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  1. Die hard 2 No... Its awful. So far from the brilliance of the first one. 1/5 I have seen this film at least 6 times and I'm very sure it is actually shit.
  2. The Accountant Was pretty good, until the last half hour. Threw away the character building and drama in favour of guns and noise. 3 out of 5
  3. Mile 22 Mark Wahlberg action flick. Unlikeable characters, nonsensical plot, choppy editing, lots of pointless action sequences and a totally predictable twist. I only watched it to the end cos my wife chose it, and now I can choose the next one without any complaints from her. Zero out of Five.
  4. It comes with Scarecrow Nightmare Misions, if that interests you. I saw the season pass was on sale for £4.70ish too.
  5. If you liked Blue Ruin, 'Green Room' and 'I don't Feel comfortable in this World Anymore' are definitely worth a watch. Animal Kingdom is a brilliant film, not sure why it didn't get more attention. Too Australian maybe? Its 'Hunt for the Wildereople' if you haven't seen it, but I reccomend everyone sees that anyway, even if they've seen it. Doesn't matter.
  6. A lapsed sub should mean that you can't play any Plus games, downloaded or not. When I let mine expire, they all stopped working at the same time. There's a few threads on reddit from people who's sub keeps going for a few days after the expiration date - no explanations for it that I've seen, and none have continued as long as deKay's.
  7. It is a bit grindy. Play Dig 2, it's much better.
  8. Anyone watching this? It's jolly good fun.
  9. Wow. I really think you missed the point of the film (as well as the story, acting, humour, Rhys Darby cameo, etc). Maybe Sam Neil's character put you off? He isn't supposed to be likeable for much of the film.
  10. I think you may have misjudged this film, and also spelled "Wilderpeople" wrong. And either used the word "cooky" in entirely the wrong context, or spelled "kooky" wrong. I can't see how anyone would find it dull - although it may have a slightly weird pacing to it. You do have to stick with it until about 30 minutes in. . And if you think it's generic, I'd love to know what genre you think it belongs to.
  11. Items are pretty much essential, how each run will go pretty much depends on them. And the items you get depends on luck. Pretty much kills the game I think. I'm not saying it's not fun, you can still get a few levels in with whatever the game throws at you, but at every stage you need to get better weapons /armor/buffs and most of the time you don't get what you need. I never bought weapons in the shop, just keys - since it so heavily based on luck, you have to hope each chest will have that special item inside it.
  12. True Romance isn't a Tarantino film really though, is it? As in not 100% Tarantino, not quite brand. Hateful 8 is amazing, I don't think it's too long for what it's trying to do, it's very clearly going for 'stage presentation' thing, with intermission and all.
  13. Wrong on the second part there Queelags sister was silent on my playthrough though, probably another covenant thing.
  14. This is written by Richard Curtis, in case James Corden hadn't put you off already.
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