people have mentioned I dont see as a problem. Maybe that's because I'm used to that sort of thing in an MMO/GaaS. The frame rate was my main niggle during the demo's, and if thats pretty decent on an Xbox One (base, not X), then I think it'll be fine on the Pro. I enjoyed the rest of the game, and am looking forward to Friday's release. Game has some issues, I dont deny it, but that PCGamer "review".... Laughable doesnt even cover it.
  4. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Anyone have the Legion of Dawn gun you get for pre-ordering? Does it always have +35% Luck on it? Mtashed has that on his and is saying he gets 2 blues per chest every time. Seems "Magic Finder" (Luck) is a thing in this as it used to be in Diablo 3. Something to keep an eye out for.
  5. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Yeah, but as you know, on the Pro if you force 1080p it ran a lot better in the demo, so fuck only knows at this point. Bioware dont have a good history with console optimisation at this point.
  6. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Frame rate in the open world was pretty janky in the demo, so much I kept losing control of the javelin and kept crashing into things due to the massive frame rate dips. Turned off Chromatic Aberration and the other options under the graphics settings, and it was like night and day. Had total control after that. May be worth giving it a go if you havent done that already.
  7. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    From initial reports microtransaction prices dont seem to be over the top either, and the currency earned is supposedly quite generous. So much for those scare stories a few weeks ago when that leaked screenshot emerged online.
  8. TWAB Trials not coming back for a few seasons (that makes it sound like at least 3 seasons, so maybe September?). Lots of pvp'ers not happy. Not a great move, considering the current state of comp. Not much else in there really other than Iron Banner coming around again next week. Season of the Drifter starts March 5th. Remember to turn in all completed bounties before that, as apparently they will be removed when the new season starts.
  9. Deej seems a lot happier since Forsaken launch, the nutter:
  10. Everyone should nab that shell from Tess anyway as it increases glimmer gains from everything - according to reddit its +25% rather than the usual 10% in addition to finding chests in any location. Pretty useful if you want to just farm for glimmer (which I always seem to be low on).
  11. Only one triumph off getting the Sugary Shell, and its the one where you have to play 22 games (I need to play 3 more matches). Been playing mostly on my Hunter using Shinobu's Vow for double Skip grenades, which is a dirty dirty way to play due to the ability regen speed - essentially have my grenade up all the time and can spam it when next to a team mate. Really fun way to play, feels a bit like Mayhem doubles. Shaxx cant say I didnt throw enough grenades thats for sure!
  12. He did the same with Warframe. Praised it for being F2P, yet had all the frames that you have to either grind your arse off for, or buy. He'd only been playing for about a week I think when he did his video. No chance he grinded for them in that time (and made them in the Foundry). Clearly had either bought them, or had them gifted to him. But the game's free to play.....except its not when you spend money on it though, is it.
  13. Mr Ben

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I find it hard to understand how Apex Legends will have any impact on Anthem, a pve only game, at all. The only thing that has impacted the release of this game is its own demo, and even then the second weekend was far better than the previous, and they only had a week to fix a load of issues. Fair play to the Anthem devs for that in my opinion. And yet you play Warframe. Are you going to stop playing that when you finish the campaign then? There are a load of people still playing Destiny post-campaign for example, because there are loads of things to do after that, and not just raids. It'll be the same for Anthem, just as it is likely the same with Warframe.
  14. It literally isnt. All you have to do is shoot the guys gun when it says draw. When there's more than the one, shoot them in the order they spawn in. Simples. I did it first time once I realised I had to shoot the hand/gun rather than the guys head.
  15. Mr Ben

    Devil May Cry 5

    The only thing I didnt get on with was the dodge controls. Having to press 2 buttons and move the stick seemed a bit clunky. Took me a while to get used to that and beat the boss.

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