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  1. Updated my room recently, added new speakers for front left & right, second sub, made some changes to the shelving layout and also placed the PC in the small alcove where the Falcon used to be. Also added some noise cancelling foam squares behind seat as made a difference to the audio as have speakers around the room and in the ceiling.
  2. This TV Programme is just joy. My Daughter stayed over yesterday night at ours (she is 30) and she said why are we watching a fishing show with old men. At the end of it, she then said that was brilliant and proceeded to binge watch the previous episodes of this series on iplayer.
  3. For the record I’m not trolling. We preferred it and just giving my opinion. If anyone was on the fence about watching it, we really liked it
  4. Dr Sleep Me and the current MrsT watched this last night as noticed it was on Sky. We both thought it was excellent. I personally didnt think much of the shining, but while this is the pseudo sequel, we both though it was a far superior film. Excellent cast, took its time to develop the story and while its a long film (2hrs+) would recommend. Solid 4/5 from this house
  5. PUBG for me. First time played a proper battle Royale game but non of my mates played on Xbox. Posted on this forum for online friends and met some amazing people some of which are my best mates to this day. Without that game I wouldn’t have met them
  6. Just a quick headsup, Argos have the pulse 3d headsets back in stock if anyone is looking for them. Dont know how long they will be there for, but mine is being delivered tomorrow
  7. Definitely not the case!
  8. I have the HDMI sync box and new strip around the back of my LG C9. Be aware the sync box doesn't handle 120hz which is why i dont have my Series X and PS5 connected through it. I use mine connected to my Onkyo amp and then to my ARC HDMI on the TV. I have my Switch, UHD Blu Ray Player and Switch connected to the Onkyo. That way i can watch movies with ambilight for Disney+/Netflix and also movies on UHD disc. It is fantastic. Sound from PS5 and Series X still goes through the amp via ARC, but you can only do this when one HDMI is connected to the Sync Box. BTW, i purchased all of this from recommendations from Mr Tony on this forum. He has cost me a lot of money Happy to answer any questions anyone may have on it
  9. We watched Call of the Wild last night. Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe some parts maybe upsetting for younger children, even the current MrsT was welling up in some areas. Would recommend for a rainy day and nothing else to watch. Do we have an idea when wandavision or the new Falcon series is coming out?
  10. you can stack them. Order 2 then another. I literally did this last week under Tony's guidance and now im set until end of 2021
  11. Me and the current MrsT have just got back. We both loved it. Fantastic visuals and cracking heart. Granted the dialogue is a bit clunky but we found it was well worth a couple of hours
  12. Mario Party on the switch for us, one of the few times we come together as a family per year. Personally though, its going to be finishing AC Odyssey, Just Cause 4 and enjoying BF5 with friends
  13. Me and the current Mrs T saw this yesterday evening as each of our friends and relatives said it was amazing. The missus loved it, and while i found parts of it enjoyable, it didnt connect fully with me. I will concede that Gaga was fantastic, Cooper was surprising with his singing voice but I found he kept mumbling, which i found annoying. I was surprised when it showed Cooper directed it. A solid 7/10 from me.
  14. AlanT

    Xbox One X

    Have you downloaded the atmos app from the store? Its free for the app and it also provides some demos, but you have to pay for the headphone application. You can set it to output atmos in this and it works great for games and uhd.
  15. Same here and happy to join up for team battles on Xbox. Gamer tag is Darkstar859 Maybe worth while starting a gamer tag list on the online page for team members, and apologies if there is already but I looked and couldn’t see one. Only had two games so far but the tension is fantastic.
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