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  1. I dunno, the Dragonlance stuff is pretty good.
  2. The PS5 download is smaller than the PS4 60.519 gb, compared to 60.703 gb.
  3. It was quite broken in crucible to be fair, but the melee range nerf is a bit over the top.
  4. Also Argos has the option to add to trolley right now, but you cant actually check out......for some reason Edit: No stock, yet, but I dunno why they allow you to add to your shopping cart, then cockblock you, when they should just not allow you to add to cart in the first place.
  5. Nope, despite the button allowing you to try and nab one, it then says out of stock.
  6. Here we go. Last chance, but not for today. Fuck knows when, but keep an eye on Argos and supposedly Curry's (again).. Obviously there is no guarantee either of these pages wont fall over the minute they open up for orders or whatever (lets face it, they obviously will), so please bear that in mind.
  7. I knew they wouldnt have any. Its still showing that they have stock when I goto their PS5 bundles, but that's likely their website being shit. Massive waste of time.
  8. 26 mins for me. I know there wont be anything at the end, but you gotta try at least.
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