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  1. I have to wonder that if they did a WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, would that have more people playing than a base WoW classic? It had the highest playerbase of all time for an mmo, and the villain was easily the best in the series, with him popping up in almost every quest and dungeon.
  2. It looks interesting, but I thought they said guns werent going to be that big a thing, it being set in the UK, yet that Gamescom video has everyone using them in the middle of London
  3. Its a bit shit because in shadowkeep they keep the energy they are now, and yet you only get the one set. Probably why they allowed us to have them as a 2.0 set tbh, as they knew we'd need to get 2 other sets with different energy.
  4. I think its class specific as my Titan is void, my hunter is arc and my warlock is solar - the sets shown in Bungie's recent armour 2.0 preview had the same elements I believe.
  5. Mr Ben


    Yet you did anyway
  6. Not a fan of the way stats work on armour 2.0. Didnt seem to be a way to modify mobility/resilience/recovery from the mod menu's shown, so Hunters may still be stuck with way too much mobility and too little recovery even in armour 2.0. Also having to re-acquire mods, as well as exotic armour if you want better stats, though they said you can pull them from collections with set stats (suggesting they would still be 2.0). They also said the current mods wont be useless, but they effectively are once you start using armour 2.0, as the way they talked about it, they cant be slotted. On the plus side, glimmer cap is being raised to 250000 and you can see your ghost above your characters shoulder in the character menu, along with your sparrow in the background. Weapons of Light is also back for Titan's Bubble and shadowshot will be buffed, damage wise, though its yet to be seen if tether speed is more reliable.
  7. I wouldnt count Chris Evans out just yet. He's the face of Captain America now, and is pretty recognisable. Cap turning up in some surprise appearance wouldnt work if it wasnt Chris Evans imo.
  8. I dont think they're done with Steve Rogers Cap, despite the ending of Endgame. I mean, he's come back in the comics after he was old (super serum was wearing off if I remember right), and Rogers is a well known symbol in the mcu. I can see him turning up at the end of a future film as the surprise hero to beat the villain or something. Give it enough time, and films, and I think it'll happen.
  9. Indeed. Doesnt help that the packages are so stingy though.
  10. I dont think its the kind of content most players would enjoy to be fair. Reddit is having a field day over the grindiness/repetitiveness of Solstice.
  11. As long as you do some damage to the miniboss it will count, so its not total doom and gloom. Just very, very close.
  12. I've finished it on my Titan, and can now say that the solstice packages are a massive waste of time once you get the purple set. I've opened well over 30-40 of them, and the drop rate of random rolled solstice armour is pitiful. This, coupled with people leaving the EAZ once the minibosses are killed (due to the 100 minibosses needed on the blue set ), makes it pretty pointless to try for better rolls/perks on the armour at present. At the moment I'd get the purple set, masterwork the one piece, and then vault it. Its worthless without decent perks until Shadowkeep when we get the 2.0 armour version of it. Hopefully Bungie has the data on the 2 issues above and will do something about them. Reddit also has a fair few topics on these 2 issues, so lets hope so. I'm a bit miffed as I like the look of the armour, but its just unuseable due to duff rolls/perks
  13. Yeah it is. Plus there's this: So if you want different perks/stats on the armour, you can still hunt for it in the EAZ from packages.
  14. Strange they cut the only scene that shows Gamora still alive following Tony's snap. They should have just inserted that small bit into the part where Tony is dying, as it would make more sense as to why the Guardians go looking for her at the end of the movie.
  15. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48006 Solstice of Heroes goes live on 30th July, but the big news is the following:
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